long have I waited for your coming / home to Me and living / deeply our new life

Ash Wednesday:

Reading 1 ~ Jl 2:12-18

Reading 2 ~ 2 Cor 5:20-6:2

Gospel ~ Mt 6:1-6, 16-18

Homily ~ Fr. Geoff reminded us that what we give up for Lent is supposed to make us a better person. If we give up something for 40 days but then go back to our old life come Easter, if Lent doesn’t change us and make us a better person, we’ve wasted Lent. Lent, he said, is a season for Giving: giving IN to God’s will, strengthening our relationship with Him through prayer; giving UP the things that hinder us in our relationship with God; giving TO other people of ourselves, denying ourselves and putting others first; and FORgiving others as God forgives us. He challenged us to choose one to focus on for the whole of Lent.

~ notes ~

Wilmington on Sunday… What stuck with me from Fr. Jim’s homily was how we’re not called to do everything. In the same way that Jesus did not always preach to the same group of people, that sometimes the message was for everyone, and at other times it was only for one person. That each of us have been blessed with unique talents to be used in different ways.

I was on Mother’s bed earlier this week and I picked up the Bible and opened it… to Sirach 3: 22-23. I needed that.

Loved loved LOVED Fr. Geoff’s homily.

God is so amazing. I was called in to work on Thursday, and I wasn’t feeling all that hyper about it… But as soon as I got there, I saw Karen and joined her for breakfast. And then who should show up but Joe. Karen and I hug-attacked him and took some 25 pics. And then they left for class. Around 8:20ish, the fire alarm went off. I was lazy that morning and hadn’t gone to my locker to drop off my coat. I’d gone straight to the Overlook. When the alarm went off my first thought was, “So THAT’S why I was feeling lazy! Praise God!” and then of course I went to stand outside, all the while praising God that I had my coat. Then I started to get bored… and then I realized that the whole ATLC had just been evacuated and that meant all my Culinary friends were probably standing right outside the exit nearest the kitchens. I walked around to the other side of the ATLC and got to hang out with Karen and Bender and Kuya Steve and Jenni and Steph and Jena and everybody! and I discovered that Nathan is in Culinary. Why did I not know that before??? Clocked in at around 8:40ish. I’d forgotten that I’d given up the Honors Room for Lent, so I went there on my lunch break… and then no one was there and I remembered that I’d given it up. Backtracking a bit… When this term started, I was somewhat upset that I wouldn’t be in the Honors Room every day like last term… and then I realized that the Honors Room was turning into a sort of live facebook. Aside from nurturing my unhealthy tendency to be cliquish with everyone in it, I found that the thought of not keeping up with all those people bothers me. That is not good. So I’m giving it up for Lent in an attempt to refocus. The point is, upon finding the Honors Room empty on Thursday, I remembered that I was supposed to be giving it up and made an effort to go back to work cheerfully. Not easy. And then who should God throw in my way to help me keep smiling but my favorite Valento refugees… Jeff and Joe and Adam and Bender… and Miguel, whom I thought I wouldn’t see ever again after Baking 1 because I didn’t take Baking 2 this term… and if seeing them and being able to catch up with them a bit wasn’t enough, I got multiple hugs from everybody into the bargain. Miguel got a haircut! and Joe’s back to looking like he’s 12 again. Hilarious. Later, Brad and I were washing dishes in 033. I gave up non-Christian music, too, and I was running out of songs to sing… and then Fuzz put on a CD. Amazing. Casting Crowns!!!! and Jeremy Camp and Third Day and… everything! God was helping me keep my fast.

And then today… meatballs went up to the Overlook and I realized I couldn’t have any because it’s Friday. Salmon was not on the menu… but they had it anyway! =) and I got to help my Kuya Chef clean 004, and we were singing worship songs the whole time.


Oh oh oh! and THIS is finally a poster!!!!!!!!! I am so getting that for myself, maybe after I get back from Disney or something. LOL at Wednesday’s XKCD, so appropriate. I have to post it on the Honors facebook on Sunday.


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