I like phone calls.

Thursday.. Feb 25. Break ended ages ago and I never finished my blog post on it. So here I am at Bakery Hill sitting all alone at this table that used to be mine and Navid’s and Graeme’s and later Josh’s at this time of morning almost every day. My shift doesn’t start for an hour yet. So here’s how far I got with the post on the Saturday that break ended —

Yikes. End of the week. Let me see… Tuesday…

  • Tuesday’s potluck! which means I need to…
  • Bake bread.
  • Bake cookies.
  • Make [Chef Valento’s] Caesar dressing.
  • Help with the pasta, sorbet, etc.
  • Help the family cleaaaannnn the house.
  • Take lots of pictures.
  • Play lots of guitar.

Wednesday… nothing. LOL. But I’ll get to that in a bit. Thursday…

  • Chill chill at the Holy Spirit Center!!! I hope.


  • Call Dev.
  • Practice piano.
  • Give lots of hugs to my family.
  • Play with Nino lots and lots.


  • Clean my room.

Oh dear. Still so many things on the list… Probably won’t be able to cross anything else off before I go to sleep. But I’d like to elaborate on everything else before I turn in for the night.

Tuesday! Nope, did not sleep in. Got up nice and early =) as I promised myself I would. Obviously did all those things on the list… Anyway. I was listening to Avril while I was chopping onions and garlic and mushrooms and everything else. It occurred to me that I hadn’t listened to Let Go in full in at least a year, if not two. I’m now a couple years older than she was when she wrote that stuff. It’s just weird… I remember singing along when I first got that CD at 12, 13? and wondering what it would be like when I got ‘there’. And now I’m here, or past it. Songs like Tomorrow… and I know I’m not ready; maybe tomorrow… and now I feel like tomorrow’s here. And Things I’ll Never Say. Maybe I didn’t say exactly what she said, but I’ve said their equivalent, and probably worse.

Potluck was awesomeeee! Colleen and her three boys, Alyssa with Landon, Julia, Navid, Josh, and Alex were all kind enough to come. Soooo much fun watching Landon and Nino! and jamming and having a history lesson from all the guys and having some of everybody’s super awesome food and comparing classes and schedules and… yep. Honors students are so insanely cool =) We need to do that again.

Wednesday, got up at 5. Yes, on my week off. Ridiculous =) Dropped Dad off and slept in the car until about 8, then left for school. Found out the Writing Center isn’t open over break; no comfy Honors Room couch for me =( Watched Emma until 9:45ish, then headed downstairs for my orientation. Stuck around after orientation until about 3:30, more or less shadowed Tom and Kuya Steve. YAY. I love having a Kuya Chef =)

Hmm… I totally forget what happened after I got home from work. Oh dear.

Thursday… got up at 4:45!

So there. Thursday. Longest day of my break =) but good times! Up at 4:45, worked from 7 to 1, ran an errand for Dad to the Scout Shop, headed home, should’ve taken nap but I was too busy talking to Mum =) Nino was napping, though, so I joined him after a bit, and then she woke me up at about 3:15. Carine called and I was taking care of something when Josh got there at 3:20. Left a little before 3:30, that was a fun car ride =) When we were turning onto the highway, Josh suddenly started singing Adding to the Noise and Paco and I joined in and we just all burst out laughing afterwards.

WAIT! NAVID’S HERE!!!!!!!!! =D =D =D I don’t feel so alone anymore!

And now Paul’s here!!!!!! HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.

… ten minutes later…

I should probably clock in and get to work. AHHH I STILL DIDN’T FINISH MY BLOG POST! Some other time, then.

OH my title… is because Paul called me right before I started blogging. There we go.

Oh. I should post those twenty-something pics of me and Joe and Karen from the day the fire alarm went off. Later…

Peace =)


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