Mommyisms and [bilingual] quotes from the 2-yo…

I might need to make two new categories just for those.

Recent Mommyisms include:

‎”Ma, should I trim the fat?”
“What? No! Masarap pag may taba; there’s no point in making adobo for guests if you’re going to trim it!”
“Oh, well…”
“That’s what you do for hospital patients, not guests!”
“These are mommyisms.”

“Nino, stop killing Mommy!”

There was one more which I cannot recall at present and which will continue to evade me and torture me for ages and then it will come back to me sometime when I cannot get to a computer before forgetting again. Ugghhh LOL. And the latest from the Nino-boy:

“Nino want pay bat-tet-baw.” (Nino wants to play basketball.)
*Ate follows Nino to garage. Nino spots basketball stuck behind Kuya Migi’s bike.*
“Oh no! We need tan-daw Tuya Midi bite away.” (Oh no! We need tanggal Kuya Migi bike away.)

I love how he uses ‘tanggal’ and then uses ‘away’ like he meant to say ‘take away’ in the first place, and of course he doesn’t yet realize that ‘tanggal’ implies the ‘away’ part. Cutee.


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