What [Mainstream] Feminists REALLY Want

I am a woman, praise God.

But what feminists want is about as far from supporting women as one can get.

  • Do feminists wish women to be head of the household? Yes, BUT…
    • Do feminists wish women to be recognized as the sole breadwinner of the family? No.
    • Do feminists want women to be blamed for not providing sufficiently for their families? No.
  • Do feminists want to have the last word? Yes, BUT…
    • Do feminists wish to be accountable to God for leading their family astray? No.
  • Do feminists want men to think about the needs of women and put the needs of women before their own needs and dreams? Yes, BUT…
    • Are feminists willing to put the needs of men before their own needs and dreams? No.

And the list could go on and on, but men are called to be the pastors, the providers, and the protectors of women and children, especially within their biological and domestic household, but also outside of it, in the world.

Equal opportunity is one thing. Equal responsibility is another.

To put it simply, feminists want the equal opportunity without the equal responsibility. If they wish to play something of the same role as a man, they do not want the responsibilities and ultimately the possible consequences that may go along with that particular role.

Feminists do not support womanhood; feminists by their stance affirm the superiority of men and the inferiority of women; feminists by their stance put themselves down and say that their unique role as women is unimportant compared to the unique role of a man.

If women do not take themselves seriously, why should men?

Ex: If my stance is that I should be allowed to have sex without “consequences” (aka a baby); if my stance is that I should have access to contraceptives and abortion to be able to make myself “equal” to man in that I do not have to suffer the “visible consequences” (aka pregnancy) of the natural workings of my body; if I am basically saying that I am willing to harm myself and try to force my body to work unnaturally; if I am not proud of how my body works naturally and take care to keep it healthy; should it be any surprise to me if men use me, do not see my body as sacred, do not see me as a gift to be treasured, and ultimately take advantage of me in any and every way possible? Did I not begin it by attempting to take advantage of myself, by violating myself in my attempts to defy nature? Does this speak to a man of healthy and righteous pride, of self-respect, of self-control? Should I expect men to be proud of me, to respect me, to love me and be willing to commit to me? If I will not be a real woman, should I expect men to be real men?


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