The Angel and the One

Not that this post actually has anything to do with that title, but it’s what I’m currently listening to as I’m typing. So there.

What this post is really about is the last week of the best term I’ve ever had, but that seemed like a really corny title right there. Yes, “The Angel and the One” is definitely better. Great song, btw.

Noteworthy happenings this week:

– I love the fun conversations I have with Daddy on the way to work/school and back again. Chef Coltrane did another demo for us on Wednesday… Hot ice cream, more fruit caviar, a 90-minute egg, a sauce that held its shape and that you could build up to about 3 inches high, and brown butter powder. The point is, Daddy… “Hot ice cream? It’s not ice cream anymore if it’s hot.” Yes, Daddy…” “Tell them it’s named wrong. It’s Hot Cream. At least call it something not misleading.” “Yes, Dad, this is what you’re paying for me to go to school for.” LOL. Of course I had to tell…
– Nate and Michelle. Kuya Nate called last night while I was driving to St. Max and made me hang up =) Good Kuya Nate. So of course I called back, and then Michelle picked up (and I recognized her voice immediately), and the three of us spent about an hour and a half talking and telling stories and we must’ve been just laughing and laughing at least 70% of the time. What would I do without Nate and Michelle? It was the most perfect ending to a Friday night ever.
– I gots a letter from Colton! Letters are always fun and always noteworthy =)
– One Night, Twelve Kitchens is here again… yikes =) and I was chosen as a lead student, so we had that whole nice little brunch thing on Sunday. And I spent most of my time talking to Dom, Karen, Latoya, and MaryBeth. Hahaha. I was so relieved to see them there! and we had a good time talking and eating… jellybeans…
– We had a PARTAY in French class… and I also aced my final and got an A overall =D An A for a four-credit class! I call that an accomplishment. Anyway, this partay was insanely amazing… not in the least because Jillian brought creme brulees and they were excellent and that is an understatement. We had a huge assortment of stuffs… sparkling grape juice and fruit punch and lemonade and an absolutely delicious cake that smelled and tasted strongly of kirsch and brownies and creme rolls and cookies and bread and cheese and crackers and pepperoni… it was quite the feast. We also watched about an hour and a half of 8 Women, which was interesting and funny.
– Cost Control 2 Final! and I finished first =P LOL Sorry. Won’t go on about it.
– Sommelier Final!!!! Marybeth and Sandy and Amber and Jenni and I had a ton of fun running through flash cards and all the quizzes beforehand. I’m so glad I have a whole year to go over this stuff again and again before my actual Certification exam!!
– Fun fun fun last night of Dining Room 2, easy final and easy practical, and then watched the Cooking 10 Final while waiting for Daddy to pick me up. Had a good time talking to Cynthia and Karen and Chef Neace and Chef Coltrane and Nick and Tom and… yep.
– I ended this term on a good note with Aaron! That is totally noteworthy. 19 months later and we finally manage to get along. This is a good thing, because I’m stuck with him in Cooking 10 next term =) and I’m actually not worried about it.
– Mixology final! phew! It’s over! Hahaha. Presentations were excellenttttt, I must say.
– My last speech in Public Speaking was not quite as good as I hoped it would be because the flambe didn’t flame very well, but I was told by a most reliable source aka Courtney that cream cheese brownies + cherries jubilee is delicious. And Nick said he doesn’t normally like cream cheese but that my brownies were good. And Martha said she liked hers, too. And so did Brad. Bradley and Matt and other Receiving people also said the cherry bars were delicious. And everyone in my French class loved them as well. Now I call that an accomplishment.
– I drew stuffs yesterday!!! and I’m actually happy with them =)
– We had a bonfire on Thursday and had s’mores and mango bubble tea and absolutely delicious chicken with white wine and brandy and Italian mushrooms and tons of yummy stuffs in it. Good eating and good family time =)
– I gots to say goodbye-and-see-you-next-term to Marybeth and Stephen =D I stopped by their Nutritional Cooking class and gots hugs and shared cherry bars and they liked them, too =D
– Considering how well those cherry bars turned out, I must record here that they are a result of apparently very successful improvisation. I did not have lemons and I did not have raspberries, so I omitted the lemons and used cherries and an immersion blender.
– The meeting for lead students yesterday started late, but it was very informative, and we had quite a few laughs.
– Cynthia is fine, praise God! Marybeth said they ran a bunch of tests but they all came back clear, so hopefully she’ll be good to go on Monday.
– ARGH! The fire alarm went off on Tuesday and I was in the Honors Room when it did and my coat was in the ATLC and I went outside shivering and thinking I was going to be bored out of my mind. But then I spotted Bradley and ended up having a good time after all, except for the fact that when the fire truck came, ONE fireman got out and WALKED up to the MB, which tells us that that the ‘fire’ was totally not legit and we’d been standing outside for a good fifteen minutes for nothing. Oh well, I ended up staying outside for another ten minutes anyway just for the good company.
– Flash cards in the Honors Room!!! I thought Josh might know all the answers to my beer flash cards, so I quizzed him and Colleen. That was fun… and we discovered things that we didn’t want to discover about gummi bears…
– I took Migi and Yena to Marybeth’s birthday party and had wonderful and refreshing conversations with some of my favorite homeschooling mommies.

There are still a million other things that happened this week that were entirely noteworthy, I’m sure, but that’s all I can come up with right off the top of my head. We have our French field trip today! and I’m bringing Mother and Yena with me so I think I’ll have stories to tell about that when it’s all over. It’s been quite the perfect week, I must say, and it’s only going to get better.


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