I can’t fall asleep and it’s all your fault.

Oh, KUYA. I miss them a lot. And that’s still my favorite song by them or anything they became, even more than Carnival.

I promise it’s not all doom and gloom… there are a million things I’ve wanted to tell about the past few weeks and the good times totally outweigh the downs. But the downs need out, too. So here’s the mish-mash in no particular order:

The Obi-Wan Kenobi of MCI

Chef Sheldon was truly our “only hope” throughout Receiving’s 1N12K prep. God bless him. I don’t know when or where it started or who started it, but I came in for work last Thursday and that’s what everyone was calling him =) He’s the best.

“… happy as we were, we can never go back.”

Easter meant a return to the Honors Room. Hm. Now… Nobody ever owned up to having drawn that next to my note… But then again, I haven’t really been asking around. It amused me. I have a couple guesses, though… most definitely one of the guys.

Being Schooled In Everything Street

Stevo and Brad; the Dream Team. Speaking of being amused, Kevin was down in Receiving being his usual annoying self and giving me a hard time… It was a Wednesday night, Brad and I were closing up and Stevo was skipping Spanish class. After Kevin walked out, I was all *grrrrrr* and Stevo started going on about how I shouldn’t take that from him and how I had to be harsh and how he and Brad were “schooling you in everything street, Aurora!” … Epic fail. I said something to the effect that the “schooling” was ineffective because I simply found everything amusing rather than taking any of it to heart. Brad and Stevo are so funny when they’re staring and speechless. Then again, they may not have been speechless, they may simply have been thinking how hopeless I was. Probably. So amusing =)

Slack Those Beef Cheeks

Kinda hard to do when they come in a block like this…

… like a huge blood popsicle thingy… Oh, look, wordpress doesn’t recognize “popsicle.” Or “wordpress,” for that matter! Anyway.. Dan dared me to lick it. Fortunately, I’ve never been one for taking dares. So the beef cheeks… yeah. They were slacked… somehow. Jay and Beth and Julz figured that it. It was so amusing, though… no plastic or anything. Just peeled straight cardboard off of it. Terrible. Oh, and a good four inches wider than a lexan. I think they had to put trays on either side of it to catch blood/meat that thawed off.


I don’t know when or how, but there are now three monkeys on the Christmas tree. AND I CAN’T FIND THE BRAIN.

Don’t Tip Over!

Buying Time

As chefs arrived to pick up their 1N12K reqs, one of us would offer to lead them to the room where they could sign all the aprons first. It was a way for us to buy time to build their req without them having to hang around being bored and wondering how much slower we could possibly be… you know? I wasn’t a VIP guest, I didn’t get an apron, but hey! Check it outtttt… Geeze, my camera phone’s not half bad, come to think of it. Meeting all those chefs was really, really cool. Granted some cooler than others, but overall very cool.

… your warm whispers keeping the noise from breaking through…

I don’t really make playlists for myself. Like, my playlists are mixes of, oh, you know, ’80s here and techno there… all my playlists come into existence because someone has given me music. All my music from Unc is in a playlist entitled Mirrorball; all my music from Ninong is under Lemonade; from Gabe, A Luminous Mystery; and then there’s all this music that Paolo and I gave to each other. I kept a [now incomplete] list of the stuff I gave him.. I think at the time, it was so that I wouldn’t burn doubles ever. And then there was the playlist with all his music for me. At first they were just “from Paolo” and “to Paolo,” and then it became full names, because for some reason we used to yell our full names at each other… and then things happened, and Paolo’s became “from the Paolo of April ’06 to February ’09,” and then eventually “Angel to Angelee” and “Angelee to Angel,” because Paolo was my youth camp angel and we never decided on an alternative to angelee no matter how much it sounded like.. something else, I forget what it was that we said it sounded too much like. Too lazy to pull up the conversation. I think at some point he was the angel and I was the sky or something like that. Anyway… Angelee to Angel still stands, but his playlist is now entitled “Death of a Superstar.” Inspired by a post by Mikey Foss… which, now that I read it again, wouldn’t make sense to anyone but me… Haha. But I guess… One of the hardest things right now is having lost, regardless of anything less or more, a best friend. I guess I haven’t really let any of that out onto my blog. But why not? This is what’s going on in my life; it hurts, and I’ve done things I regret, but nothing I’m ashamed of. Right now, I’m hurting because I lost my #1 best friend of junior/senior year high school. I’m hurting because I still think of a million things I’d like to share with him every single day, about how fast Nino is growing, the people I meet and deal with at school and work, the meditations, the missing Italy… the person I could do a run-down of my day with every day at the end of it all. Just like I used to tell him… talking to him was my relaxation and reward. It’s funny how long it takes for these things to sink in… I honestly just realized it two days ago. I was driving and it hit me, “Oh my gosh. I don’t have anyone to talk to anymore.” Who cares – cared – enough about all the little things that happened in my day enough to read twenty-something page emails word for word? I guess that’s why I haven’t been blogging. The things I think of sharing with the world… a split second later, I think, “Oh. Only Paolo would care.” It’s been a long time since I made it past the phase where I would have traded my life now to be back in senior year. But even if I wouldn’t go back and am happy with where I am, I miss Paolo. Why should I pretend any different? This is part of where I am. I have to accept that just as much as I have to accept that I’ll never get my best friend back.

Small + Sweet + Strong = Tiny + Bling = Sunshine = Steffy!

Steffy’s her own little sun, for sure. God bless her!


If You Don’t Want It, Please Don’t Req It =(

I think we pitched a whole bus tub of egg whites today… had to. Can’t refreeze them. And if someone reqs 20+ pounds of it and only uses a few ounces… well. That just sucks, doesn’t it? On that note… check this out:


Unpublished/Unfinished Draft ~ Winter 2007 ~ untitled

This past Sunday was Vocation Awareness week, and the homily was given by a seminarian. He gave his background, and it was really an amazing story, how he’d had pretty much everything a body could want, honestly — and then he stepped back and said, “God. I know what I want for my life. But, God… what do You want for my life?” and he gave it all up to become a priest. He spoke of the shortage of priests, and he brought up that video… I think it’s titled Fishers of Men? I’m sure I’ve watched it before, I just can’t remember what the line was… it was a few months back. Something  like, “Who will give the Sacraments to the next generation,” or along those lines.

Really. It is quite a chilling thought.

Unpublished/Unfinished Draft ~ Winter 2007 ~ Now let me see…

Saturday morning, we were packing for St. Louis. We went to the 4:30 Mass, and then Daddy dropped me off at B&N, where Liz, Terhi, and Michelle were waiting. We walked around and chatted and went into random stores here and there. Eventually we went to Rave and found Nate and Kit outside. From there, we walked around trying to figure out where to eat… and Liz got picked up. *wah* We went to the Fish Market, but that was crossed out… and then we went to P. F. Chang’s, but that was majorly full also… and then we went to Champs, but that was full… same story with Red Robin… xD so we ended up eating at Steak ‘N Shake. Bwaha. That was fun.


So… check out this water fountain…

Herbs Are Like Babies

This note deserves immortalization. (Is that a word?) Courtesy of none other than Steffy =)


My Newest Toy

Unpublished/Unfinished Draft ~ 2007 ~ Continuing…

with my Conference experience; here is Part II. (Part I)


Now, where was I… oh, yes, we were in the BLC, right? Waiting for the previous session to end and our session to begin?

When we were finally allowed to leave the lecture hall where we had been waiting, we supposed that that meant that the people who had attended the previous session had already left. Wrong.

The hall outside was PACKED. Parent coordinators had their hands full keeping us “quiet,” meaning that we were perfectly welcome to talk, AS LONG AS we could still hear the directions they were shouting. They failed miserably, I’m afraid. I honestly don’t think that they were angry, though, just worried. I’d be, too, if I was trying to get hundreds of kids out in time for their next workshop, while there were hundreds of kids pushing to get in… Seriously, though — do the math, and you get an average of about 472 Youth trying to get into a workshop, and that doesn’t count Parent Coordinators or the people giving the talk and the rest of the service team.

Jorrel and I somehow got separated from everyone, and then I got separated from Jorrel. I knew that I was supposed to be going upstairs, but where upstairs, I had no idea. So I’m standing there, with my super-packed backpack making that much less space for everyone around me, and I’m one of the shorter people, being stepped on accidentally by tall people and being pushed and jostled around… Haha, no, it wasn’t that bad, but I did panic slightly when I lost sight of Jorrel. (Which, you must realize, was very hard, because he was one of the taller ones, right? :P)

There was plenty going on to keep you from being bored (and aggravated), though. One of the older (ahem, and bigger) Brothers standing right next to me suddenly shouted for a way to be made for him and his group (which consisted of about at least four more Brothers and two Sisters, and they had a reason… they might’ve been service team or something, I don’t know, but no one really seemed to mind) and they proceeded to make a train by holding on to each others shoulders and pushing through the crowd. Ehm, no, I would not exactly say that they were being rude, as long as you had the sense to take it the right way (that being the “all in good fun” way, and I got into the room before them, anyway! MUAHAHA!), and laugh at all the comments being yelled out in Tagalog. People took the opportunity of being packed very tightly together to play little pranks, like covering the eyes of the person in front of them, or picking each other up with the supposed intent of throwing them over the heads of the crowd, or hoping to go crowd surfing, which seemed, at the time, a very practical way of getting to where you wanted to go (thought it came to nothing, I promise you), and so you’d here little slaps and “ANO KA BA!” and helpless laughter. (By “helpless,” I mean something like a person is laughing and are failing to understand why on earth they are laughing, you know? …) I was hearing “Kuya! Nakalabas na ba sila?” or”Ow! Tinatapakan mo ang paa ko!” and “Nasan na si ____?? *yelling for whoever*”

FINALLY!!! I spotted Tito Leo, about eight feet away from me, and about six minutes of pushing to get through to. We got into the elevator, which brought us upstairs… to yet another tightly packed hallway, worse than the first. And here, I shall start referring to my pictures. :D Pic one… well, you can’t really tell what it is. That’s because it was me taking it… Pic 2 was Gabe attempting to take a picture for me; I’d asked for either Gabe or Jorrel to hold up my camera and take a picture of the packed hallway, but Gabe moved the camera too soon — he was deceived by the pre-flash flash — and so he managed to get a gorgeous picture of the speaker thingy. :D

PICTURE 3! is a successful attempt to give an idea of how it was in the hall, and you have to realize that we were only halfway along it, looking back, and so if you can imagine the hall to be twice as long as what you see in that picture… You see the elevator doors to the left? It was really hard getting in and out of the elevators, because we were packed wall-to-wall, obviously, and so it was rather alarming because you were trying to get in/out before the doors closed, and to get stuck right at the threshold was the one thing everyone was trying to avoid, and remember that pretty much everyone had backpacks or handbags or something, not to mention quite a few guitars and skateboards, and man was it HOT. But we were all laughing. Ah, and what made it EVEN CRAZIER was that, when the other session ended, we had to make a way through the hall for those people that were getting OUT!

I know how sardines feel. ‘Cept for being dead.

Did I mention the hallway turned two corners? Yupp. So, I take it back. What you see in that picture is only about 1/4 of the packed-hall experience. When we finally got into the room, half of us (the YFC Cinci) sat on the floor, but that’s ok; Gabe and Kuya were in the third (or was it fourth?) row from the front, Jorrel sat behind them and there was a seat next to him which he offered to me, but I let Lexi go sit there (pic 5), Gab and Kim sat on the floor in front of the pillar where I couldn’t see them, and Mariel and Ate Hazel (pic 4) sat next to where I was sitting on the floor, leaning on Kuya Mico’s wheelchair.

Oh, sorry — did I mention we were all wearing our YFC Cinci shirts? Mhmm, except for Jorrel, and we’d all bought the green Conference shirt that day, so Ate Hazel was wearing that over her Cinci shirt, though I believe she took it off later because it was extremely hot…

SO! Music Min. AWESOME WORKSHOP. (Well, they all were. :P) The talk was given by all the members of the Worship band (er, the main one — there was a separate band made up of just Sisters, for the worship during the Sisterhood Forum, where boys were NOT ALLOWED, but I’ll get to that later…) and I forget their names (believe me, I feel horrible), except for Brother Ian… maybe I’ll remember later… There was one dude there who looked a lot like Kuya Judd, now that I think about it… and had the same air of ease about him… lol.

The band took turns, and they talked about the difference between a musician and a music minister… About having your heart in the right place… How the worship really has to be Spirit-led… Ah, and they gave an example about last year’s Conference, and how they’d chosen one song, but they’d been feeling like it wasn’t quite the right song, and it wasn’t until they were about to start the song that they suddenly felt the Holy Spirit telling them what song they should be singing, and they just looked at each other and nodded, told the screen techs, and played that song instead, and that that song turned out to be the most powerful part of the worship. I wish I’d been there!! Everyone who’d been to last year’s Conference were all nodding their heads, and you could tell that they were surprised when they heard that that song that they remembered to be so powerful hadn’t been in the original plan at all.

Oh, one of the brothers said that if you didn’t have your heart in the right place, you shouldn’t lead worship. Having the heart of a servant is good, but you should also know when you ought not be leading (yet). Also to remember that what you’re doing, you’re doing to bring Glory to God, and it’s not about how well you play the guitar or how well you sing, that it’s all about serving and giving back to God the talent He gave you.

When the talk was over, we split up into groups by what we played; electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, and vocals… I feel like I might be forgetting something… Anyway, I don’t know if Gabe went to electric or bass, I don’t know if Mariel went to slectric or acoustic, I don’t know where Gabriella or Kim went at all, Jorrel was with the drummers (right? …), Kuya Mico was, I believe, wherever Gabe was, Lexi either went to vocals or drummers… I think vocals… yeah, that’s right, because that’s where Ate Hazel and I went as well. It was kind of crazy because we all stayed in the same room, and each group was assigned a corner/the middle, and so all of the people leading those groups were all talking at the same time and trying to talk loudly enough so that everyone in their group could hear, and at the same time, obviously doing their absolute best not to drown out their band-mates. At any rate, it was a bit hard, but I think we were all ok…

We’d spotted Kuya Vin at the door about halfway through the workshop, but as we were on the other side of the room, and as I’ve already explained, it was packed, we couldn’t get to him until everyone was dismissed. When we finally got to him, we hung around and chatted for a bit, because lunch was next, so we weren’t in a major hurry.

Ehhh Kuya looked SO TIRED!!! (I also wasn’t 100% sure if it was him when I first saw him, because his hair was considerably longer…) We asked what had happened… Blehhh his flight was canceled and he had to sleep at the airport. Not fun. And so, now, Kuya Vin says he will most definitely be driving next time. (Unfortunately, ‘next time’ is in Seattle… *cough*)

We got separated on our way out of the BLC, because half of us took the stairs, and the rest went with Kuya Mico… I’m not sure exactly where that was…

We found the booths set up in front of the Student Rec Center (pic 6), and it was pretty tight, so Lexi and I went ahead and saved a spot in line for lunch. Uhm… this proved to be unnecessary, but give me a minute to get to that.

I met Ate Kai (pic 7) while I was in line, and when the others caught up, she and Kuya Vin started chatting about the discovery camp and stuff. :P We took lotsa pics while we were in line… pics 8 through 17. Ah, so now we come to why it was unnecessary for me and Lexi to save a spot. Well, as it turns out, Kuya Mico obviously need to be brought up the ramp instead of the stairs that everyone was in line for… Uhm, so… this is rather un-YFC-ish… but all of us, except for Gabriella and Kimberly, brought Kuya Mico up the ramp and cut the line and were allowed in as his… entourage. Where Gab and Kim were, I have no idea..

So, in part I, I told you to take note of the pasta? Bwee hee hee. So we all got in and I went straight for pasta and no one realized that I was gone, and then I’m indicating the pasta to Gabe and the others who were in the really long line for food… later, when we were all sitting down, Gabe was like, “You ate already?” and of course I’m going “That’s what I was trying to tell you!!!” and he goes, “Oh… I thought you were just waiting,” at which point, I simply threw my hands up in the air in helplessness…

Backtrack a little; I’d gotten pasta, and then I tried to see if I could find where in line the others were, I couldn’t get any closer to them than about 20, 30 feet? and with I think it was the salad bar between us… and that’s when I took pic 18 of Kuya Mico, the reason we’d all gotten into lunch easy in the first place, but then they still had to wait in line for another 15 minutes, because Gabe thought I’d been waving… :D So after standing and watching their progress in the line for about ten minutes, I turned my back towards them and faced the rest of the cafeteria… and right then, one of the booths emptied. Muaha. So I managed to get there right after the table had just been wiped up, and then I called Gabe and told him I’d saved seats for them, and eventually he sees me from where he is in the line, and I think he asked if I wanted him to get food for me, but I was like, “Huh?? I have food…” which I don’t think he quite got, because we still had that conversation about waving once we were all sitting down. So, yeah, I saved the booth, and felt kinda bad after a while because I actually finished eating before any of the group were even being served yet, but they finally got their food, and they all sat down (pics 19 and 20), and at once, I went to get ice cream. (:D I tormented them. S’ok. Gabe and Jorrel tormented me at dinner. I’ll explain later…)

When I was nearly done with my ice cream, and everyone else was either half or nearly done with their lunch, Gab and Kim showed up. Oh, muaha, Jorrel and Hazel (and I can’t remember, but I think Mariel, as well) had Gabe get drinks for them. :P That was hilarious…

When Gab and Kim showed up, I left so that they could sit in the booth with everyone… Ahh… I cannot remember exactly what I did. Haha. Oh, wait… Oh yeah, I went and got t-shirts!!! We’d all gotten our green Conference shirts earlier that day… so I got a North Central shirt (iJesus, muahahaha), a… I think South West? which is gorgeous, it’s white with a picture of hands holding a heart… Gah, I have to post pictures of them, they’re so awesome… and also a black shirt that didn’t have a region stated on it… I’ll post pics sometime…

We did a lot of calling each other that weekend, so I guess (can’t exactly remember) I called up Gabe, or he called me up, and I told them I was going to go ahead to the next workshop, and supposedly, we were all going to meet up there, but I guess they decided to go to the Fishers of Men workshop… Oh, I did see Ate Hazel and Jorrel, but I don’t think they saw me, so we weren’t all sitting together…

That workshop was the How Crazy & How Beautiful: Our Catholic Faith workshop, and I like what it says in the description on our scheds — ‘Think we worship Mary? You’re wrong. Is it truly His Body & Blood? You betcha! Learn more about our Catholic faith and why we do the thhings we do in this “Our Catholic Faith” Workshop!’ The spiritual director for CFC NJ gave the talk.. Fr. Lehman, I believe. He said that teens struggled most with three things. Two of those were Purity and Authority. Can’t remember the third. Possibly because he didn’t dwell on it so much compared to the other two. There were two sharings, one on Confession given by Brother Ian, and one on the importance of praying the rosary given by a very inspiring Sister that I am ashamed to have forgotten the name of.

The walk back to the Rec Center was a long hot one, but believe me, that was a BEAUTIFUL walk. You see, the chapel is kind of away from all the other buildings, so that it’s a nice peaceful spot.

I can’t remember exactly how I found everyone again… probably by use of cell phones… At any rate, we were all sitting together eventually, in our usual row somewhere near the front. This was our fourth and final workshop, the Theology of the Body.

Unpublished/Unfinished Draft ~ Thanksgiving 2007 ~ Thanksgiving Break

xD was awesome!!! We got to Mama’s Wednesday night. Unc arrived sometime the next morning. I was still asleep… he and Ninong came into the room with the guitars and started playing VERY loudly and singing (yelling). And then Unc gave me a hug and told me to go back to sleep and he and Ninong were laughing as they walked out of the room. So I went back to sleep, but not for long… I got up eventually and mum laughed when I told her they’d woken me up

Unpublished/Unfinished Draft ~ Winter 2007 ~ LONG Weekend…

Yesterday, we went to the Fraternal at Gabe’s house, where the Youth had a Core + HH heads meeting. We discussed a lot, finalized plans, etc. The dates for Youth camp and all manner of preparation have been set. We’re having a Sisters’ HH this weekend, and then the Christmas party two weeks from now.

We went to Tita Miemie’s after the Fraternal, but only stayed a few minutes… and then Tito Leo and Gabe and I went to the Underground, but then Gabe told us we could stay inside, anyway, and it was only 6:30 and the concert didn’t start until 8, so Tito Leo and I ended up going back to Tita Miemie’s. Lots of funny things happened there…

Unpublished/Unfinished Draft ~ November 2007 ~ Discovery Camp 11/10-11/11

Oh Wow… where to begin? At the beginning, I suppose. xD


I arrived at Grailville at around 8 AM. Lexie was the only one there. We were let into the lower level of the retreat house, and Daddy and Tito Mavi got busy with the coffee maker. Well, Tito Mavi got a hold of Kuya Vin, and he said he was on his way. Eventually he arrived, and sometime after, the rest of the service team, and the YFC Cinci. Of course, there was plenty of squealing from us girls… er, well, more like me and Carmela. Haha. Squealing is a prerequisite of hugging. xD

SO! Everyone arrived… and the service team started setting up… I went outside and took pics 1 & 2. When I came back inside, Kuya Roland and I started sparring. No, I take that back. I started beating him up. Yes, that sounds more like it. MUAHAHAHA. We went over some forms.

Kuya Vin: Hey, Ais? I know you’re a participant, but, could I ask for your help with something?
me: Sure… what’s up?
Kuya Vin: Could you be in charge of registration?
me: Ehm… ok… why me? /:|
Kuya Vin: ‘Cause you’re my go-to girl. :D

I asked if I could have some help with that, so he called Gabe over, and Gabe… well, I asked him where we should be, and he went to the table at the far end of the room, and I followed, but then Kuya suggested the table by the door, so we moved over there, but then Gabe got a phone call… I think it was from Paolo. Amanda and Lexie insisted on making their own name tags (they downright refused to let me handle them), so I decided to just let everyone make their own and check them off as they made them. Gabe came back inside and told us Paolo wouldn’t be coming until 2 (as opposed to the previously supposed noon). While everyone was making name tags and I wasn’t crossing people off, I took some pics. (3 thru 7) While I was crossing people off, I noticed that Kuya Vin had written “Paolo San Miguel.” Well, that got a laugh…

After a bit, the Service Team called us over for an ice-breaker. (Pics 8 thru 10) WATERMELON!!!!! And I wouldn’t have lost if they hadn’t decided that I was out merely because Tito Leo had asked me to hand a paper to Gabe and therefore my attention was not on the round when it started, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…. jk jk. I laughed. And anyway, I won at CO… Hahaha. Nahh, no grudges.

It got down to Ate Jane and Edgar. Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament. Heaven help us. Kuya Francis was the commentator. Kuya Jeremy was playing Eye of the Tiger on the guitar. It was absolutely hilarious. xD Ate Jane won.

After we’d calmed down and stuff, we were called to go over/learn some songs, and then a short worship. Kuya Jeremy led, and Ate Trina played the guitar.

After worship, Kuya Daryl gave us an intro, and then we had the first talk, which was Who Am I, given by Macy, with Kuya Roland as sharer. Macy talked about the need to discover ourselves, because God created us with a purpose, and He did not simply mean for us to take up space. She went over some physical and emotional changes that teens go through, and how they affect our life and who we become. After the talk, we had a few minutes to reflect, during which Kuya Jeremy played and sang Who Am I by Casting Crowns.

I can’t remember if we had the activity before or after reflection… Basically, they passed out paper and markers, and we drew who we were. Not self-portraits, mind; we drew symbols of who we were, of what made us what we are. We taped those up on the wall.

[If I remember correctly,] Kuya Daryl gave the second talk, which was Who Loves Me. Ehm… I don’t remember a great deal of that… it was mostly the family part that stuck.

Who Is My Best Friend

Who Do I Love

Unpublished/Unfinished Draft ~ who knows when ~ It’s Long Overdue

Four years ago, 9/12/04 to be exact, an article was written by a woman named Margaret Boyce entitled Home-schooling Robs Children. It was the most appalling, horrible, false, inaccurate article, and even I, then an 8th grader and not as crazy about homeschooling as I am now, was more than slightly offended. I wrote a response to that article which I never sent in, but I came across my letter as I was going through my high school essays, and I’ve decided to touch up on this one, not in direct response to Ms. Boyce, but addressing all who happen to read this blog. I can’t find the article — I’ve spent the last 15 minutes searching for the article, but all links-to-article that I’m coming across are giving me a “no longer exists” error, ha! It’s nowhere in the Holland Sentinel’s archives, but you don’t hear me complaining, no; what a piece of trash — so all I’ve got to go on is what I cited in my original piece, but it’s quite enough for me, and to be perfectly honest, I’m getting worked up just re-reading my reply!

Firstly, there was the

Unpublished/Unfinished Draft ~ Summer 2008 ~ untitled

Class just keep getting better and better. As I jogged up the stairs, I grinned and said, “Who’s betting there’ll be even more laughs tomorrow?” The response I got was certainly a very enthusiastic one.

LOL, we just had a great time yesterday. I ran down the stairs and found everyone in the hall, I skid and go “Whaa…” and Daniel goes, “Yeah. We just randomly decided to have class out in the hall today.” Well that brought a laugh. So we hung out until Paul got there and unlocked the door and let us in. Things were fairly uneventful for the first half of the evening. Then we were let out for break, and I, as usual, made my way upstairs, rather than off to CVS with everyone else. Well Daniel decided to come upstairs, too, for once, and we ended up chilling in the hall again (Paul had left, as well). We talked about music and school and stuff. That was interesting.

Everyone else got back before Paul did, so eventually everything else was being discussed; movies, sports, something about church parties… that was Kimball, teachers, students, particularly short girls… something about how Daniel had to run through the halls one day, and a very short teacher told him not to run and he whipped around cuz he thought it was a little kid and was like, “What’re you…” and then realized whoopsss that’s a teacher.. I can’t talk to her like that…. rotfl. And Kimball was acting out a scenario where he’s faced with… “Well, you’re older than me, but I’m looking down at you about 3 feet…” lol these guys. Oh, and Daniel T said, “Your face has been bothering me,” to Daniel H and eventually they figured out where they’d seen each other before (quiz team) and got around to talking about that.

Well we all filed in for class when Paul got there, and

Unpublished/Unfinished Draft ~ Summer 2008 ~ Lackawanna Summer Raspberry Cake

No, I did not title it that in a desperate attempt to be original.


No. Actually, there is no amazing this-is-the-cake-I-bake-every-single-summer on so-and-so-a-date story behind it. Hehe. But the first time I baked this cake was for an El-hen gathering at Lackawanna State Park some summer… so that would have been either ’02 or ’03. I’ve not made it since, but I remember it well because it’s the first memory I have of ever having attempted to bake a cake COMPLETELY by myself. :D Thus, I have gotten sentimental enough about it to rename it. (You don’t want to know the original title. It’s one of those incredibly generic ones. I also think my lovely cake deserved a much summer-y-er title.)

For the cakes:
3 cups cake flour
1 tbsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp baking soda
1 1/2 cups unsalted butter, softened
1 1/4 cups granulated sugar
2/3 cup milk
1 1/2 tsp vanilla
4 eggs

Grease 3 9-inch round cake pans. Line the bottom with parchment paper, grease again, then flour. (If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it is not to take shortcuts with that part. Do not NOT put parchment paper, please. Thank You.)

In a medium bowl, combine flour, baking powder, salt, and baking soda. Set aside.

In the bowl of an electric mixer set on high speed, cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy.

Unpublished/Unfinished Draft ~ October 2008 ~ Cleaning Out/Updating My Reader

and catching up, too. Linking to some stuff I haven’t taken the time to read till now. But just wanted to share, for those who check this blog regularly (Hallo Sis, I know you’re reading… haha :D lol).

Catholics Should All Be Pro-Life

Guard Yourself

On Being Ladylike

A Kiss Is Just A Kiss

let me get this straight:

Dear Readers lol and now I simply must try that lazy bloggers post generator… I’m sure it would come in handy sometimes…

“Pro-Life, Pro-Obama” website launched


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