Spirit-filled & Spirit-led

Despite this spider running around on my desk, I’m going to blog as I said I would. Every day of our lives should be a testimony to our Faith, but yesterday just seemed to be one of those especially shareable days, you know?

In spite of little annoyances throughout the day, I left work in a very good mood, eager to get home, but still looking forward to work the next day. As I made my way out of the parking garage, I was thinking, Highway? No. Yes. Not here, though. Galbraith onto Ronald Reagan, I think. And so I turned right instead of left onto 75… and who should be on the sidewalk but Gloria. All of a sudden, I could not drive. Yes, my driving skills deserted me. I made a mess of pulling up next to her. As I was attempting to, she was on the phone, and as I… corrected… myself, she was simply not looking at me. I thought, Maybe it only looks like Gloria? Why is she not looking at me??? Eventually, having gotten myself into a somewhat decent position out of other drivers’ ways, I rolled the window down and called, “Glo?”

It was Glo, and she was on the phone with Maria telling her about the creeper dude that was, for some crazy reason, attempting to pull up next to her [and doing an absolutely terrible job of it…]

Once she realized it was me and that was cleared up, I found out she’d missed her bus and would have to wait another hour for the next one. So I offered to take her home, and was internally yelling, So THAT’S why You told me not to go by the highway, Lord! Thank you!

We made it to Glo’s house safely, and I got to say hi to her mom and Rose =) I got to see the new flooring and the two rooms that were painted, and the front room was painted gold. I told them they have to read Bridge to Terabithia, because when I walked in, I stopped and just stood there thinking quietly (you know how sometimes you feel like you’re thinking loudly and sometimes you’re thinking softly? well, I was thinking softly) to myself… This is the Golden Room. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

I didn’t know my way back out to Winton, so Mrs. K led me out onto Daly which would get me back to Galbraith. On our way out, she told me that Glo had left without a watch (although, she did have her cell phone, Mrs. K =), and that she’d been praying that Glo would get home safely somehow. =D

At the Daly/Galbraith intersection, to my left was blocked off, and to my right was open, so I turned right. I figured, Ok, that makes sense. I drove along, reasoning that the sun was where it ought to be if I was headed in the right direction (Mother is “so glad” that I know how to use the sun…), and W Galbraith soon turned into Galbraith, and that made sense to me, too, in my head, because that meant I was headed towards supposedly east-er-ish Galbraith which wouldn’t be on the other side of West Galbraith, yes? I passed a street named Gloria and took it as a good sign to keep trusting. So I kept driving.

At some point, I thought, Ok. This is too far. I turned right to turn around… and here was an exit in front of me. At the house, Mrs. K had been telling me that people who had lived in that area for a long time knew Ronald Reagan as Cross County, because it had been dedicated Cross County and then renamed Reagan Highway. I saw the big brown dedication to my right. Ok, God! You sent me to get Gloria home safely, now You’ve got to get *me* home safely, k? I’m trusting You! Seriously, I was completely lost . But East made sense again, instead of West a couple stoplights down. Cross County Highway East it was. The second and third exits down were Winton and Galbraith… followed by Cincinnati Dayton. I knew where I was again, and made it home safely, albeit 30 minutes later than usual, but that seemed like a reasonable time frame within which to make a house call, eh?

We went to Adoration later that night, and I was hunting for the Douay-Rheims. At Adoration, I was inspired to read the Encyclical, which I had never noticed before.

The first thing I’d like to note is that the Encyclical mentioned Venerable Bede. Gloria’s older sister was my Anglo-Saxon Literature professor in high school. We had time to read only bits of Venerable Bede’s writings, but I expressed admiration and she had encouraged me to read the complete works from which our passages for the course were taken. I put it on my to-do list, but I still haven’t gotten around to it, and that was two years ago. That is most definitely something I need to make time to revisit, and soon.

And now let me share some of my favorite bits of the Encyclical (that I’ve read so far):

~ Let all, therefore, especially the novices of the ecclesiastical army, understand how deeply the sacred Books should be esteemed, and with what eagerness and reverence they should approach this great arsenal of heavenly arms. ~

~ And if we come to morality and discipline, an apostolic man finds in the sacred writings abundant and excellent assistance; most holy precepts, gentle and strong exhortation, splendid examples of every virtue, and finally the promise of eternal reward and the threat of eternal punishment, uttered in terms of solemn import, in Gods name and in God’s own words. And it is this peculiar and singular power of Holy Scripture, arising from the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, which gives authority to the sacred orator, fills him with apostolic liberty of speech, and communicates force and power to his eloquence. ~

~ Hence those preachers are foolish and improvident who, in speaking of religion and proclaiming the things of God, use no words but those of human science and human prudence, trusting to their own reasonings rather than to those of God. Their discourses may be brilliant and fine, but they must be feeble and they must be cold, for they are without the fire of the utterance of God and they must fall far short of that mighty power which the speech of God possesses: “for the Word of God is living and effectual, and more piercing than any two-edged sword; and reaching unto the division of the soul and the spirit.~

And with that, goodnight. Tomorrow, I begin my commitment to read (and hopefully record my reactions to and comments on) one address a day. I only got to around to reading so many when the YFC was doing ToB. I mean to read them all… and if I am faithful to my commitment, I’ll have read them all by October 18.

Peace out =)

~ ais


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