A Perfectly Horrifying Experience =)

No, I don’t mean that. Not horrifying. Exasperating, definitely. Laughable… if I’m talking to the right people. Definitely telling Michelle about it tomorrow. Already texted Josh about it about half an hour after it happened. The point is…

Today marks an epoch in my life. (NOT.) Today I was asked out by a random guy. Yes, entirely random. Someone I had never set eyes on before that moment. And the question was preceded by but two sentences, those two being, “Miss?” and “Can I talk to you for a moment?” Me, being the “sheltered little girl” that I am, as a few of my favorite Kuyas like to remind me by referring to me as such, I suspected nothing. I supposed it would be a simple join-this-club or would-you-happen-to-know-so-and-so-about-such-and-such – today is registration, after all – so I stopped immediately and prepared myself to for a quick conversation, all smiles. Imagine my… no, not horror; more like just annoyance, at being invited out on a date by a complete stranger. Such conduct is unthinkable. Ask out a girl you’ve spoken less than ten words to? Ridiculous. No doubt it happens a great deal out there, but not in this little girl’s world, nu uh. Not before today, anyway. *sigh* What a strange world this is.

And what made it even more hilarious was the fact that I had just come from a meeting with fellow students and faculty members, during which we discussed such things as relationships and expectations, self-worth and why people come to college at all, etc. Imagine, then, my text to Josh, who had invited me to the meeting in the first place…

me: Irony of all ironies. as i walked through the overlook, some random guy stopped me and asked me out. >.<
Josh: Bahahahahaha that’s awesome!!! How did you turn him down?
me: Easy. “i dont date.” which is mostly true, so there.
Josh: Well -I- know that, and why, but it must have gotten a funny look from the guy :-D
me: YES it did. and you should have seen his face/heard him when i said i was for courtship xD
Josh: That is awesome. I wish I’d been there, just to see his face!

I’m by no means an advocate of texting, but I must say, it was (is) extremely refreshing to be able to almost immediately contact someone who knows me well enough to know what my reaction would have been, asking me, “How did you turn him down?” instead of, “Well, what did you say?” Because, big D-U-H for anyone who has actually taken the time to get to know me, of course I turned him down!!!!!

Aside from the fact that I spent an extra fifteen minutes being polite and discussing school stuffs, the worst and most unforgivable part of the entire thing was the, “Courtship? What’s that?” question coupled with a blank stare. *sigh* Sir, if I had thought you just might turn out to be worth it, I would have directed you towards the following video:

Obviously, however, as I did no such thing, I didn’t. *shrug* Perhaps I should have ended the conversation with, “I take no leave of you. I send no compliments to your mother. You deserve no such attention. I am most seriously displeased.” Bother for not having thought that Lady Catherine’s words would ever be of any use to me.


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