It’s mine two.

2011 Shuffle

Opening credits: They tell you where you need to go, they tell you when you need to leave…
Waking up: Wherever I go, whatever I do, whenever my heart is crying out for you…
How I’m feeling today: I don’t wanna be the one to say goodbye, but I will, I will, I will…
First day of school: “Welcome to the real world,” she said to me condescendingly…
The weekend: I’ve got a lot of things to do tonight, I’m so sick of making lists of things I’ll never finish…
Will I get far in life: It’s not everything it seems, the world and its dreams…
Will I get married: When he passes me by, he’s a ray of light like the first drop of sun from the sky…
Will I have a happy life: There’ll be girls across the nation that will eat this up…
How does the world see me: Roll the window down and then began to breathe in the darkest country road and the strong scent of evergreen…
How do my friends see me: I wonder where your heart is, ’cause it sure don’t feel like it’s here…
Falling in love: We’re on this rollercoaster ride…
Fight song: It’s time for healing, time to move on…
Breaking up: For the pain and the sorrow caused by my mistakes…
The best thing about my friends: I knew that I’d get like this again, that’s why I try to keep at bay…
Best friend’s theme song: Come up to meet you, tell you I’m sorry, you don’t know how lovely you are, I had to find you, tell you I need you, tell you I set you apart…
High school overview: His head was a city of paper buildings and the echoes that remained of old friends and lovers…
Life: Sweet is the sight of her room window opened by candlelight…
Mental breakdown: When I am lost you shine a light for me and set me free…
How can I make myself happy: What did you say? I know I saw you singing…
Driving: In Your name You took the blind man and You gave him back his sight…
Flashback: Everyone needs compassion, a love that’s never failing…
How is my life going: I’ve got a wound that doesn’t heal…
What I should do with my life: Years ago, I met my lover on the banks of the stormy Jordan…
How can I get ahead in life: Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass and I’m homebound…
Getting back together: Kung wala ka nang gustong sabihin, huwag ka nang tumingin ng ganyan…
Wedding: I wanna set the world on fire until it’s burning bright for You…
Will I ever have children: Baby ballerina’s hiding somewhere in the corner…
Birth of child: If my heart has grown cold, there Your Love will unfold…
Final battle: I’ve been everywhere around the world, finally here tonight, you seem to be the only one to make feel alright…
Death scene: Pull back the shield between us and I’ll kiss you…
Funeral song: Would you know my name if I saw you in heaven…
Life overview: You were the mother of three girls so sweet…
End credits: Before electric light, you paddled through the soup of darkness…



  • HAPPY BALL DROP! I got… 75 cents… from sabog ng pera. ROTFLWTIME GOODNIGHT!
  • saw Blaise and Michael Walsh at costco today. LOL =)
  • Mary Whitacre Adam Miller Alyse Benton Chris Bender so remind me again exactly what this [cooking 2] paper’s supposed to be on? ’cause i haven’t started on it yet…
  • promises she has *not* forgotten that she owes Joy StruckhoffMary LunaRoxy Jane Bagaipo, and Edgar Daniel Moso phone calls.
  • would like to thank Matthew AlmarioGabe D.Miguel De VelaGloria Kemper, andCandisse Fejer for humoring her crazy ideas :) hope you had as much fun as Nino did! ♥ you all :D :D :D
  • ladeeedaaa doesn’t get much better than ditching hw for two hours with Michelle Johnson and then another half hour with da Nino-boy :D me *happy*
  • these legoland empires choking out mine now you’re everywhere, everywhere multiplying around me, child, a strain on my heart… you’re gonna lose it all and find yourself on your knees, so, get a grip and you might flow, reverse the great, slow bleed, put that down and clean this mess up, end of conversation, put your back in it and make it up to me now
  • catching up with Paola Galvez :D :D :D *happy*
  • neeeeeeeeeeeeds to finish this essay so that she can enjoyyyyyyyy brunch tomorrow with Michelle Johnson and Nate Eckman… super incentive… but why is it already bedtime?! grrrrr.
  • longest school day EVER, and shortest four hours — in two hour increments — of my life. bah! thanks to Nate EckmanMichelle Johnson, Julia Russell, and Andrew Lawrence for making my day :)
  • so soon forgotten all that you do / in more than words i tried to tell you / the more i tried i failed / you hurt me more than i ever would have imagined / you made my world stand still / and in that stillness there was a freedom / i never felt before / i would not let myself believe that you might stray / and i would stand by you no matter what they’d say / i would have thought i’d be with you / until my daying day.
  • So. IF I can schedule classes my summer term such that they’re all online OR I’m only in on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and IF I don’t get sick the whole term AND can beg my way out of two days of co-op… Yes, I know it’s only January. AAAHHHH! Dear Lord, please will that I go to the CFC-YFL & CFC-SFL Conference 2010!!!!!
  • Colton Duncan Victoria Ulmer Patrick Farr :D Let yourselves be led today; don’t overthink it! Prayers your way for awareness of and confidence in the Spirit’s movements ^_^
  • Mary Whitacre Chris Bender Adam Miller Alyse Benton soooo… who has the essay specs? ’cause i could really use them right about.. now?
  • MaryAnn Ridenour 97% of Facebook Users will not repost this… when Jesus died on the cross he was thinking of you. If you are one of the few 3%, repost this message
  • bring me joy / bring me peace / bring the chance to be free / bring me anything that brings You glory / and i know there’ll be days / when this life brings me pain / but if that’s what it takes to praise You / Jesus, bring the rain
  • ‎… the Voice of Truth says “Do not be afraid,” and the Voice of Truth says, “This is for My glory.” Out of all the voices calling out to me, I will choose to listen and believe the Voice of Truth…
  • i wake up in the night and feel the dark / it’s so hot inside my soul / i swear there must be blisters on my heart / so hold me, Jesus, ’cause i’m shaking like a leaf / You have been my King of Glory / won’t You be my Prince of Peace…
  • we are one choice from together / you and me / tonight’s the night / for the sinners and the saints / two worlds collide / in a glorious display / it’s all love tonight / when we step across the line / we can sail across the sea / to a city with one king / a city on our knees.
  • lahat ng pangarap k’oy bigla lang natunaw / sa panaginip na lang pala kita misasayaw / magkahawak ang ating kamay at walang kamalay-malay / na tinuruan mo ang puso ko na umibig na tunay.
  • add you to my fallen list / one more has hit the ground / the fault was mine / held you too high / your only way was down / is my life just one big searching / for the one i can adore? / it never works / and i’m just left here wanting more / could it be this hunger’s there / to drive me to the One / Who’s worthy of all worship / would my searching then be done?
  • You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life / we live by faith and not by sight / for You, we’re living it all for You…
  • dagling tatalima ako / ipagkaloob Mo lang ang pag-ibig Mo / at lahat ay tatalikdan ko.
  • You stood before my failure / carried the Cross for my shame / my sin weighed upon Your shoulders / my soul now to stand / so what can i say / and what can i do / but offer this heart O God / completely to You / so i’ll stand / with arms high and heart abandoned / in awe of the One who gave it all / so i’ll stand / my soul, Lord, to You surrendered / all i am is Yours
  • if it doesn’t break your heart, it isn’t love / no, if it doesn’t break your heart / it’s not enough / it’s when you’re breaking down with your insides coming out / that’s when you find out what your heart is made of.
  • insists that Edgar Daniel MosoAngelo Franco D. Camara, and Edgar Joseph Mosocome to Conference in August (if she doesn’t get to visit them sooner than that) so that she can lecture them LIVE on being gentlemanly when sitting on Noella Love‘s lap. =P ^_^
  • i called / You answered / and You came to my rescue and i / want to be where You are / in my life / be lifted high / in our world / be lifted high / in our love / be lifted high
  • “SHIP-COURT! oh, is that it???” ROTFLWTIME
  • misses Fr. Smith Hall with the lights off and the disco ball spinning. Especially the part where Alexis Obach slides across the floor and knocks me off my feet. =
  • ‎’s most stressful day at school since starting college turned out to be the best night-at-college since college started. THANK YOU! Devin McIntyre, Graeme, Navid S. Matin, Anthony Webb, John, Julia Russell, and Andrew Lawrence :D :D You guys are the best!
  • Your light broke through my night / restored exceeding joy / Your grace fell like the rain / and made this desert live / You have turned my mourning into dancing / You have turned my sorrow into joy ♥ This Is How We Overcome ♥
  • end cooking 2. mixed feelings. Chris BenderMary WhitacreAlyse Benton-Shine, see ya’ll in cooking 4 ♥
  • one tear in the dropping rain / one voice in the sea of pain / could the Maker of the stars / hear the sound of my breaking heart? / one light, that’s all i am / and right now i can barely stand / if You’re everything You say You are / won’t You come close and hold my heart ♥
  • 6-hour-ish baking 1 final tomorrow morning. TIME FOR BED. and so much to look forward to during these next two weeks especially =) mGbp
  • from the falsest smile to the fear of death is why / this pain reminds us that we’re still alive / with our hopes on hold and our lack of interest exposed / all hands damage our determined eyes / but the lines are drawn and the red begins to creep / its way from boredom toward apathy
  • ~ end LF term ~ blessed be Your name / when the sun’s shining down on me / when the world’s ‘all as it should be’ / blessed be Your name / and blessed be Your name / on the road marked with suffering / though there’s pain in the offering / blessed be Your name ~ THE SUN IS OUT! *big smile* ~
  • mamang kutsero naiingit ako / sa kabayo’t teknicolor na kalesa n’yo / kung nais n’yo magpalit na tayo / sa akin ang kalesa, inyo na ang nobya ko ~ LOL such an addictive song


  • SO SO SO SO SO like… If I get beaten to death with a bag of rainbows, does that make me a unicorn???!!?? Andrew Lawrence :D :D :D
  • TARALLI!!!!!!! … sans pecorino or spumante. gouda and water don’t *quite* hit it =( well, gotta love jungle jim’s
  • Chris Bender Alyse Benton-Shine Mary Whitacre Jeff Cooke Joseph Blocker Karen Mitchell adam and i get tuesdays off next term; anyone else free to hang out and catch up every few weeks this term on tuesdays, seeing as we’re all split up?
  • *sigh* addicted to Star Mile. What’s worse, Star Mile on loop, or A Lack of Color on loop? Hmm..
  • Alyssa Roll Alex Blessing Julia Russell Colleen Lucas Foley Navid S. Matin Josh Monroe thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! :D :D :D hope you all had as much fun as i did!
  • is upset that the Writing Center is not open, thus preventing her from spending the next hour in the the back room with the most comfortable sofa in the whole of Cincinnati State. *sigh*
  • WINTER JAM!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D thanks so much!!!!!! Josh Monroe Faith Brown Rachel Brown =) pG!
  • Three A’s, three B’s, and two S’. Yes, I finally checked. I am happy =) pG.
  • why does it seem / like a picture / that’s hanging up on someone else’s wall / lately i just haven’t been myself at all / it’s heavy on my mind / now i’m dreamin’ again / like i’ve always been / and way down low / i’m thinkin’ of the prettiest thing…
  • ladeeedaaaa nothing like some quality mother-daughter time :) ♥ Stef Ofhfs
  • We are called, we are chosen, we are Christ for one another, we are promised to tomorrow while we are for Him today, we are sign, we are wonder, we are sower, we are seed, we are harvest, we are hunger, we are question, we are creed.
  • LOL was video chatting with Steven Morgan Simpkins and Nino decided to shut the laptop. Sorry, Stevie!!!!!!
  • just checked the roster for the colloquium and was thrilled to find that she will know all of her classmates tomorrow save one. On that delightful note, goodnight! Off to get exactly 8.5 hours of sleep. Ladeedaa =)
  • first day back at school was EPIC! especially the part where i was texting back and forth with the person in the car behind me while stuck in parking garage traffic for nearly an hour. my life rocks :D
  • Dear Lord, because I am thrilled at the prospect of being able to construct a decent snow fort such as I have not done in only You know how long, I will not ask why You willed the snowstorm-of-near-Pennsylvanian-proportions to come on a day… when I have no school anyway =)
  • Stef Ofhfs Bong Ofhfs Josh Monroe Theodicy (oh look, facebook doesn’t recognize it as a word) – a vindication of the divine attributes, particularly holiness and justice, in establishing or allowing the existence of physical and moral evil.
  • *sigh* what is the point of playing with a pick if i snap it halfway through the song?
  • ~RT~ Bakery Hill has been designated the temporary Honors meet-up if the WC is still closed.
  • as we lie in the shade of poison trees, are we as safe as we let ourselves believe?
  • LOL mother laughs because every day, I come home and say, “I had the best day evAR!” =) God is good to me. Especial thanks today to Pj Neumann, Colleen Lucas Foley and my super awesome Kuya Chef Steve Williams :D You guys are the best!
  • Elvin Tolentino needs to come visit and meet/jamm with the XD Music Min, Victoria UlmerColton Duncan, and Patrick Farr :D :D :D ’cause they are awesomeeeeeeeee! and I miss my Kuya Vin =(
  • ‎”… but wouldn’t it have been more beautiful still, Anne, if there had been no separation or misunderstanding… if they had come hand in hand all the way through life, with no memories behind them but those which belonged to each other?”
  • Owl City makes the shoveling fast and easy. Chris Trické, I finally watched Avatar =) but ugh. Blast level 3 snow emergencies. Mushrooms and rice with red wine, anyone?
  • Facebook Fast for Lent! See you all on Sundays =)
  • SUNDAY! MINI EASTER! lots of homework…. GA!!! AHHHH!!! :D :D :D
  • resume facebook fast.
  • Cleaning squid is so therapeutic. And I should probably upload those squid-cleaning vids I made some four, five years ago…
  • o kay bilis namang maglaho ng pag-ibig mo, sinta… daig mo pa ang isang kisapmata
  • resume fast. hit the cell if you need me =)


  • is hunting for round trips to Santa Clara… =)
  • Wait, wait, wait… The Murry-O’Keefes are in three other books that I haven’t read yet??? When did this happen?!?!
  • resume facebook fast. call if you need me
  • PACQUIAO!!!!! … was boring. seriously??? de la hoya fight was still the best. but the company made it worthwhile. and the BANG BANGs… xD Gabe D. Matthew Almario Karmela Marie Dalisay Jon San Miguel Miguel Francisco Kimberly Patricia
  • sooo… how come my laptop knows it’s DS but my phone apparently doesn’t? blahhh
  • Laetare Sunday!!!! … lol. time for bed and resume fast. hit the cell!
  • sooo… did anyone else procrastinate over this movie review thingy? xD Shanon Frey Kirkland George Schultz Navid S. Matin Martha Tiffany Kelsey Forsee Alex Blessing
  • ~ CONFERENCE SITE IS UP ~ ~ ais is going CRAZY =) ~ resume fast ~ hit the cell! ~ in the desert of temptation / lies the storm of true conversion / where springs of living water drown and refresh you… and as the jordan pours out change / your true self is all that remains / where springs of living water bind and break you…
  • the lines are drawn and the red begins to creep its way from boredom toward apathy.
  • one more week =) ~ who’s watching the Passion on Good Friday? ~ yeeeeeeekkk finals coming up, how appropriate ~ AHHHHH WE GET TO WATCH TIM HAWKINS LIVE IN TWELVE DAYS ~ soooooo hyped for Conference ~ thanks for all the bday wishes! love you all soooo much ~ resume fast ~ until Easter! hit the cell =) *mwah*


  • BUONA PASQUA (>^_^)> ♥ <(^_^<)
  • is snacking on Mochi and listening to Death of a Superstar while doing homework. Ahhhhckkk tsokolate, kape, or mangga next?
  • are you lonely, too? are you? but now it’s said and done, so say goodbye to the people we don’t know, and go back to sleep…
  • last chance for changing lanes and you missed it by a mile…
  • eeek! cooking final!
  • picture perfect memories scattered all around the floor…
  • yehhhhessssssssssssss no more classes this term!!! … just a heck of a lot of homework and lots of work work. lol. oh well. SEVEN DAYS!!!!!!!
  • ♥ REGISTRATION IS OPEN ♥ Michelle Johnson Vincent Pineda Amanda Agtuca Edgar Daniel Moso Michael Walsh
  • Chocolate/banana muffin? Not a bad way to start a 9-hour shift.
  • Hmm… The Listening is like this girl version of Owl City. Not bad =)
  • ‎”So what’s a mafiosa?” – Migi “That’s Ate.” – Mom xD
  • It’s one of those days where you just want to lie back down and sleeeep… oh well… TIM HAWKINS LIVE TONIGHT =) hopefully lunch break with my favorite honors people ^_^ and FIVE DAYS ♥
  • ‎”… which way soever they be dressed and eaten, they stir and cause a filthy loathsome stinking wind within the body, thereby causing the belly to be pained and tormented, and are a meat more fit for swine than men.” – Gerard’s Herbal, cited in Davidson A. (1999). The Oxford Companion to Food, first edition. Oxford University Press Daniel Blankenship
  • As of today, silly Ais officially has three non-Pinoy Kuyas. Aisateee is happyyy =)Nate Eckman Miguel Pereira Josh Monroe
  • ‎… in Christ, there are no goodbyes, and in Christ, there is no end, so i’ll hold on to Jesus with all that i have to see you again… to see you again…
  • What could be more fun at 9am than lying on the floor and having to do nothing but keep one’s eyes wide open and fixed on the fifteen-month-old as he terrorizes the Playmobil Princess? As long as he doesn’t bite her hair off, we’re good.
  • YEHEEESSSSSSSSS online finals complete. now to finish that journal and paper for hispanic culture… that means i have time to watch a movie with the family tonight… AND wilmington tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh!!!!!! mGbp =)
  • is sorrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy she missed Devin McIntyre and Asher Fry‘s phone calls yesterday =( especially since she desperately wanted to talk to both of them!!!! Will return calls sometime within the next week, promise.
  • WILMINGTON!!!! XD Youth Ministry (St. Columbkille Church)
  • School, work, CFC-YFL & CFC-SFL Conference 2010, book club Sylvia Ulmer, XD Music Min Victoria Ulmer Patrick Farr Colton Duncan… soooooo insanely hyped for this summer!!!!!!!!
  • thinks Xavier Pineda and Benedict Joa Pineda should go to Conference with Vincent Pineda so that she can see all her insanely awesome Godbrothers at once and play animal master and watermelon every spare minute, like while standing in line for lunch… etc.
  • It’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you, and there’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do…
  • TABLE SKIRT CRISIS. I need a moment…
  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRECONCILINGAHHHHHHHRECONCILINGAHHHHHRECONCILINGAHHHHH i suppose normally that would be a good thing, but it is not a good thing as it applies to MCI Ops.
  • and someone sing us a song that makes us feel like the dead are breathing birthday balloons and they blow and they blow and they blow…
  • Chicagooooooooo here we come…!!!!!
  • I got… an A??? in Hospitality Law?!?!?!?! I don’t know how You did it Lord, but thank You!!! Three A’s, one B, one S, GPA up by point-oh-four-five. God is good!
  • “The eyes of the world see no further than this life, but the eyes of the Christian see deep into eternity.”
  • jussssstttttt got home. Sleeeepppyyyyyy. Will call Devin McIntyre while baking tomorrow morning…
  • she said she never envisioned him the type of person capable of such deceit… and they carried on like long division, and it was clear with every page that they were further away from a solution that would play without a remain remain remainder…
  • off to Bakery Hill… Yay =)
  • completely botched day one of cooking 4 >.< ok, not completely. the one thing i botched on my cooking 2 final was the one thing i got right today. yay for hugs from chef neace =)
  • is attempting to finally take this whole finger-picking thing seriously.
  • and when i see you, i really see you upside-down, but my brain knows better, it picks you up and turns you around, turns you around, turns you around…
  • Here’s to Mr. Bob Jakubovic who told me to stay off facebook unless I intended to leave him a message – and here you are, sir, you know Colleen Lucas Foley andAnthony Webb and I came just to see you =) – and to Steve Leisring who apparently hasn’t had anyone write on his wall in a million years or something like that. Yay tags.
  • RT: 1N12K – my new worst nightmare.
  • We need a Christ Who will restore moral indignation, Who will make us hate evil with a passionate intensity, and Love Goodness to a point where we can drink death like water.
  • No, I’m not colorblind; I know the world is black and white.
  • I can’t fall asleep and it’s all your fault…
  • T-Tapp and Fifteen Count [multiple times] with Yenyenners [and Daddy and Migi and Nino]. I feel good =) Now, let’s see if this old uniform is magic and knock out this Cooking 6 hw as quickly as last-minute Summit reqs!!!
  • So… for my Productions Possiblity analysis and graph, the cost of balut is foie gras and vice versa. I’m stuck with 1000 ducks. Can you tell where my mind is? I hope Ms. Marcha Hunley won’t mind…
  • he will do one of two things / he will admit to everything / or he’ll say he’s just not the same / and you’ll begin to wonder why you came / where did i go wrong / i lost a friend somewhere along in the bitterness / i would have stayed up with you all night / had i known…
  • well, this is nice. my iPod is “corrupted” according to iTunes and it cannot restore the original settings because some “unknown error” keeps occurring. well, i guess three-ish years isn’t so bad… possible upgrade on my half-birthday, maybe? anyway… i wish this cooking 4 menu was more like a kama form… easier to remember…
  • I wake up in the night and feel the dark. It’s so hot inside my soul, I swear there must be blisters on my heart… So hold me, Jesus, ’cause I’m shaking like a leaf. You have been King of my glory… won’t You be my Prince of Peace
  • just watched The Ordertaker, Wannabe, and Volare… and wonders if there is a facebook fan page for moy moy palaboy… but is way too lazy to go and look xD
  • i love people who remind me to *smile* and help me do it! thanks much Jana JonesJoe Blocker Steve Leisring and Julzzz =) you guys are the best ♥
  • Patrick Farr Victoria Ulmer Colton Duncan lol i take it back… not the fifteenth. what’s better, the 22nd or the 29th?


  • Little bro to receive the final Sacrament of Initiation in a little bit =) Prayers for him, please!
  • if all the buildings fall and all the stars fade / we’ll still be singing this song, the one they can’t take away / she’s gonna get there soon / you’re gonna be there, too / crying in your room / praying, Lord, come through / we’re gonna get there soon.
  • AHHHHH Static Vessels AT Give Back, Get Down: NEON STYLE Benefit Concert on FRIDAY!!!
  • just another night with the Dream Team =) what would my Wednesday nights be like without them? >.<
  • your heart is a river that flows from your chest through every organ, your brain is the dam, and i am the fish that can’t reach the core.
  • There is a correlation between how messy my room is and the proof on iTunes being that I have not listened to MCS since April 29th. We have a problem.
  • Wednesdays make my entire being *smile* =)
  • doing prep sheets while listening to Hosanna and missing the Upper Household.
  • Put this on your status if you know, or are related to, someone killed on Alderaan when it was obliterated by the Death Star. My wish is that people will understand that the Empire is a band of murdering scum. The Rebel Alliance wants only to bring peace to the galaxy, but the evil Empire continues to kill innocent civilians. 93% won’t copy and paste this.
  • is trying trying tryinnnngggggggg to finish enough homework to be able to go watch Iron Man 2 with Navid S. Matin and Alyssa Roll etc. on Monday…
  • Today has the potential to be as wonderful as Wednesdays. We will see, we will see =)
  • Today has been good so far… Mass at 7:45… at school having second breakfast now in the honors room with Graeme… just checked xkcd… ran into Josh and Danielle on our way here… no class!!!!! going to turn in that paper and head down to work early… ladeeeedaaaaaa me happy =)
  • Jesus, my heart belongs to You, but I feel like I failed to be all that I’ve wanted to… so here I am, with not much to give to You…
  • “That is why we are not left to choose our own means and measure of development, I suppose. No matter how much we value what our lessons have brought us we don’t want to go on with the bitter schooling…”
  • It is delightful to feel as if one has been very productive when reflecting upon having done a decent amount of catching up within the past week or so with such wonderful people as Devin McIntyreMichelle JohnsonKate MurphyAsher Fry, and Nate Eckman. ♥ you all so much.
  • is taking a break from the 1.5 page freezer pull to satisfy her ShortyMcEatstoomuch appetite. I’m trying to decide if I like my new nickname, courtesty of Brad Bressler.
  • WAS thrilled to have been able to access myServices and register for classes, but is now devastated that the Sommelier Prep course was… canceled. WHYYY?!?!
  • Ate Ais ditched hw last night for a shopping-for-popsicles date with da Nino-boy =) *happy*
  • just got home =)
  • With whom do I have relationships which are neither Creative, Redemptive, nor Sanctifying?


  • survived sous chef. last station is pantry and then comes SUMMMMMMEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!
  • and i will bring praise / i will bring praise / no weapon forged against me shall remain / i will rejoice / i will declare / God is my victory and He is here… all of my life / in every season / You are still God / i have a reason to sing / i have a reason to worship…
  • Nino: *crucifix in mouth* ~ me: Nino!!! No eating Papa Jesus!!!! ~ Paco: What?! As much as possible! ~ oops xD
  • Tomorrow, I will make time to blog about this Spirit-filled, Spirit-led day. God is good! ~ … he is “the only creature on earth that God has willed for its own sake” –> “all of my life / in every season / You are still God / *i. have. a. reason. to. sing.* / *i. have. a. reason. to. worship.*”
  • YAY blog WIN. ‘Night =)
  • i’ve got a wound that doesn’t heal / burning out again / burning out again… it won’t be long, i belong / somewhere past the setting sun…
  • i’m alone for our last goodbye, but you’re free… every lament is a love song… i still can’t believe you’re gone.
  • Just ONE MORE FINAL… Got here at 6:33AM and won’t leave till past 8PM most likely. Let’s just get this over with and then I can relax for a week and a half. Pray for me, pleasee =)
  • YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! It is exactly 1:00PM. Finals are OVER!!!!! Passed the certification exam :D :D :D and 100% on our modification project ~ Brad Bressler and I have had the honor of being called “The Allstar Team” by Chef Huller.
  • Aisa-teeeee is high on life =) Now for a nap on the most comfortable couch in the school, a strawberry smoothie with whipped cream, and one last night with the Dream Team.
  • Post-finals reward to myself – watched The Best of the Best and a had good cry. Missing Sean LisowskiLyndon TomaineTodd ErbAndrew Binder, and Kenny Byers lots and lots. In retrospect, I looked up to you guys as the best of the best. =)
  • my faith was strong, but you could only fall short for so long… half of my heart’s got a grip on the situation, half of my heart takes time… and half of my heart’s got a real good imagination, and half of my heart’s got you.
  • come to the Treasure, you who search, and you’ll search no more / come to the Lover, you who want, and you’ll want no more / and all you who labor in vain, and to the broken and shamed / Love is here / Love is now / Love is pouring from His hands, from His brows / Love is near, it satisfies / streams of mercy flowing from His side…
  • P&G today, Columbus tomorrow, Jana and Stevo walking Thursday, family night with the boy scouts Friday, Paco’s FOURTEEN Saturday… what a week! Here goes!
  • ‎”There must be rule, yet how can creatures rule themselves? Beasts must be ruled by hnau and hnau by eldila and eldila by Maleldil. These creatures have no eldila. They are like one trying to lift himself by his own hair – or one trying to see over a whole country when he is on a level with it – like a female trying to beget young on herself.”
  • Mass, Tensuke twice, Wasserstrom, Jeni’s twice, Pistacia Vera, Blick, Kuya Gabe D., and Wives and Daughters. Absolutely-perfect-in-every-way day. Now 1:59AM. Pictures *tomorrow.* GOODNIGHT. =)
  • ‎’cause we’re all about You / and the world You’ve promised / and all we have will bring You praise / ’cause we’re all about You / and the world can’t stop us / living Your way / always / all the walls are falling down / and all the nations praise / and all the world will hear this shout / can you hear the sound of faith?
  • ladeeedaaaaa chill chill time with Michelle Johnson todayyy after schoooooool… so *hyper* :D :D :D
  • i felt he’d found my letters / and read each one out loud / i prayed that he would finish / but he just kept right on / strumming my pain with his fingers / singing my life with his words / killing me softly with his song…
  • survived her first night of Kung Fu… and had a heck of a lot of fun and loved it and made friends and has a lot of respect for Shih-Yeh and all that jazz… but this little girl was trained to be – and prefers to be – explosive. To master the grace of Kung Fu would be awesome, but Tang Soo Do still beats in forms =) among other things…


  • Reading old family journal entries ~ “Na-break ni Aisa in one try yung jump back kick. – Dad” ~ 06.19.06 ~ ^_^
  • It’s the soldier who salutes the flag, / serves under the flag and / whose coffin is draped by the flag, / Who gives the protestor the right to burn the flag.
    ~ Father Dennis Edward O’Brien, USMC ~
  • *sigh* so… while going through a slight postal-service-cover-of-phil-collins obsession, i discover that it’s either time for an upgrade (don’t want to) or to spend hours deleting music from iTunes (don’t have time) so that all my music can once again fit into this 30G U2 edition thingy with the morbid color combination for which it was chosen by moi. ho hum.
  • So, now my iPod only has three playlists on it – A Luminous Mystery, Angelee to Angel, and Death of a Superstar – because I don’t have time to go through the Artists list before class. This is going to be a disaster…
  • There are few things in life as satisfying as the eighteen-month-old semi-consciously fussing, and then to feel him settle contentedly back into an easy sleep after a little dancing and a light squeeze for security =)
  • so i’ll stand with arms high and heart abandoned in awe of the One who made it all
  • I am not particularly fond of when teachers switch up the due dates from the ‘normal’ Thursday/Saturday/Monday due dates to Wednesday/Friday/Sunday. I suppose it’s to keep it us all on our toes. Blaaahhhhhh.
  • on that day you’ll find ambitions don’t lie here anymore / the one you love has gone and settled the score / what more could you ask for now…
  • it’s always fun when you’re thinking of a song and then you search the artist on your iTunes and press play and the shuffle button is on and the very first song it goes to is… the one you were thinking of. hummm ♥ death cab for cutie ♥
  • no. NOOOOOOO no no no no no. you KNOW it’s bad when you’re DREAMING about inventory. GAAAHHHHHH! Jay Olzak Becca Henderson Brad Bressler Daniel Blankenship Good morning.
  • i’ve tried / to make everyone happy while i just hurt and hide / waiting for someone to tell me / it’s my turn to decide
  • depression, please cut to the chase and cut a long story short / oh please be done, how much longer can this drama afford to run / fate looks sharp, severs all my ties and breaks whatever doesn’t bend / but sadly then all my heavy hopes just pull me back down again / i forget the last time i felt brave / i just recall insecurity / ’cause it came down like a tidal wave and sorrow swept over me.
  • MONDAY! time for work =)
  • The prospect of using a chain mail glove to ensure that I don’t get stabbed is EXCITING. Wish me luck. (Honestly, I’m nowhere near as reckless with my knife as this might suggest.) :D :D :D
  • officially has a UC email address as of 2:14AM. *hyper* =)
  • Hmm… Collapsed chocolate wedding cake, anyone? Or, you know, forty?
  • Chocolate on you focusing is like cheese on Chinese food. / And then suddenly your face falls off. / All sorts of broken. / I looked up and I saw the chicken and I knew I was in the right place. Becca Henderson Brad Bressler
  • Summer is not the time for research papers. Oh well. ELEVEN DAYS. Mary LunaCarmela 林漫芮 Nipas Kai Yambao Rafferty Jose Christian del Rosario Rj JavierSooo… if I get to Cali Thursday 8/5 morning/early afternoonish, will anyone be arounddddd already? Jw :D
  • oh, to stop falling into the trap of vending-machine mentality with prayer. ptL for the Mass.
  • another typical fifteen-minute break from butchery class. too many breaks in this class =) not good preparation for next term. lol. veal and lamb today. fun. fun. fun. fun. FUN. and we get to use the bandsaw!!! oh snap. chain mail gloves all the way! *hyper*
  • suddenly misses Grailville. ~ Kuya Jeremy: We do love you, Sisters… [Sisters: Awww…] So, cherish your roses… ’cause they’re gonna die in a couple days… ~ rotfl.
  • Creator, only You take brokenness and create it into beauty once again… something’s got to change and mend this porcelain heart, please mend this porcelain heart of mine… of mine… Creator, mend this heart
  • oh now really. side kick, pivoting your foot, but NOT rolling your hip over? *sigh* i’m really starting to lose my patience with this strange kung fu ‘logic.’


  • my old clothes don’t fit like they once did / so they hang like ghosts / of the people i’ve been.
  • it’s finally calming down, i’ve found / the motion of life that spins around / grows dim as i enter in / a trail of tears sing Your embrace / the scars of death and life we face / but i know i’ll be with You soon ~ 2 days, 6 hrs, 36 min and counting…
  • YAY I am actually enjoying this Technical Writing assignment that I must complete before I can go to Cali with a clear head [and conscience]! Assignment is to rewrite Time consuming, but easy as pie. No complaints, no complaints.
  • getting up in.. 4ish hours? oh snap…
  • Farewell, internet and iPod and all other entirely unnecessary [except possibly for school] technology! Prayers, please, for Paco Josemaria Virtamor and myself as we take to the skies in pursuit of an answered prayer made back in January =) God is good!
  • ♥ This is my prayer / To be humble, to be patient and kind / O Lord, You know my heart’s desire / So transform me, Lord God, mold me to be holy / A true woman of God ♥ SISTERHOOD ♥
  • So… I woke up to my alarm and seriously stared at the ceiling for three full minutes wondering what that noise was and why one earth I was awake at such an hour. Fail =) But epic WIN by Francisco Flan Alfaro & myself vs. the steamship round in butchery today. So proud of ourselves!!! and we want to do it again ^_^
  • is not yet sleepy, even though it is well past her normal bedtime. Clearly still adjusting to being back in Cinci… c’mon, this is far too early to be doing anything but singing and cheering and dancing to the instrumental version of California Gurls ;)
  • YAYYY got to go to Mass today with the family this morning =) Theology on Tap tomorrow (who’s coming??? :), SHoJ game night on Friday… lots to do this week, lots to do, ptL! after all, idle hands are the devil’s playthings.
  • Salvation is free; discipleship is costly.
  • ‎~ Worship is a battle for salvation. ~ … Your will, above all else, my purpose remains / the art of losing myself in bringing You praise / everlasting, Your light will shine when all else fades / never ending, Your glory goes beyond all fame / and the cry of my heart is to bring You praise / from the inside out, Lord, my soul cries out…
  • is suddenly very much looking forward to all night classes. Just a few more months. Oh! and as of 08.18.10 @ 08:20:00, officially Failed Kung Fu. I hope that makes Nate Eckman laugh. Only I could do something like that, eh? =)
  • ~ Take Five! ~ “Eternal” does not mean “forever”; eternity is outside Time. ~ Bitterness is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die. ~ Mind, Bind, Rewind! ~
  • SHOUTOUT TO MY SISTERS!! First come first serve, ha… hindi ko naman gagamitin soooo $15 off at free shipping sa, online code 78076357, ok hanggang Sep 7. Enjoy! ♥
  • the wonder of Your love will break the chains that bind us / the power of Your touch releases us to worship / sing out to God / sing hallelujah / with all we are / we will worship You / holy is Your name / holy is Your name o God
  • It’s too early to be up for work…
  • Yes, it expired a year ago; you can eat it now. – Brad Bressler
  • i’m definitely shaking / the silence isn’t breaking / backwashed and stranded memories / of something i thought i could be…


  • a song in itself / is not what You have required / You search much deeper within / through the way things appear / You’re looking into my heart / i’m coming back to the heart of worship / and it’s all about You / it’s all about You, Jesus / i’m sorry, Lord, for the things i’ve made it / when it’s all about You / it’s all about You, Jesus
  • lahat ng pangarap ko’y bigla lang natunaw, sa panaginip na lang pala kita maisasayaw… magkahawak ang ating kamay at walang kamalay-malay na tinuruan mo ang puso ko na umibig ng tunay.
  • it’s the deep breath before the plunge.
  • gots to see Ninang Joy Struckhoff :D :D :D :D and is not ready to go home >.<
  • Candy and caramel apple milkshakes and shooters and ‘allowances’, but the best treats today were kamatis with asin, Papa’s homegrown sitaw, plums, and the nonstop chatter of a super-daldal little boy =)
  • wahooo! homework already… xD lol
  • credo credo CREDO credo credo credo CREDO credo credo credo credo CREDO credo credo… back to school… back to work… PKI… and then CREDO credo credo credo CREDO credo credo credo credo credo CREDO credo credo… jumping around and singing and dancing all over the place ~ it’s that time of year again ~ mGbp ~
  • sometimes, after getting up at 4:45 and coming home too tired to deal, i wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to just live at MCI like some people ask if i do…
  • i tell myself that the shift in perspective is all we need / all we need / and someday the rain will stop and clarity / will kiss you on the forehead / open eyes and consciousness sing sighs again.
  • In the world it is called Tolerance, but in hell it is called Despair, the sin that believes in nothing, cares for nothing, seeks to know nothing, interferes with nothing, enjoys nothing, hates nothing, finds purpose in nothing, lives for nothing, and remains alive because there is nothing for which it will die.
  • Upon pulling into the driveway earlier, it occurred to me that two years ago today was my grad party. Such an odd thought.
  • my self-worth measured in text back tempo / it’s been two days and eight minutes too slow / well there may well be others but i still like to pretend / that i’m the one you really want to grow old with / it’s a half life / with you as my quarterback / a daft life…
  • walks down to the water’s edge and hangs her head to find herself faded, a shadow of what she once was. She says, “How long have I been sleeping? and why do I feel so old? Why do I feel so cold? My heart is saying one thing, but my body won’t let go.”
  • God. Doesn’t. Give. Us. JUNK.
  • Deep down we are all afraid: of suffering, or of dying, or of God’s judgment, or of the unknown, or of weakness, or of our lives slipping out of our control, or of not being understood and loved. We sin because we fear. We bully because we are cowards. Faith casts out fear as light casts out darkness.
  • It’s the weirdest thing to skim one’s news feed and find someone else posting one’s youtube vids on their account. LOL Carmela 林漫芮 Nipas
  • starry starry night is stuck in my head… and in spite of a chocolate fiasco, i love baking 2 =)
  • When Cantaloupe Rum Soup tastes like eggnog, and the rum is a garnish, the resulting tendency is to pour… and consequently, I may have had a bit too much rum today. Just a bit. But to those who saw me on my way out, I did indeed make it home safely – though I’m wondering now if I should have a designated driver when I take Mixology – and will be napping shortly…
  • Lunchtime here at MCI Ops… loving life =) CREDO TOMORROW!!!!! oh snap. *happy dance*
  • until the last resilient hope is frozen deep inside my bones and this broken fate has claimed me and my memories for its own / your name is pounding through my veins / can’t you hear how it is sung? / and i can taste you in my mouth before the words escape my lungs / and i’ll whisper only once…
  • CREDO credo credo credo CREDO credo credo credo CREDO credo credo credo… ladeedaaaa day 2 today =)
  • You inhabit the praises of Your people, and You delight in the glory of Your Son. mGbp! Day 3 in.. 20 minutes =)
  • and if our God is for us then who could ever stop us? and if our God is with us then what could stand against us? ♥ CREDO ♥ I do believe, Lord! Help my unbelief!
  • ♥ Chapter Four – The Man from Okinawa ♥ Alvin Amargo lol.
  • Dr. Jekyll is wrestling Hyde for my pride…
  • ‎’cause we’re all about You and the world You’ve promised and all we have will give You praise


  • ’cause we’re all about You and the world can’t stop us living Your way always… and the walls will fall down and the darkness will break and the nations will hear this shout… can you hear the sound of faith?
  • It is War. A War for Love. Why do so many reject Who they by nature desire with every particle of their being? *sigh*
  • Off to Planned Parenthood armed with smiles and rosaries =) Praise God for the opportunity to witness to the Sanctity of Life! Pray for and with us, please!
  • C’mon Pinoy Catholics! NO to the RH Bill!
  • partayyyyyy today =) watching the sunrise from the ATLC… praise God for another beautiful day! ~ and i would give the world to tell Your story ’cause i know that You’ve called me ~
  • with all my dreams hooked to hospital machines, i think, “let’s try redefining beautiful…” ~ … let them know how much the Lord of them is more beautiful than they: for the author of beauty made all those things… by the greatness of the beauty, and of the creature, the creator of them may be seen, so as to be known thereby. Wis 13:3-5
  • If someone asks you, “WWJD?” remember that a valid option is *freak out and overturn tables.* :D
  • sleep won’t overtake the restless silence in my head… i can’t fall asleep and it’s all your fault
  • I am… broccoli and cheetos. Oh Mother =) Stef Ofhfs
  • Intro to Photography, Cost Control 1, Dining Room 1, Honors Psych 2, and International with Chef Potter. Nineteen-ish-hour Tuesdays and Thursdays, BUT three day weekends(!) and Wednesdays off(!), oh SNAP. Just three more weeks…
  • i can’t wait to figure out what’s wrong with me / so i can say this is the way that i used to be / there’s no substitute for time / or for the sadness.
  • Leo de Vela Doris Dizon de Vela Miguel De Vela oh look it’s what we saw when we were at the cinci premium outlets
  • the heater is on in the honors room! too hot! but we cannot open the window because of stinkbugs. UGHHH!
  • Apparently, sewing is now considered so archaic that convenience stores don’t carry packets of pins anymore. How did I miss this? Ridiculous.
  • PAPA’S 82ND BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!!! :D :D :D Birthday Brunch today! mGbp!
  • Nino knows and will point to “buhok,” “dila” “tainga,” “paa,” “kilay,” “kilikili,” “ilong,” and probably more that I haven’t tried yet… :D :D :D
  • jamming Mighty to Save… solo… and missing Elvin Tolentino and the YFC Music Min…
  • ~ holy, righteous, faithful til the end, Savior, Healer, Redeemer and friend, i will worship You for who You are, Jesus ~
  • so lock the window and bolt the door ’cause i’ve got enough problems without creating more.. i feel like i was born for devastation and reform, destroying everything i love, and the worst part is, i pull my heart out, reconstruct, but in the end it’s nothing but a shell of what i had when i first started.
  • so there’s this beautiful place called Heaven and there’s this awesome way to go get a taste of it for an hour or so at a time called Mass…


  • would very much like to kill something right now, or at least rip a pillow apart or destroy some particle board as thoroughly as possible with shuriken. and maybe the kamas, too, they’ve been sitting on the shelf for too long.
  • ………. THERE’S A PACQUIAO FIGHT ON THE THIRTEENTH?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!? kelan pa?!?! ……….
  • lengua lengua LENGUA lengua lengua lengua lengua LENGUA lengua lengua lengua lengua… yum yum yum yum yum yum platter tomorrow :D :D :D :D :D
  • Chef Ming Tsai is nice and fun and has lots and lots of interesting things to share and is pretty cool overall… but I made it through Tsai-day because Brad Bressler,Jay Olzak, and Martha Tiffany had my back, and that makes them 10x cooler in my book, and then some. Thanks much.
  • … remember the face of the girl who’d’ve made you her own and how you left her alone…
  • i can see it in your eyes, you’re hurting / but pain is part of learning who you are… you know i can’t be like everybody / ’cause i can’t tell you what you want to hear / i don’t know if i can make it better / all i know is i will be around..
  • If Steve Leisring and Brad Bressler get lost or die trying to find I-75, it will not be due to negligence on my part. So there.
  • YAY for family day trip to indianapolis =) and now, i insist on sleeping in till at least 10AM. GOODNIGHT.
  • so… you know you miss working in the storeroom when you’re spending friday of your fall break drawing up a plan to clean out and reorganize the ref in a similar manner…
  • a new capo, more picks, and a new pack of strings for the ibanez. forget sleep, this is all the relaxation i need.
  • coldplay and a bonfire are the perfect accompaniments to dinner outside at 8pm. apple & cherry salad w/maple dressing, lima bean soup w/rice and bacon, fried chicken wings, mother’s first attempt at macarons, and of course, S’MORES :D :D :D
  • … hierarchy is the source of freedom…
  • by the time i recognize this moment, this moment will be gone.
  • nineteen-ish-hour day tomorrow… hence going to bed EARLY.
  • It’s nice when the Writing Center people know you so well that they let you into the Honors Lounge eleven minutes before the Writing Center actually opens.
  • ladeeedaaaaadeeda twelve hours to the minute left before a super super fun fun time with Stef Ofhfs Paco Josemaria Virtamor Anna Marie Ridenour Aaron RidenourMaryAnn Ridenour
  • just like St. Therese, my vocation is Love / married life, motherhood, all of the above / charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting / so won’t you flee with me to my Pro-Life club meeting? ~ xD ~ so learning this song asap… lol
  • a ridiculous amount of technical difficulties results in more favorable seating and free tickets for another show. no complaints, no complaints. thanks to Anna Marie Ridenour for being my freak-out buddy =)
  • “…and once it reached the surface where it could break through and be released, there it was finally repressed and quieted. ” ~ extremely short excerpt from my currently extremely short first attempt at nanowrimo ~
  • slowwwlyyy discovering that attempting to make Apples to Apples conservative-homeschooler-family-friendly one card at a time takes… a… while…
  • just finished watching The Young Victoria. LOVED IT! and highly recommend it.
  • Mommy Terry’s suffering on this earth is over. Praise be Jesus Christ. RIP Lola ♥
  • Good times with Karmela Marie DalisayCandisse FejerGabe D.Matthew Almario,Judd Alcayaga =) I feel quite fifteen again.
  • when you’ve tried contacting a person three different ways, it’s time to stop stressing, do your half of the work, and pray.
  • is officially ready to cry… which means it’s time to sleep which hopefully means skipping the tears and heading straight on into dreamland… maybe.


  • This day has begun… with Psalms, meditations, Sacred Heart radio, cranberry ginger oatmeal, a HUGE MCI mug of Earl Gray… and my third arm-stick in eight days. RAWR needles. If I manage my time well, today will end in Adoration. So let’s do it!
  • how refreshing to know You don’t need me! how amazing to find You still want me!
  • HAH! Advent Season purging… inbox from 285 down to SEVEN =) in less than fifteen minutes. :D :D :D
  • When silly new acquaintances exasperate, dear old friends console and elate. Time upon time upon time again… and some daffy fresh colleagues will just never be friends. Ho hum.
  • When silly new acquaintances exasperate, dear old friends console and elate. Time upon time upon time again… and some daffy fresh colleagues will just never be friends. Ho hum.
  • “The temptation for farandola or for man or for star is to stay an immature pleasure-seeker. When we seek our own pleasure as the ultimate good we place ourselves as the center of the universe. A fara or a man or a star has his place in the universe, but nothing created is the center.” – Proginoskes
  • ossobuco alla milanese tomorrow. definitely a reason to feel better asap.
  • so begins the weekend. blog post tomorrow about the dawn treader, i think.
  • Christmas hugs from Karmela Marie Dalisay Candisse Fejer Miguel Francisco Jon San Miguel make. my. day.
  • savor the sorrow to soften the pain, sip on a southern rain, as i do i don’t look, don’t touch, don’t do anything, and hope that there is a you… the time that i’ve taken, i pray is not wasted… have i already tasted my piece of one sweet love?
  • green beans, onion, brown rice, blood, and marrow. yum yum yum yum yummmm.
  • so i haven’t played rocket mania since before i got my own laptop which was before i turned eighteen… but hey, still made 442860 points, got to level 19, rank virtuose pyrotechnist. yay.
  • Prayers, please, for Kuya Gabe D. who will be undergoing surgery at 7AM, and for his whole family.
  • Jonah day.
  • i… forgot to pack my cell phone charger. no calls for me for the rest of the year! xD kind of a good thing, i think…
  • Just got home from midnight Mass with Chris Tricky Paco Josemaria Virtamor Migi and Yena. Hehehe, “Aisa, inuman na?” – Prosperidad Amargo
  • dear people-that-i-owe-phone-calls, aka Devin McIntyre Colton Vitus Duncan Trip Tripp and others that i may have forgotten by this time…? >.< i currently do not have a phone charger and my phone is officially dead and i will not be able to turn it on again for another three days. ME SORRY!!!!!! i said i’d call before the new year, sooooo… expect a call on the 31st? :(
  • I am the Way / follow Me and take My hand / and I am the Truth / embrace Me and you’ll understand / and I am the Life / and for Me you’ll live again / for I am Love / I am Love / I / I am Love ♥ Happy New Year everyone ♥

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