06.14.10 ~ The Second Account of Creation: The Subjective Definition of Man


The Bible calls the first human being “man” (‘adam), but from the moment of the creation of the first woman, it begins to call him “man” (ish), in relation to ishshah (“woman,” because she was taken from the man—ish).(2) –> Wow. So… Latin, I can follow, but Hebrew, I’m lost. That should probably be a goal…

The first situation was that of original innocence, in which man (male and female) was, as it were, outside the sphere of the knowledge of good and evil, until the moment when he transgressed the Creator’s prohibition and ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge. –> I keep coming back to “outside the sphere of the knowledge of good and evil.” That makes sense… I never thought of it that way. Of course ‘good’ only needs a special name, a special definition, when there is evil that must be distinguished from it. Otherwise, it just Is.

  • empirical – derived from or guided by experience or experiment… depending upon experience or observation alone, without using scientific method or theory, esp. as in medicine… provable or verifiable by experience or experiment

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