It was a test.

TO: Students enrolled in UC’s Culinology Program
Students enrolled in the Pre-Culinology Program at Cincinnati State

RE: Status of Culinology Program

Based on our records, you are either currently enrolled in the baccalaureate program in Culinology at the University of Cincinnati or the Pre-Culinology program at Cincinnati State. I am writing to inform you that the University of Cincinnati has made the decision to phase out its baccalaureate program. We are, however, committed to those students currently enrolled in the program and will see you through until you graduate. […] The University will honor this commitment though the summer term 2014.

This past week was a test. And a reminder. A test to see if I could trust that He had His reasons, and a reminder that when I laid out my plans for the seven years following high school, that I promised Him that I would still be flexible for His plans, whatever they proved to be.

It was like a big version of the little thing that happened near the end of last term… which I guess I haven’t blogged about yet. Back in November or December or something, I got the invite for the 2010 SFL/YFL Conference in Santa Clara. Halfway through my Late Fall term, I felt called to say yes, and I told Him that if I got the co-op job for the Winter term, my first priority would be to get myself to Conference. Well, I was waiting on the job, and I didn’t get confirmation until a week and a half after I was expecting it. During that week and a half, I was wondering if He really wanted me to go. I told Him that if I didn’t get it, I would take that to mean that He didn’t want me to go after all. And then I got the job… and here I am. Hunting for round trips to Santa Clara and wondering when online registration opens =)

That was short term… in the sense that it was in reference to my next three and a half terms. This test, the bigger version, was long term… covering the next three and a half years. Hey! God-incidence in that parallel right there.

So here we are. A week later, I’ve got my ticket to Rome back. I’m still not going to Disney, but I am more at peace about that now. I’ll just give Nate a good long rant about it when we get a chance to catch up and then… it’ll be there. Behind me. Moving forward.

And speaking of Nate, I praise God for this message, and for those he chose as messengers, both directly and indirectly. My parents, of course… my siblings, of course Dev, Nate was in there, and Michelle, also Josh and PJ and Carine and Jana… among others…

Oh my goodness. Tomorrow is my Cooking midterm. Which marks the exact middle of my first year in college =) Good times.

DID I MENTION MICHELLE’S HOME?????? and I got to see her today =D =D =D and talk for hours… well, sort of. Not really. Not nearly long enough. We’ll have to see each other again on Saturday and talk and talk and talk more more more. That would be a good way to pass time waiting for the Pacquiao fight to start.

DUDE MAN, PACQUIAO!!!!!! who’s all watching????

peace out ~ ais


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