Freezer-Pull: Death-wish or LOLfest?

Then again, I suppose one could die laughing…

The first thing I learned about freezer-pulls are that they’re the easiest way to clear out a room. They say all you have to do is yell FREEZER-PULL and the room is magically emptied as people head off to do very important things that are not the freezer-pull. That was what they said.

And then I helped out with one and decided that the second thing I’d learned about freezer-pulls is that they are death wishes. Never handle sheet trays or speed racks that have been sitting in the freezer without gloves. It is a most uncomfortable and frightening experience to stare at one’s very red hands and just be waiting for the blisters that one can feel very distinctly to then actually appear on one’s fingertips. No joke, it was scary the first time, and I was standing at the sink with my hands under running water for who knows how long. It wasn’t frost-bite, it was like being burned.

~ three days later ~

Sooo… I started this blog post on Friday? Yep. And now it’s Monday. And that was as far as I got. Blahhhh.

I feel like going backwards.

TODAY… Work at the usual time, the needs board made it look like it was going to be an insane morning, but it actually wasn’t that bad. Everything came in and went out again in a heartbeat. Granted the produce was late due to the rain, but the last reqs were under construction when I took my lunch break, and we started on the inventory as soon as I got back, which was the fastest I’ve participated in yet… and then it was time to go to class.

LUNCH BREAK. I found and sat with Dan, and we were talking about the lasagna and the eggplant, etc. etc., and then something about how Josh and Navid were sure to come down in about ten minutes, and would walk right past us and go straight back for sure due to where we happened to be comfortably situated. They wouldn’t see us without hunting around. It was perfect. I began preparing a text message that read, “I see you. And so does Dan.” …. And then I botched the whole thing by accidentally sending it to Navid. He texted back – “What?” – and I started freaking out… Jenni came over and sat with us, and I explained what was going on. So we decided to take our chances with, “Yeah… nice sweater.” What were the chances that today was the day that Navid wasn’t wearing a sweater?????

~ nineteen days later ~

This reveals how bad I am about going back to drafts… I probably have drafts that are years old… that sucks… Anyway…

So yeah, what were the chances that Navid wasn’t wearing a sweater that day? He texted back to say that he was wearing a t-shirt. Well, Josh and Navid eventually came down, and Dan and I were hiding… or rather, I was hiding. They came and found us eventually; I must have had my back turned, because the next thing I know, Josh inserts himself between Jenni and myself and asks what on earth that was all about. I felt a little bad afterwards, because I didn’t notice Jenni get up and go to sit with Tom two tables down… But here I was trying to explain myself, and Josh and Navid were saying how they were in the Honors room trying to figure out where we (Dan and I) were… if we were maybe up in a tree… and then Dan wondered aloud how it would have been if Navid had been in the restroom. It went downhill from there >.< The kind of jokes my brothers would appreciate.

I completely forget what happened the days before that that I intended to blog before finally getting around to explaining the title of this post. Funny things have happened since, but…

Let us go back to the confusing experience of being burned by ice-cold metal. Nine times out of ten, the freezer-pull is a death-wish. The one time out of ten that you get to do with Stevo, it’s a LOLfest [that could lead to death]. First there was the bread. We were supposed to pull baguettes. Stevo pulls down a box and hands it to me. “Aren’t we going to count them out?” No. Of course not. Stevo’s in charge, Aurora follows. Got it. Stevo hands Aurora a box, Aurora brings it out to the cart and comes back into the freezer to await further instruction. Sure. Stevo pulls the tortillas and comes out of the freezer, looks in the box, and discovers that they are not actually baguettes. Nice. Then there was the deli meat that Aurora was sent to look for. She pulled out something labeled turkey which Stevo determined was actually ham. Then Aurora went in for something that she wasn’t actually sure of, and it turns out Stevo didn’t know either. Several other incidents, and finally we come to… Aurora stepping out to grab sheet trays, maybe? And then Steve comes out, stops, and accuses Aurora of making him forget what he came out for. Back into the freezer and Stevo is staring at the fish section insisting that what he came out for had something to do with either shrimp or crab. A few minutes of silent staring, and it dawns upon him that the real reason he stepped out was to go to the restroom.

How do you forget that?!!?!!?!?

End LOLfest, Aurora went home.


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