Honors Mixology Research Project… (What I’ve Gotten Myself Into)

Honestly, I’m super excited =) But the last time I did anything of this magnitude was that 4,878-word paper I did for my Anglo-Saxon Lit class in high school. Haha! At any rate, part of this project may include blogging (as an honors aspect), so… I may as well begin! Here is the outline… I’ll probably end up tweaking it numerous times along the way, but here we go! I have about six weeks to complete this…

I. Introduction

A. Pre-Dark Ages, where was Viticulture/Viniculture?

B. What caused the Catholic Church to take over? What chain of events caused the rest of the world to become temporarily incapable of maintaining a foothold in wine culture?

II. Body

A. Brief overview of the importance and role of wine in the Sacraments.

B. The Dark Ages

1. What specific methods used today have their foundations in methods the Church was working on but did not complete [and were later made possible to perfect due to scientific developments, etc.]…

a. … with regards to wine?

b. … with regards to beer?

c. … with regards to other alcoholic beverages, i.e. liqueurs, etc.?

2. What specific methods were developed by the Church that are still used [in the exact same way] today…

a. … with regards to wine?

b. … with regards to beer?

c. … with regards to other alcoholic beverages, i.e. liqueurs, etc?

3. What methods (if any) were never released to the secular wine world?

4. What alcoholic beverages are still produced exclusively by the Church?

C. The Middle Ages and the Renaissance

1. Timeline/history of beginnings of secular foothold in wine culture.

2. Brief overview of timeline/history of wine laws and their development.

D. The Modern Era

1. How did enjoyment of alcoholic beverages become so diluted? When did people start drinking to “get drunk” rather than to enjoy with food because the beverage enhanced the dish and vice versa?

2. What problems evolved in different countries with regards to alcohol consumption (if any)?

3. What led to age limits? Specifically, why is the age limit 21 in the US as opposed to 18 in other countries? Are their traceable pros and cons?

III. Conclusion

A. Present differences in various cultures today with regards to drinking, i.e. mindset (practices in US such as 21 shots on 21st bday vs. mindset in Europe allowing children to grow up with regular exposure to alcoholic beverages).

B. Summary

C. Closing – open-ended challenge?



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