Just another night with the Dream Team.

My morning began with pit bulls. Two. Loose. On the dock. One with what looked like half a harness on its back, and the other completely devoid of any restraints – or remains of them – whatsoever. God be praised, they didn’t pursue me once I started back in the other direction… geeeeeze. So I had to go in through the front doors instead of the dock doors today. Straight to Receiving and informed Jay that there were pit bulls loose out on our dock. Jay called public safety, and he and Rick and I spent a good ten minutes staring at them through the dock door. Yeeeeek!

Microeconomics. That started out very well indeed… had a good laugh with Graeme and Kelsey while waiting around for the door to be opened…

Made it to 010 at 10AM exactly. Is it a bad thing that I sometimes amuse myself in the middle of lecture by looking over at Laura’s face? God bless her. I do love grandmothers in general, but the poor girl’s stuck with three in her group, and they ask all the questions. Speaking of groups, though, I’m so thankful to be in a group – and in general, a class – with such forgiving people. I made a few mistakes today as lead, and it’s more pressure being technically the least experienced in the group, but I learned a lot, and I am grateful. I’m not facebook friends with any of them, but shoutout to Ryan, Nick, and Jenni ^_^ You guys are awesome. And hey, our menu wasn’t at all bad this week, compared to last week’s that even I, extremely-conservative-salt-wise (as anyone in my family can tell you) I, thought rather bland. No one’s fault, you know. We did our best.

We actually got out of class early, I had a full 20 minutes to kill before 4, and I ended up spending most of it in Receiving… too hot outside to really enjoy the sun at all. Twenty minutes of Stevo telling me what I was going to be doing once I was on the clock =) which was being handed a Cost Control partner for some two hours. Eh, not a bad kid at all. Very willing and eager to learn. Stevo took the dishes, and Chris and I deconstructed carts, cryo-vac’d, organized herbs… yep. Just the usual. We kept sending Stevo more dishes, and I guess Christ must’ve quoted me to Stevo about it being “my little way of saying thank you,” because eventually Stevo himself came back with a cart and the last stack of sheet trays I’d sent down via Chris, and said that that was his little way of thanking me. Pure sarcasm. Love it.

TANGENT! The best things about Brad and Stevo are, a) even when Brad is telling you off, he’s being a perfect gentleman, opening doors and helping with heavy carts and all that jazz, and b) pure sarcasm from Stevo always comes with a smile – unless, of course, he’s actually mad… which is rare and apparently never towards me. That is hard to believe, and I really do appreciate the Dream Team putting up with me… I said so to Brad today, but I guess I should let Stevo know sometime. Anyway… the last fifteen-ish minutes of Chris’ hours, the four of us were just hanging out. And then he left and it was just me and the Dream Team. Highlights:

  • Sharpening crappy overly-abused diatetics’ knives. Knife-sharpening lesson from Brad and plenty of practice on said knives that couldn’t possibly be made worse by any mistakes I could possibly make. There was a paring knife that neither of us could save… we wonder if they used it as a can opener or something. Strange.
  • Sooooo, Brad had to bust open the door lock of 014 to unstick the stuck key… courtesy of me trying to open it for Summit people. Which is strange, I’ve never stuck a key in a lock before, and Steffy and Brad thought it strange that it should happen to the 014 lock; apparently it’s usually the Butchery rooms. So glad Brad was there… would’ve called Security and been stuck there for another hour if I’d been closing up by myself.
  • Dinner!!!!! courtesy of Mum =) which everyone’s jealous of, of course.
  • Supper!!!! courtesy of Chef Keegan.
  • … What would you call an anticipated third evening meal offered by Chef Neace?
  • Commiserating *coughgossipingcough* over dem new kidsies that don’t get along… heh. It’s gonna be…. bad… that being an understatement… after this term… no Stevo, no Julz, no Fuzz, no Gary, no Jenni… Hummm.
  • Breaks. Cornhole. Bags? … ‘Nuff said.
  • Trying to imagine an anticipated event where two particularly… self-righteous, to put it nicely… people… will be forced to work together in one room. =D
  • … Discussing… the… finer points?… of the menu…
  • Stevo texting with my phone. So that’s what I sound like when I text which then Brad yells at me for…
  • FACEBOOK! … yeah…
  • Chillinggggg with Brad and Steffy and Laura at the very end. Three of my favorite people right there. So cool. It makes me *happy.*
  • Drawing on my water bottle.

And a million other interesting things… ahhh, Wednesday nights are awesome =)

‘Night! Peace out.

– ais


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