06.19.10 ~ Original Unity of Man and Woman


In the theology of the Yahwist author, the sleep into which God caused the first man to fall emphasizes the exclusivity of God’s action in the work of the creation of the woman; the man had no conscious participation in it. –> Sooo… I’m not entirely sure if my mind is being random or unconscious/subconsciously making connections that I’m just not consciously following at the moment, but my mind suddenly jumped to the sleep that Maleldil caused all of Perelandra to fall into… I have to re-read that when I get home…

Tardemah (Italian torpore, English “sleep”) is the term that appears in Sacred Scripture when, during sleep or immediately afterward, extraordinary events are to happen (cf. Gn 15:12; 1 Sm 26:12; Is 29:10; Job 4:13; 33:15). The Septuagint translates tardemah with ekstasis (ecstasy). –> my mind = again in Perelandra

  • somatic – of, relating to, or affecting the body, especially as distinguished from a body part, the mind, or the environment; corporeal or physical.

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