shuffle response to “Finding myself.”

Opening credits: Africa ~ Straight No Chaser
Waking up: Counting Down the Hours ~ Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
How I’m feeling today: 42 ~ Coldplay
First day of school: Together We’ll Ring In The New Year ~ Motion City Soundtrack
The weekend: Lovers in Japan ~ Coldplay
Will I get far in life: Cats Van Bags ~ Atmosphere
Will I get married: Stitched Up ~ Herbie Hancock ft. John Mayer
Will I have a happy life: Little Dawn ~ Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
How does the world see me: Love Underground ~ Robbers On High Street
How do my friends see me: Walcott ~ Vampire Weekend
Falling in love: Flux This ~ Static Vessels
Fight song: The Future Soon ~ Jonathan Coulton
Breaking up: Lovebug ~ Jonas Brothers
The best thing about my friends: Clocks ~ Coldplay
Best friend’s theme song: Feel Like Rain ~ Motion City Soundtrack
High school overview: Banana Man ~ Tally Hall
Life: Life In Technicolor II ~ Coldplay
Mental breakdown: The Future Freaks Me Out ~ Motion City Soundtrack
How can I make myself happy: Code Monkey ~ Jonathan Coulton
Driving: The Angel’s Share ~ Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
Flashback: Resolution ~ Motion City Soundtrack
How is my life going: Dani California ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers
What I should do with my life: Death of an Interior Decorator ~ Death Cab for Cutie
How can I get ahead in life: Good Day ~ Tally Hall
Getting back together: Flying Horses ~ Dispatch
Wedding: IKEA ~ Jonathan Coulton
Will I ever have children: Jaybird ~ Comets on Fire
Birth of child: Snow ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers
Final battle: Umaaraw, Umuulan ~ Rivermaya
Death scene: If I Wrote A Letter To Myself ~ Nikki Malvar
Funeral song: Attractive Today ~ Motion City Soundtrack
Life overview: Alien Christ ~ Cloud Cult
End credits: Make Out Kids ~ Motion City Soundtrack


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