What Real Friends Do

In my experience, when real friends have not seen each other in a long time – months, maybe even a year or more – this is what they do:

  • pick up on conversation like no time has passed since the last time they saw each other,
  • give each other short random hugs in the middle of conversation for no apparent reason and
  • give each long random hugs just because and
  • sit around very comfortably in a bedroom like they’re family, ’cause they just are,
  • talk about all old mutual acquaintances and reminisce and such,
  • and also former crush stuffs and how they turned out,
  • discuss the nice things about life-now and the nice things about life-two-years-ago and compare
  • reveal things that were going on in the background in life-two-years-ago and be amused at what they mean in the life-now
  • SPAR
  • discuss quantum physics and
  • horror stories and
  • star trek and
  • martial arts and
  • rest-of-my-life plans and
  • politics and
  • food and how portion sizes seem to get tinier as the price goes up (depending on where you go, but this is the general observation) and
  • all the controversial stuffs like drugs and alcohol and
  • changing majors and thus turning evil and
  • eat homemade marshmallows and ginger snaps and
  • watch youtube videos,
  • listen to old voice recordings,
  • come up with a plan to take over the world or just google,
  • suggest potential life partners for each other,
  • pretend absolutely ridiculous scenarios that are just too far-fetched to be true and
  • prove to each other how well we know each other by showing exactly why said scenarios are ridiculous and far-fetched according to our well-know-to-each-other personalities,
  • play marbles
  • watch old videos and look at old pictures
  • steal each other’s souls
  • try to keep each other as long as possible
  • make pizza
  • make video resumes
  • plan road trips that might never come true but it’s fun to wish we could and
  • play with stuffed toys that go MOOOOOOOO!
  • and play with pillow stuffing and
  • destroy each others’ nap times and
  • threaten to kidnap each other and
  • threaten to come over at 6am in the morning and
  • revive old jokes and
  • tell each other all about new friends that we wish the other people could meet and…
  • tons and tons and tons and tons more stuffs. but MOST OF ALL


I miss Michelle and Nate every single day, and I don’t know what I’d do without them…

Counting down the days until they’re home again! Until then…


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