There ain’t no drug / it’s not enough / the sickness is myself…

=D =D =D I was singing Hillsong in the walk-in while building reqs this morning, and then I came out and Fuzz goes, “I love your singing, Aurora, but you want to make me go to sleep.” ROTFLWTIME. He asked me to “pep it up” a bit. Hahahaha. And then he started singing, “There ain’t no drug…” and I yelled SWITCHFOOT!!!!!!! so yay. I love it I love it I love it. I love my job. And I love the people I work with. We were singing Third Day and Casting Crowns. L

Kuya Steve came over to jam today =D That made me HAPPY. I learned a bunch of new songs, YAY. Well, kind of. I knew them before, but they’re new because I never learned to play them. I can’t wait to teach them to Colton and Victoria and Patrick =)

Another thing that makes me HAPPY is the fact that I see Miguel everywhere now. Hilarious. Yesterday, Steph and I were putting things away and he walks in and announces that he decided to come down to Receiving before his class because he was bored and liked the people down there. Today I was upstairs getting breakfast [for myself AND Kuya Steve — he sent me upstairs to get him a blueberry muffin] and someone said my name. And then he started telling me funny stories about Kuya Steve in Cooking 2 =)

The blueberry muffins looked like chocolate chip muffins to me. They weren’t blue and they weren’t even purple! Mother’s blueberry muffins look soooo different. The point is, I was like oh great no blueberry muffins, and Miguel told me to just go with chocolate, but I texted Kuya Steve to make sure, but he wasn’t answering and it turns out he was on his way up to take care of it himself, and when he got there he decided to tell me he was allergic to chocolate and pretended to be all shocked that I actually listened to Miguel, and then Miguel says that he knew Steve was allergic to chocolate and that he was secretly trying to kill Steve… etc. etc. *takes a deep breath* Ridiculous. And then Kuya Steve decided to drag me upstairs to the Summit so we all went together and then Miguel decided to visit Receiving a million times, something about a black apron, and — yep. Good timezz.

WAH Navid texted me today to let me know that Drew was around… and then I wasn’t smart enough to avoid temptation and go to the third floor and go the long way to see Ms. Hunley, so I passed him in the hall on the way and he told me Drew was the Honors Room and I was like… bother. At any rate, I went to see Ms. Hunley and set up an appointment with Chef Sheldon for next week. And I got to see Mr. Maurer when I was smart enough to take the long way back downstairs to avoid passing the Writing Center. That made me smile =) OH and then the power went out today for a few hours and Mom was like, “Well. You know it’s Lent.” .. No, that was not totally unrelated. This is about Lenten temptations… you know?



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