06.23.10 ~ Fullness of Interpersonal Communication


In the experience of shame, the human being experiences fear with regard to his “second self,” (for example, woman before man). This is substantially fear for one’s own “self.” With shame, the human being manifests almost instinctively the need of affirmation and acceptance of this “self,” according to its rightful value. He experiences it at the same time both within himself, and externally, before the “other.” –> We never attempted to analyze the experience of shame at this level. I never thought of shame being an experience that requires the presence of another being. And yet I cannot imagine – for I can never experience loneliness in such totality as Adam did – how one could experience shame alone. It makes sense… in a sad and almost frightening way. The Fall did make us so terribly self-centered, didn’t it?

The words of Genesis 2:25: “They were not ashamed,” do not express a lack, but, on the contrary, serve to indicate a particular fullness of consciousness and experience. –> WOW. New thought. Or new comprehension, rather. I believe I’ve always had a subconscious concept that the Fall brought new experiences that gave Man understanding that was unnecessary to be what he was created to be – that is, perfect – that these new experiences were an addition to his being. But then… is it actually that, in our sin, we lack innocence? that innocence is the fullness of being and sinfulness is… wow…

In it, the appearance of shame, and in particular of sexual modesty, is connected with the loss of that original fullness. –> Aha. There it is. Sinfulness is the loss of original fullness. Not an addition, not a regrettable increase of knowledge, but a loss. Complexity is a lack of simplicity…


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