chin up

About three weeks into the term, I began a post claiming it noteworthy that in spite of the information overload of the first week, I was still enjoying every minute. Three weeks in! And now here we are, the second to last week, and the class I will miss the most is, to all points and purposes, over. Yet I am not ready for this term to end.

It’s both amusing and sad to realize I was right just three weeks in, and not just being naive. I’ve don’t think I’ve had a single term that I would call ‘bad’ overall, but usually by the fifth week, or by the seventh at the very latest, I would be ready for a new schedule and a fresh start. But not this term, and everyone thinks I’m crazy and I almost have to agree. I’m taking 21 credits this term, I’ve been on campus anywhere between 46 and 63 hours a week, the amount of homework has been… considerable… to say the least, I actually started making flash cards this term for the first time since I started college, I’m here an average of fifteen hours straight on two days in a row which means I go home and eat and pray with the family and then crash to do it all over again in the morning… and yet I’ve had such fun, I can’t even begin to express how enjoyable this term has been. I’ve had my not-so-great days, and I know I’ve come home really tired and maybe somewhat stressed, but never in a bad, it’s-the-end-of-the-world-and-I-need-a-break mood, if I recall correctly. I’ve managed my time well and not turned in anything late. I’ve not gotten under 100 on any of my sommelier quizzes. I’ve met quite a few of the freshman Honors students and I like them and enjoy their company. My team in Mixology has been absolutely amazing and reliable and easy to work with, as is my Banquets team, who in addition have also been very supportive and loving and forgiving. Chef Sheldon tells the absolute best stories and makes the most boring Cost Control 2 movies (VHSs!!!) hilarious. High school Latin makes French that much easier. (Concept- and vocabulary-wise, if not pronunciation wise xD) And finally… Dining Room 2… which has been my favorite part of my week, whatever else I might have said when caught in the middle of it.

I have to get to class – yes, we’re tasting at 8 in the morning – but last night deserves commemoration on this little girl’s blog, so expect that post sometime within the next week…

For the time being, suffice to say that life is beautiful.

Cheers =)


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