I can’t escape Nate and Paolo.

Seriously. I thought this Nate-hitting-on-Paol0-hitting-on-Nate thing was only a Nate-and-Paolo thing, maybe a Nate-and-Paolo-and-Eric thing. Yes, college is teaching me that this is not so. (Oh lookie me, I just wasted three bucks on a slush puppie that doesn’t taste nearly as orange-y as it looks!) Yesterday after the colloquium, I went to watch Josh and Navid and Paul playing ping

~ eight hours later ~

So… eight hours ago, I was blogging about yesterday, and I was interrupted. Haha, no, I’m not complaining. really I’m not. Adam found me at the Overlook and was kind enough to keep me company until 2:50ish.

So, yeah, I went to watch the guys play ping pong in the game room. Funny that I’ve never been in there before… so I got to go in and annoy them by taking pictures and refusing to play, etc. etc. After a bit, we went outside just to be outside, it was gorgeous, not too hot and not too cold. And then eventually we headed back inside for the Phi Theta Kappa meeting, which only lasted about ten minutes? LOL. Navid left, but Paul and I accompanied Josh to Student Activities to fill out the paperwork (paperwork… what a joke =) for PTK. And then of course it was time for all of us to go home… and then somehow it came out that the guys were parked in the same lot. And so one of them goes, “Will you walk me to my car?” and the other goes, “Do you want to hold my hand?” and… yep. It was like watching Eric and Paolo hit on Nate all over again. Terrible. Hilarious, but terrible.

They didn’t let me get a picture.

ANYway… today was the most AWESOME day ever – as always… well, almost always – and yes, we had our Cooking 3 midterm, and I am officially halfway through my freshman year of college. It goes by too fast…

There’s plenty I want to blog about today, but not right now. I owe my journal a reflections-of-the-past-week update.

‘night, ya’ll =) Peace – ais


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