Pre-Spring Cleaning

Trying to empty my drafts folder on here of its DRAFTS! (big d-u-h?), but some of them, I think, are still worth posting unfinished (and I’m only doing these for the ones that I really don’t foresee having the time or motivation to actually finish). From 21 down to… 6! =) yayayyyyayayayayyy! lol

11/11/08 – Keeping the Faith

I was hashing things out with Devin this one night in the car on our way home from… something. Lol. I forget. But anyway…

I’ve talked to graduates of “Catholic” colleges, and I’ve been uneasy inside… but I couldn’t really figure out why till Dev and I talked it over. What’s been bothering me off is the failure to give credit where credit is due.

Basically, the way these graduates are selling these colleges to kids, you’d think that if they hadn’t gone to that college, they would have ended up completely lost, in terms of Faith and morals. But I am utterly convinced that if these people had not come from the families that they did indeed come from, it wouldn’t have mattered if they went to a “Catholic” [or a Catholic] college or not.

I have no doubt that college can have a positive effect on one’s Faith. But that goes for anything, doesn’t it? If we view something correctly, unite whatever it is, whether joy or suffering or something in-between, to Christ, then really, anything can have a positive effect on our Faith. I’m not saying their college experience did absolutely nothing for these people.

11/14/08 – The Silver Lining?

My assigned reading for this week was Wulfstan’s Sermo Lupi ad Anglos. Talk about scary.

“… Zealously understand also that the Devil has led this nation astray too much now for too many years and that there has been too little loyalty among the people — though they speak well! And too many injustices have ruled in the land, and there have not always been many people who have thought about the remedy as eagerly as they should, but daily one evil has been increased after another and unrighteousness has been exalted and many laws broken all too widely throughout this nation… we have earned these miseries that now weigh us down…
“… what is due to God has faded away too long within this nation in every region. And the laws of the people have worsened all too much… And widows have been wrongfully forced to take a man, and too many have been much impoverished and humiliated. And the poor have been sorely betrayed and cruelly deceived…. And infants have been enslaved through savage legal abuses far and wide throughout this nation… God’s law is hated and his teaching scorned…
“… And also in this country there are all too many lapsed apostates and hostile church-haters and savage people-haters and far and wide despisers of just divine laws and of Christ’s servants, and derisive fools everywhere in teh nation, who hasten into those things that God’s commandments have forbidden and for the most part into those things that always belong by right to God’s law…
“… Here there are manslaughters and kin-slaughters and priest-slayers and monk-haters. And here there are perjurers and murderers. And here there are harlots and child-killers and many foul adulterous fornicators… And we are by no means ashamed of this, but we are greatly ashamed to begin atonement as the book teaches.”

That could have been written today. Yes, rather harsh, but if we are honest with ourselves, totally true.

I’ve been having this conversation with my mom, and I’ve been musing over things when I’m alone in my room. Too little too late. The Faith didn’t become what it is overnight. It wasn’t watered down and dumbed down and neglected only recently. What we have become is a result of years and years and years of what they call ‘relevance’.

1/12/09 – 4th Annual YFC Cinci Youth Camp

Perhaps a more appropriate title would be The Confessions of a Crazy Camp Co-Leader.

I think the parents all agree that these past few months have killed me. In all honesty, I’ve thrived on it all. Yes, I’ve been stressed and moody. I’ll have to work on thriving on something without being stressed and moody. Not trying to make excuses for myself, but I actually didn’t realize I was so moody… I mean, I knew I was stressed, but I didn’t realize that it showed so much besides the fact that I’m finally dealing with teenage acne (oh, yeah, before November, I didn’t know what getting acne from stress was like). Apparently there was more to it than that. I was on the phone with Paolo after Camp… Monday night/Tuesday morning, and I started the conversation explaining how Mum had held me hostage for some time gaming before finally letting me use the phone, hilarious… Anyway — “You know, Ais, you’re very obviously not stressed about Camp anymore.” “… What do you mean?” “You haven’t laughed like that in a while.” I told Mum what he’d said the next morning. “Sorry to burst your bubble, Ais.” “I thought I was hiding it pretty well, Mum?” “No, Ais… you wear your heart on your sleeve.”

*sigh* I’ve heard the mommies were telling the kids that they’d been wearing me out. Bless their hearts. It was tiring. And I’m not 100% satisfied with this past weekend. Haha, yes, yes, perfectionist me, there were parts of it that simply didn’t suit me the way they turned out… but whatever, it’s over now, and I don’t look to be doing it again anytime soon, by heaven. Let the younger ones have their chance, I shall enjoy watching them all the more for what I’ve witnessed.

We’ll put it this way. There was a lot of what Kuya Vin called ‘legwork’ for me.

I left Facebook halfway through August.

Let’s see… 1289 emails since I was asked to deal with all of this. That was… September 13th.

God is amazing. I began the course on Anglo-Saxon literature on September 14th and completed the course four days before Youth Camp. Who knew that English courses would be a source of strength and counsel for someone attempting to co-lead a Youth Camp? It was wow. We addressed the virtues of Faith, Trust, Hope, Righteous Pride, Prudence, and Generosity in the lives of great Anglo-Saxon warriors. I learned again the need to have a correct understanding of suffering, the importance of remaining detached from the world, the reality of the Spiritual Battle that is entwined with the physical.

We didn’t have any prep meetings in September because the CLS was going on every Friday night. Looking back, I think God was trying to form me through that English course. Throughout the month, the hot topic between me and my closer friends was the upcoming election. I’m thankful that we didn’t know how it would turn out… we had so much hope… September 20, we had a ToB session. September 21, I was able to organize a Sisters’ HH at Gabe’s house at the same time as the Fraternal. September 24, I established the YFC Cinci Yahoo Group. September 25, I sent out my first invitation to Youth Camp; that was to Erin. September 26, FOCA first came to my attention. September 27, we had another Sisters’ HH at Matt’s house right before the ToB session. September 29, we had choir practice with Tita Chato. (Wow, I didn’t realize my month was so full…)

October… 2. The Debate. Between Palin and Obama. Oh geeze. And the CLS continued on Friday nights. October 4, I sent out an invitation to the homeschoolers, and attended Sycamore Homecoming. I left for AZ on Wednesday, October 8, spent a week there (which I have a very long blog post on), and came back October 15th, an experienced traveler :D with very tired feet. October 17, we had the CLS graduation.

2/04/09 – The Ladies get to wave their swords around, too, you know.

There’s a song, Someday You Will Be Loved by Death Cab for Cutie… and it seems to me a rather sad mix… of truths… but also of you-wish-es.

I once knew a girl
In the years of my youth
With eyes like the summer
All beauty and truth
In the morning I fled
Left a note and it read
Someday you will be loved.

I cannot pretend
That I felt any regret
Cause each broken heart
Will eventually mend
As the blood runs red
Down the needle and thread
Someday you will be loved

You’ll be loved you’ll be loved
Like you never have known
The memories of me
Will seem more like bad dreams
Just a series of blurs
Like I never occurred
Someday you will be loved

You may feel alone
When you’re falling asleep
And everytime tears
Roll down your cheeks
But I know your heart belongs
To someone you’ve yet to meet
Someday you will be loved

Oh geeze, the guy vs. girl wiring. It’s written all over the deliciously satisfying repeats of chorus. Yell ’em out, why don’t you!!! or why don’t I =) while marching around, cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry and whatnot, looking pathetic and morose.

But I digress. Uhm… and I shall continue to, depending on how you look at it.

Hey, I applaud the dude. “I know your heart belongs to someone you’ve yet to meet.” Yes, yes, recognizing that is the first wonderful step, good for you.

I’m sure all ladies at some age or another dream of their knight in shining armour, the one who will ride in and defend them from all manner of evil, etc. etc.

I, for one, haven’t given that dream up for a fairy tale… but, ladies, we’ve our own battles to fight, too, on behalf of our handsome princes.

We, as Brothers and Sisters in Christ, have an obligation to each other to guard and protect both our own hearts, and each others’… which, mental note, could mean guarding and protecting someone from yourself.

Brian Butler, in the ToB for Teens, shares of his friendship with a girl, a girl whom he describes as having loved him more than any girlfriend he’d ever had. But they were never together, and they’re happily married to other people, and are still the best of friends. Did he never have feelings for her? Sounds like he did, the way he put it, fairly straight-up. So what happened?

Let’s take a look at guy vs. girl wiring.

Say a person is called to marriage, either to another human being, or to the Church. Whichever — or rather, whomever — it is, his or her heart belongs to someone. The question is, would you like to marry someone whose heart has not been entirely yours? who has only half a heart to give, or pieces of one broken from past relationships?

It’s totally natural and normal to have feelings for people that you probably won’t end up with. But is that any call to abuse them? If your future spouse is out there, don’t you want to be guarding your heart for them? and don’t you hope that wherever they are, the people around them are guarding their heart for you? Don’t you  hope that you’ll both have as whole hearts as possible to give each other when you finally meet up? Sounds like a pretty crazy dream, a pretty crazy hope. But it’s totally possible, if we just take the initiative to live out our obligations.

Guys and girls, being wired differently, have different battles to fight, and different things that they need to be protected from.

Mary Beth Bonnaci, in  Real Love, tells of a survey repeated several times with many different people — guys and girls are asked to make two lists; qualities to look for in someone to date, and qualities to look for in someone to marry. The results, she says, hardly ever vary. With women, the two lists are more or less identical. But with guys, it’s a whole different story. Their date-quality list doesn’t match their wife-quality list.

So heads-up, this is entirely normal. It’s the way guys are wired. But what that implies, then, is that the way girls are wired tends to make them much more serious much earlier on.

Maybe girls today sow their wild oats? because of how much the culture has changed, I wouldn’t be surprised — but I’ve only ever heard of the phrase used in regards to men.

If girls even consider dating ‘casually,’ then how much more casual is it normally for the guy? at least up until a certain age, assuming they get tired of the fling lifestyle, if they ever really indulged in it in the first place. But go back to that song; “I cannot pretend that I felt any regret, ’cause each broken heart will eventually mend.” Are the guy and the girl on the same page? That would be ideal. But science says that, more often than not, at least in the teen/early-twenties years, a girl is more likely to be unconsciously giving her heart away [or consciously] prematurely, and the guy is… well, not.

I suppose that’s why girl’s crushes get so extreme. It’s almost as if her emotions are invested in a situation always on a level higher than it ought to be… like… oh, what did Elinor say?  “You think I did not feel so very much? … I’ve suffered all the punishment of an attachment without enjoying any of the advantages.”

2/08/09 – *smiles*

Some things that made me smile recently:

  • grapefruit + salt ~ a love for which I inherited from Papa :D
  • thumb :: hand; hand :: arm ratio ~ Nino was holding my thumb while sleeping, and I found it funny that his four fingers around my thumb span the length from my knuckle to my fingernail; similarly, while he’s got his fingers wrapped around my thumb, I have my fingers wrapped around his arm, and my four fingers span the length from his elbow to his wrist. xD
  • a teaspoon of amaretto in my hot chocolate
  • watching/listening to Daddy play play with Nino

6/02/09 – I don’t want to be in a battle. But waiting on the edge of one I can’t escape is even worse.

Complete with Scottish accent, mind you.

But I digress.

I could almost wish that it were a physical one, rather than what it is — an emotional one. It would be nice to rip a pillow apart and have a bag to throw myself against just now. I really don’t want to be here. I didn’t want to come back. I walked into my room and yelled silently inside, “WHOA, I hate my room.” Living minimalist across the street from the Adriatic for three months taught me the true definition of ‘purge.’ I thought I knew before I left, but what a wake-up call, coming back. Nate says I’m having a culture shock. Maybe I am. Eggs here are dead. Balsamic vinegar and mozzarella di bufala cost an arm and a leg compared to home — yes, I’ve gotten comfortably used to calling Pescara that. I got comfortably used to many things. Among them were: no microwave; limited internet; snail-mail; limited communication with friends and family; tile floors; no rice cooker; no english TV (not that I ever watched it to begin with); … I’ve missed people, but I haven’t missed the place. And I haven’t missed anyone enough to want to come home — except Mama and Papa

It’s always easier to leave than to be left behind.

9/06/09 – Eating with your hands is an art.

In Bento Box in the Heartland, Linda Furiya tells of the way her father ate, which she [at an elementary-school-girl age] found very embarrassing (and was actually one of the reasons she never invited friends over from school). She describes how he would put the whole bone of whatever meat they were having in his mouth and work it with his tongue and teeth until it was completely clean before he spit it out onto his plate. It was apparently a skill that she would not have been proud to mimic.

All of my Pinoy elders possess this skill. All my life, I have been told to simot/said (that is sa-ED, two syllables). To leave not a single piece of meat or a single grain of rice. To think of the people who are starving and must dig through the garbage for their food, and not take the food on my plate for granted.

While I have a harder time with this at restaurants where I cannot choose my serving size, I am proud to say that at home, my family sometimes tease me, asking if I’ve licked my plate, too, because it looks as clean as it did when it came out of the cupboard — they exaggerate, and I do not! lol. But if there’s no sabaw (broth) with my kanin (rice) and ulam (whatever-goes-with-my-rice [that would be my translation, because my ulam is anything that isn’t rice, and that could mean meat, fish, veggies, soup, broth {oh, yes. Sometimes I simply decide to have rice and broth, nothing else}]), I am proud to say that I am capable of leaving a very clean plate.

So here we are at the park having a picnic with lots of family on a Saturday, and I’m proud to say my tilapia bones are clean and shiny on my plate, but the KFC bones need some work… I’ll thank you random park people not to stare as you walk past with distaste plainly written on your faces. If you can look at us like that for how clean we leave our plates, then you clearly have no concept of poverty. Maybe I don’t, either — my life has been an easy one — but I’ve seen enough cardboard houses stacked under the highways back home to be properly ashamed of throwing my plate into the trash half-full.

Well, I think that was a sufficient intro to my weekend… let me see…

Let’s go back to Friday, August 21st. Mother made super yummy yummy chocolate zucchini muffins. I wrapped yummy yummy avocado and brown rice sushi. Nagsaing ako, and mother made bistik. Oh, and she made smoothies!!! We left the house in record time — less than half an hour after the time Daddy had originally set!!! Very proud of ourselves.

Nino slept, we feasted on Doritos and smoothies, dinner was.. well, everything else I listed above =) the kids watched Treasure Planet and I alternated between watching, sleeping, eating, and listening to my iPod in no particular order. We all had dinner at the same time, but I slept almost immediately after we left, and started my snacktime later than everyone else when the Doritos were more than half gone, I only watched a third or less of the movie due to playing Point of Extinction and King of Wishful Thinking and other delightfully upbeat *down* songs and wallowing in the beautiful blue sky, oh, and yes, I was appreciating the strength of my new glasses which surprisingly did not make my head hurt at all — I’m quite used to them now — and staring happily at the outlines of the individual leaves that I could now make out on the trees rushing by.

We got to Mama’s at around… well, before midnight? I’m pretty sure. OH, we passed this one church, I think it was Presbyterian, celebrating its 140th anniversary. I was half-awake, I think. At first, I thought, oh, that’s nice, that’s a long time. And then I woke up and thought. Wait, what? Only 140 years? That’s so… sad… I can name a Church that has 2000 years and then some to its credit, didn’t you know? =) Nino had just woken up when we arrived, pero sumama agad kay Mama. We feasted on arroz caldo and sushi, of course, before going to bed. I went to sleep at around 1AM Cinci time. Ninong was still on his laptop when I fell asleep.

do you embrace your faith or are you a cafeteria catholic who picks and chooses

catholicism requires a more radical committment than we may like

catholicism is hard fair hting to think

more important ot be part of the minority who has jesus or the majority of compromises

that in the eucharist we receive the body and blood soul and divinity of our lord … that abortion is always a sin… that living together comes after marriage not before… the contraception in marriage is an evil…

4/28/10 – the hit be double

Wow… well, today, I caught up on eight posts on Courtney’s blog, and am currently working on the 128 posts that I’m behind on at American Papist (I’ve brought it down to 97 ), and I don’t know what God’s trying to tell me, but there’s just too many posts hitting way too close to home. It’s starting to get to me.

And of course, as those of you who know me well have sometimes remarked on, Aisa’s mind goes off in tangents that sometimes take a while to follow, and Aisa in face-to-face conversation often switches from one topic to another at an alarming speed, which wouldn’t matter so much if the topics were related, but they’re usually not…

At any rate, bear with me. This is just Aisa…. brain dumping.

I found this article on Courtney’s blog, and then again on American Papist.

Besides the very obvious issue at hand — that of the conscience clause not being upheld — there’s a line here that refuses to leave me alone:

“I emigrated to this country in the belief that here religious freedom is sacred,” Cenzon-DeCarlo said.

My debates with Kuya Jhun from three and a half years ago came back to me.

4/29/10 – Samson

So. There’s, like, these guys that I know.

Mom: I just realized I have a thing for guys with long blonde hair.
Dad: Too late.


My morning began with pit bulls.


1348 ~ As I begin this post, I haven’t decided on a title yet.

I woke up feeling not too great today. So here I am at home, sniffling and trying to drink lots of water and stay active and wondering if I’m only imagining this whole feeling warm thing. There’s that saying that if you act sick, you’ll feel sicker. It’s so true. I’ve got a long list of things to take care of before the day is over. Yes, rest is on there, but after getting up, taking a shower, and more or less being ready to step out the door, I ended up sleeping in until lunchtime.

Nino greeted me with a hug =) Lunch was delicious, and I’ve had at least three cups of veggies already. I’ve gotten a load of laundry going. It’s nice to rediscover how therapeutic laundry is. And now I shall continue cleaning my room… currently listening to Jeremy Camp’s Let It Fade =) On my list for today is to blog a list of things I am thankful for, something I have not done in a while and that I feel would be both spiritually and physically beneficial.

  • #1 ~ My family =) I love being the oldest of five. I love having parents who are open to Life. I am thankful for my Mama and Papa. I still sleep with my grandparents when we visit them. I have chosen to retain that privilege. I woke up at around 3AM Saturday morning and turned to see Mama hugging Papa. I lay awake for a bit meditating on what Deacon Madz said about how the greatest vocation crisis today is not to the priesthood, but to marriage. Mama and Papa just spent their 44th wedding anniversary in the Holy Land. I praise God for the example and testimony of Mama and Papa and Mom and Dad in the Sacrament of Matrimony.

1428 ~

  • #2 ~ Devin =) I’m staring at a certain framed sheet of blue paper hanging right in front of me, above my desk. Our friendship has been one of God’s biggest blessings to me, one that He has allowed me to keep for very nearly nine years now, and still going! I praise God for Dev, and for her whole family.

1642 ~ I remember reading today’s meditation from In Conversation with God while we were in Italy last year. I remember focusing on the paragraph that reads,

“The filial disposition of the gift of piety is seen also in our readiness to ask again and again like needy children until we are granted what we want. In prayer, our will is identified with the Will of our Father, who always wants what is best for his children. This trust in prayer makes us feel secure, unwavering, daring; it dissipates anxiety and the unease that comes from depending solely on our own strength, and helps us to be serene in the face of difficulties.”

This passage has a new meaning for me, now. The difficulties I face now are nothing like I would have supposed they would be a year ago. That is such an interesting thought. But today, in this year, the lines that catch my eye are,

“Piety towards others leads us to judge them always with kindness which walks hand in hand with a filial affection for God our common Father. It disposes us to forgive easily any offences received, even very painful ones.”

Pray for me, please. Forgiveness is something I am struggling with at the moment. It is not so much a constant anger or disquiet, but rather, I am led to think for significant lengths of time that I have forgiven and am at peace, and then a little thing will spring up quite unexpectedly, a reminder in some unanticipated form, that will awaken whatever it was I thought I had put aside. I keep hearing… I wonder if you ever loved me just for who I was / when the pain came back again like a bitter friend / it was all that I could do to keep myself from blaming you. It’s also strange to not know who I have not forgiven for what sometimes.

~ seven days later ~

2050 ~ I was off for a considerably longer period of time than I’d anticipated. I suppose I ought to be preparing that prep sheet for tomorrow, but it shouldn’t take me that long, and I’m procrastinating.

My three days off were a wake up call, I was telling Mom and Jana… they were a reminder of why I have no ambitions to be a career woman. I spent my three days resting, but also cleaning, doing my old chores like laundry, playing with Nino, and overall just having a good time with the family. I know it won’t all be unicorns and rainbows, but

7/21/10 – I’m trying to ignore the pastries.

I’m sitting here at Bakery Hill at these new tables that are actually near an outlet and that have their back to the Bakery. Hence the title.

Expect a ton of randomness right about now.

I haven’t blogged in AGES.

I have also grown considerably more and more skilled in stating the obvious.

It’s only the fourth week of the term, but I am totally ready for this summer to be over. Basically, I’m taking a bunch of ‘easy A’ classes, and all they’re doing is trying my patience – with the exception of Cooking 5.

I enjoy my Kung Fu class. But every week, I like the technique less and less. Nate says that I should look on the bright side; at least I’m training. But this isn’t my old stubbornness over staying true to one school. Ok, maybe it’s partly that, but not all. It’s also the plain logic behind the techniques. A perfect example – in I guess what would be the equivalent to front stance, my front foot is to be turned in, such that my knee follows, thus supposedly protecting the groin. Unfortunately, I argue that it is ten times more important for my foot to be in a position which ensures stability, aka foot pointing forward, because it’s the easiest thing in the world to take a six-inch step sideways and completely nullify the supposed effectiveness of my front knee. And I’m in no position to keep my stance no matter where I get hit; turning my foot inwards throws me completely off balance. If someone tries to shove me, down I’ll go. I also do not like being told that the stance which I have originally been trained to take in sparring is stupid. I argue that you cannot maintain a cat stance 100% of the time in a fight, and you will have to, at some point, take up my ‘stupid’ fighting stance in order to transfer your weight from one foot to the other, which I do believe is actually very necessary when sparring. So… how about I just stick to my normal fighting stance and constantly shift my weight from one foot to another so that I’m always ready, like I was originally taught to? Ok, ok, end sarcasm. Nate’s right. It is good to be training again. And I guess I need a class to continue to train me in the art of biting my tongue. Last term’s was, of course, Cooking 4.

8/24/10 – I fell in love with NorCal.

With the weather, to be more specific.

Paco, Daddy and I left for the airport on Thursday morning, after roughly four hours of sleep on my part. I had on a sweater and jeans for the plane, but I had no idea I’d be needing either in NorCal. No huge issues getting through security and to the gate; waiting was the most trying time, naturally. We ended up playing ungguyan and pekwa and splitting a breakfast sandwich. I slept pretty much the whole of that first leg.

I thought we’d have a two hour stopover, but it ended up being tight, and we made it to our next gate with only six minutes to spare. As it turned out, the flight was full, and several people were having ticket issues… there was a long line of people who didn’t have seat numbers or something? so we ended up having time to grab something to eat really quick, and we were in the fourth loading zone, into the bargain. Whatever place it was we grabbed food from was apparently one of those everything-organic places, and I know that doesn’t mean much these days with government regulations, but it was a small margin of comfort… compared to where we’d gotten breakfast that morning… Oh. my. gosh. I suppose it’s a good thing, but also somewhat annoying… being a culinary student and shuddering as you watch the line, wondering how long the lids have been left off of the cheese, even if they’ve deli papers in between and on top. Blah. But our lunch place was nice. Very nice. And our lunch was delicious. I had a grilled chicken and spinach panini, and Paco had a ham, egg, and cheese croissant. Paco’s came with hash browns and mine came with a salad. I didn’t have time to take pictures. I slept most of our second leg, too.

When we’d checked in, the kiosk had informed us that the current temperature at our final destination was 57. YIKES. When we landed, it was 66. There was a light breeze, and the sun was shining, and the heat was nicely dry and not in the least bit humid.

We took the bus to the light rail station. All I had were $20s, and when we got my ticket first, I had a slight scare… I thought it had paid me back in tokens when I saw the coins coming out. What the heck was I going to do with $18 worth of tokens?! but upon closer inspection, it turns out they were dollar coins. Paco was THRILLED. I was less so, particularly because I had never heard of the person on the front of the first five that I turned over. Yes, I am that bad at history. But c’mon, do YOU remember Millard Fillmore and anything significant that he did when were learning about the *important* US presidents? (Please say no? because I don’t…) We bought Paco’s ticket and inspected the fine print and looked around the station for a map and didn’t find one. As it was, we ended up getting on the wrong one. I was having too much fun to be really concerned, but I had Paco check the map above and across from us. We got off two stops later and waited for the one that went the other way… which was about three seconds after we’d gotten off the first.

We had a good fifteenish, twenty minute ride. Gorgeous weather, my goodness. Forgive me, but I was so insanely thrilled at how many Pinoys there were everywhere. And I saw a Filipino restaurant that I wanted to go back to – goodness knows we had time – but we didn’t.

God had provided thus far, and I was praying that the Hyatt would not be hard to find… We got off at Great America and, lo and behold, there was the Hyatt right across the street from the station. Praise God.

I had foreseen possible complications with the front desk… Our instructions concerning the reservations were very vague. I suppose I ought to have had the… maturity? to panic slightly, but I was walking on air the second we stepped off the plane, so I didn’t even have the sense to call Mum and Dad while things were being sorted out. As it turned out, we did not have reservations at the Hyatt for Thursday night, and the person who had told me I would was not answering their phone. I called Ate Mary, but she was in a meeting, as I found out later. I did get a hold of Tito Leo, but that was not going to help me much, since they weren’t there yet, anyway. The front desk was extremely helpful and got me the number of the CFC contact they’d been working with. They even offered to call her for me, but I said it was alright. By this time, we’d been sitting around in the lobby of the Hyatt for almost an hour, and they’d been so terribly accommodating, asking if we’d like snacks or water, both of which we declined as we had almost two boxes worth of granola bars in my backpack. I called the number they’d given and had things sorted out within ten minutes. We did have reservations for that night, but at a hotel two stoplights down on Great America.

I called the Avatar hotel and found out that the shuttle had just left for SJC. They said it would be along for us in about half an hour. It ended up being closer to an hour, but that was ok… because we bumped into people from New Jersey who were in the same predicament, and they knew Vince, into the bargain. I texted Vince to let him know I’d met his friends.

The Avatar is COOL! Hahaha. Nope, no blue humanoids… just nice Pinays at the front desk… anyway… The first thing you see when you walk in is a glass case of old toy robots. Intense. As Michelle observed, the place looked a little sketchy from the outside, but the rooms were, in a word, fun. You know how modern can be totally overdone? This place had it just right. The furniture was brightly colored – neon pinks and blues and greens – and the sheets were

Before we share, let us all keep in mind that this is moreso a prayer than a song. Each line was truly voiced from the Holy Spirit. It was a blessing to be led by Him through music. As the lyrics fell into place, we envisioned the many faces of sisters around the nation. Though all our stories are different, this song represents what brought us together as a Sisterhood in the first place. It represents that special longing for Christ that is within our hearts as women of God. Let this be your prayer to Him. <3

ps. if you want the actual file of the lyrics/chords just message me your email. :)
pss. tag/share this with other sisters!


“A Sister’s Prayer”

Amaj7: x09999 or x02120
Emaj7: 079897 or 022100
E7: x76770 or 020100
A: x02220
Am: x02210

Intro (x2): Amaj7 – Emaj7

Amaj7 Emaj7

Verse 1:
Amaj7 Emaj7
Amaj7 Emaj7
Amaj7 Emaj7
Amaj7 Emaj7

Verse 2:
Amaj7 Emaj7
Amaj7 Emaj7
Amaj7 Emaj7
C#m B C#m-B-A

Emaj7 E7
A Am
Emaj7 E7
Am Amaj7

9/14/10 – seven minutes before class…

Brad: Oh you kids. You make me so angry. ANGRY. I will destroy all of you. ALL of you.
Joe: *takes red pen out of Brad’s front pocket and throws it on floor at Brad’s feet*
Brad: *curses* *grabs highlighter from pen jar and draws it across


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