The Things I Never Blogged About Italy, Part VII


20:19 Migi: Hey, Paco, Paco! Let’s sell the Wii and suffer!!!
Paco: … No way! Are you crazy??
Migi: What, you want to suffer more in Purgatory??

[…] I love how these kids think.

Dad: Magpapapalit na ba yan?
me: I dunnoooooo. Nino you are stinkyyyy! Eeeee! You are so mabaho. Ate can smeeeelll youuuu from hereeee, eeeeeewwww! Ikaw, ha. You silly.
*Dada pulls Nino over by the feet, holds up a diaper*
Dad: Pampers. Pam-pers. Say pam… pam… pam… pers. Pampers. Huggies bad. Pampers good.

Oh Dad. That would be so corny if Nino’s first word was ‘pampers’, seriously. xD

Two days ago:

Migi: Can I check my email?
Mom: Ask Ate.
me: Uhm… sure.
Mom: Migs, be careful! If Ate’s laptop falls…
me: Migs, I think you should put it on your lap.
Mom: What?
me: Para kung mahulog… better two feet than twelve.
Mom: Better two… what?
me: … Better two feet than twelve?
Mom: Ais… what are you talking about?
me: If… it… falls…. better for it to fall two feet from Migs’ lap —
Mom: GEEZE, Ais! I was thinking.. ‘What? What creature has twelve feet? Is this a joke or is she talking theological somethings?’
me: … Great. Thanks Mom. Now I’m talking theological ‘somethings’, oh, yeah, great. What creature… oh geeze. Never mind.

Hmm… I think that was one of those where you had to be there. Oooh! Ooh! New emoticon!!! x{

I think it works. What do you think? […]


19:04 Migi: I killed Paco.
me: Hey, I thought that language had to go.
Migi: Ok, ok, I DESTROYED Paco.
me: How is that any better?!
Mom: I prefer ‘annihilated’.
me: What?!

See, at dinner, Migi was saying, “I would have slaughtered you,” in reference to some game that they had just paused for dinner, and Mother said that that language had to go and that it wasn’t pleasant. But then the above conversation took place during family journal time. Rme. Never mind, Mother xD

Oh and lol, Paco’s here dancing Nino to ABBA. I was playing Take A Chance On Me and… it’s funny how things come back to you… I suddenly remembered a conversation I had with Kuya Vin when we’d first met him, and he was saying how that was his favorite song by ABBA. =( I miss Kuya Vin.

And now Mamma Mia’s playing and I didn’t know Paco knew this song, lol. He’s singing along.

Yena: Who’s this song by?
me: ABBA.
Yena: Oh… still?
Paco: Ate’s listening to all the antiques.
me: Hey, you have to admit it’s good.
Paco: Yeah… but Mamma Mia’s their best song.
me: … Haha, ok.

How would he know? it’s the only song he knows besides Dancing Queen. Haha.

xD So I’m dancing to Money, Money, Money while editing pics to be uploaded and Yena’s giving me wierd looks. Ahahaha. […]

20:40 So Mother got this email from some yahoo group about some position open for a DJ…

me: Uhm… nah. That’s more like Uncie’s thing, not mine.
Paco: No, NO. Ninong’s.
me: Nuh UH! That is SO Unc.
Paco: No way! I can’t imagine Uncle..
me: Then you haven’t seen Uncie dance.
Paco: Yeah I have! He’s as bad as —
Mom: BAD!
Paco: No, no, I meant! like he’s as bad as Kuya Gabe —
me: WHAT?! But I LIKE when Gabe dances!
Paco: NO I meant like he’s as bad as Kuya Gabe —
me: EXACTLY! So what do you mean?! Gabe’s not bad!
Paco: Jon —
Dad: Bad means good.
me: What do you mean Gabe’s bad, he —
Paco: No, no, no, I meant Kuya Gabe’s GOOD, but Uncie’s as BAD AS Kuya Gabe which means he’s really GOOD…
me: What? Wait, Dad, what were you saying?
Dad: Bad means good.
me: But… this isn’t Walsh.
Paco: What?
me: In Wales, bad is interchangeable with good.
Migi: So Paco’s Whaleish??
Paco: COOL! What type am I?
me: … Never mind. […]


Well that was fun. I spent about an hour wading. I wasn’t dressed for it, ’cause I thought it was gonna be cold. But then I ended up going deeper than I meant to… oh well. So I didn’t write yesterday. I don’t know why, really. Oh well. Multiply is driving me nuts. I have some 200 something pics to go. Blah! Hehe. […]


11:12 Yay […]  Mother fried the artichokes I prepared a few days ago and we had it for brunch with sinangag. Hooray. Oh and we found a place in Rome that sells Mariage Freres. And so I had… is it Earl Gray French Blue or French Blue Earl Gray? I am way too lazy to go look… tea for the first time in probably a year. The tin we got in France last year didn’t last very long. Soooo we were supposed to leave 15 minutes ago, ’cause Mass is in 15 minutes, and we’re walking :) Oh well. It’s a beautiful day […] … a little chilly, but lovely. Oh Nate…

Nate: and we’ll have a chat
23:31 btw, are we still on for next weds?
me: huhhhh??
nateeee i canceled the event
we won’t be home for another month
i thought plane tickets = permanent coming home plans
but apparently not
Nate: WHAT?

Silly Nate.

12:50 me: Do you think that has something to do with our development?
Mom: What, the crying in the carseat?
me: No, no… the nicknames. Like, learning to respond to all those different nicknames has something to do with our intelligence level?
Paco: Oh, yeah, I thought she meant the carseat.
Mom: … So you get so confused that you get smart? What?!
me: No, it’s like, you have to… oh geeze, I don’t know.
Mom: … Like you become schizophrenic?
me: What, no, that’s not what I meant —

And then something something about how when Mom was studying Psychology (oh, yeah, that was her BA), Schizophrenia was what interested her most, and I asked when I could watch A Beautiful Mind and then something about how that wasn’t it, that was just hallucinations, and she started explaining how it worked and used Gollum as an example and how it was usually a product of extreme trauma and about someone who developed 16 different personalities and then somehow we got into…

me: That sounds scary.
Mom: Yes, it is. It’s very hard to treat.
me: But, at the same time…
Mom: Yeah. Wouldn’t it be fun to pretend?
me: Yeah! That’s what I was thinking! Like, there’s no way to be schizophrenic without.. suffering… from it..?

So I might’ve mentioned that parking’s crazy here… see, we’re the only people living on our floor, the other two apartments are actually offices. The point is, as a result, there are more cars than actual tenants for most of the day, so Daddy parks near this wall, such that we all have to get out of one side of the car. And so Mother, instead of getting out on her side, climbs across and gets out on Daddy’s side. Except today, Daddy shut the door as she was climbing over…

*aisa taps on window to remind Father that his wife is getting out*
Dad: O’nga pala…
*Dad opens the door. Mother gets out.*
Mom: Yeah. After 20 years of marriage, that’s how it is.
me: Hahahaha, like oh, yeah, I forgot you were in the car, so I just close the door on you. Nice, Dad.

6:22 […] WAAAAAAAAAAHHHH, I miss Kuya!!! Haha. No, this is not entirely random. I was going through my blog backup and reading old posts and I found one…

Kuya performed Lullaby first, which I did record, and I sang along with the last two lines, and Paolo asked, “You’ve memorized it???” Well, of course I have!!! I love that song!! My top 3 favorite songs by Kuya — Angel, Gravity, and Lullaby.

At the end of Kuya’s performance, the audience was chanting “KUYA, KUYA” and so Paolo started yelling “ATE, ATE” and I joined him, but then he stopped, and I stopped right in the middle of an “ATE” and smacked him for deserting me, so he said it softly and said, “There.” He got elbowed. *shrug* I got nudged. Tita Doris asked what we’d been yelling and she laughed when Paolo told her.

So now I’m listening to Kuya, because I’d completely forgotten how any of those songs go in Carnival’s wake. And I discovered that Lullaby still makes me feel like crying. Wah. They were so good. Wow.. that was ’07. And now I want to find that video and compare it to the video of Carnival. Haha. I’ll do it when we get home, I guess. Whenever that is.

Oh, oh! So, like, I went and got HP7 in Italian. So that I can translate and learn. The problem is, I need a dictionary. I understand pretty much everything I’m reading, but I take it all out of context… :P is it bad that I find that I have most of the book memorized? Lol. And so I’m reading and understanding, but I am not able to translate literally word-for-word, because I have no concept of Italian grammar, although I can guess a bit because it’s closer to Latin than English, but it’s still precious little, and.. yeah. So I’m enjoying having a book to read, but… see, like this —

«Lo so » rispose Ron. « Hermione, mi spiace, davvero… »
« Ah, ti spiace! »
Rise, una risata, acuta, incontrollata; Ron cerco con gli occhi l’aiuto di Harry, che si limito a fare una smorfia impotente.
« Torni dopo settimane — settimane — e credi che dire ‘me spiace’ basti a sistemare tutto? »
« Be’, cos’altro posso dire? » urlo Ron. Harry fu lieto che reagisse.
« Ah, non so! » grido Hermione, con spaventoso sarcasmo. « Frugati il cervello, Ron, non dovresti metterci piu di un paio di secondi… »
« Hermione » intervenne Harry, che lo trovava un colpo basso, « me ha appena salvato la… »
« Non m’importa! » strillo lei. « Non m’importa cosa ha fatto! Settimane e settimane, e per quello che ne sapeva potevamo essere morti… »
« Sapevo che non eravate morti! » mugghio Ron, superando la voce di lei per la prima volta e avvicinandosi quanto gli permetteva il Sortilegio Scudo. « Harry e sempre sul Profeta e alla radio, vi cercano dappertutto, girano voci e storie pazzesche, l’avrei saputo subito se foste morti, voi non avete idea di com’e stato… »
« Com’e stato per te? »
La voce di Hermione ormai era cosi acuta che presto l’avrebbero percepita solo i pipistrelli, ma aveva raggiunto un livello di indignazione che la lascio per un momento senza parole, e Ron colse a volo l’occasione.

Know where we are?

“What it’s been like for you?”
Her voice was now so shrill only bats would be able to hear it soon, but she had reached a level of indignation that rendered her temporarily speechless…

No, I do not have HP7 with me. I know that ‘senza’ is ‘without’, from having had to order things ‘senza formaggio’ five and a half years ago, and ‘parole’ I’m guessing is ‘word’ or some form of it, because they say “Parole de Dio” at Mass after the readings, which we know is “The Word of the Lord.” It’s not hard to guess that voce is voice and indignazione is something about indignation, ‘per’ is ‘for’ and so per un momento is for one/a moment. I know where I am, but of course it’s not going to be exact, so… lol. It’ll have to wait till I have a dictionary. Oh and the title is Harry Potter e i Doni della Morte. So it’s something of Death. Doni is Hallows? I have a feeling that’s not quite right. Bacchetta is wand. Mio Signore is My Lord. l’Ordine della Fenice is The Order of the Phoenix. Malocchio is Mad-Eye. Oh and here’s something; they changed some of the names in the translation. It didn’t take me long to figure out that McGrannit is McGonagall, and Piton is Snape, Crabbe became Tiger? weird, but I can’t figure out why it’s Albus Silente. What is the literal translation of Silente? It seems like that ought to have some decent significance if they went changing it. Anyway… Vita e Menzogne di Albus Silente… The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore; La Storia dei Tre Fratelli, The Story of the Three Brothers; Il Fabricante di Bachette, The Wandmaker; I Sette Potter, The Seven Potters… OH and it was so funny. I kept on seeing Tu-Sai-Chi, and I was like… that looks.. Chinese. What the heck? And then after reading it over and over again I was like OH GEEZE IT’S YOU-KNOW-WHO! Duh!!!

Oh and now I’m listening to Censor All The Kids. I think it’s funny that Kuya Gabe was the only one who was really screaming. Everyone else sounds like they’re yelling very lamely.

[…] I’ve been getting some serious comments on my blog lately. If I counted the number of serious comments I’ve ever gotten — ‘serious’ meaning they actually have substance and are of interest to me — that are NOT from my Mom… well, there’s precious few. The point is, I got a comment from a theology student at FUS. […] I find that fascinating… and INSANE. It’s so humbling. And then another guy, I don’t know where he’s from, but it’s clear that he’s well-versed in the ToB as well —

I don’t know if all guys have “two lists”. Maybe I would just put it differently.

I would say it this way: Beware girls, almost all guys are messed up about love, and very very few are capable of marriage, in western liberal cultures (such as in the USA and Canada, and western Europe). I cannot comment on other cultures.

It may be that these Western (or Westernized) guys have “two lists”, girls they find attractive, and girls they would want to marry, but I would just ask, “why are they like this?”. This is what I think about that: Many Guys may not be capable of completely desiring what marriage actually is.

This is one of the beautiful things about reading Theology of the Body. It reflects, in ponderous, repetitive detail, about what man and woman actually are, as constituted by God in creation, as told in the account of Genesis, and reflected on by the words of Christ, and the sacramental language used by St. Paul, in Scriptures. They are telling us, clearly, what marriage is, and if we want to be married truly, we must know what marriage is, and be capable of desiring it entirely.

I think that the breakdown of desire, into concupiscent desire, is the reason for the “two lists”. Look at how Marriage is derided, and cast aside in our culture. (I can only speak of the US and Canada here.) At the same time, look at how something which is proper to Marriage is promoted as the thing worth ruining your life to have a-la-carte, free-wheeling intimacy without “boundaries” or rules. Insane. It recognizes that man and woman have built-in desire for marriage, but subverts this desire in a diabolical manner, into concupiscence.

Many guys, have been devastated (whether they know it or not) by our culture, and the way it teaches us to treat women as disposable objects of our corrupted desires, the way it promotes giving one’s self completely over to slavery to your own concupiscence. Any man caught in vice and sin is not worth marrying, dating, or courting.

Four comments altogether, three from this Warren guy and one from Kelsey at FUS. Mother says I should ask her if she knows Pinoys at FUS, see if I can get a headstart in finding SFC there for when it’s my turn to go… Haha it’s these times that I realize just how much I love the blogging world. But goodness, I’m in awe of these people and I wonder why they waste their time reading an 18-yo’s comments on love. Haha.

5/04 […]

13:32 Yum yum yum yum yum. Lunch is fried polenta with mozzarella di bufala on top.

21:14 […] how did Green Button vs. Red Button become Angel? Wah!

So today’s meditation… was one that hit me as the one I was trying to get across in the ToB sessions. Lol.

For what will it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and forfeits his life?

Jesus’ question forces us to take a radical look at the broad horizon of our life to which only God gives ultimate meaning. […]

The saints were men and women with a great desire to belong to God completely, despite their defects.

We could each ask ourselves: have I a true desire to be a saint?

The answer would most assuredly be in the affirmative: yes.

But our reply should not be as to a theoretical question, because for some holiness is unattainable, something to do with ascetical theology — but not a real goal for them, a living reality.

We want to make it happen with the help of God’s grace. […]

We must start by making the desire for holiness flourish in our own soul, telling Our Lord: ‘I want to be a saint’; or at least ‘When I experience my softness and weakness, I want to want to be a saint’.

To banish doubt and make holiness more than an empty word let us turn and look at Christ:

The Lord Jesus, divine teacher and model of all perfection, preached holiness of life (of which he is author and maker) to each and every one of his disciples without distinction:

‘You, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.’ (Matt 5:48)

He has taken the initiative.

If He had not, the possibility of being a saint would never have occurred to us.

Jesus puts it to us as a command: be perfect!, and so it is not surprising that the Church makes sure her children hear the following resounding words:

Therefore all the faithful are invited and obliged to holiness and the perfection of their own state of life.

Consider then how vehement our desire for holiness has to be!

In Holy Scripture the prophet Daniel is called vir desideriorum, a man of desires.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were all worthy of such a title! […]

Allow your soul to be consumed by desires — desires for loving, for forgetting yourself, for sanctity, for Heaven.

Do not stop to wonder whether the time will come for seeing them accomplished, as some pseudo-adviser might suggest.

Make them more fervent each day, for the Holy Spirit says that he is pleased with men of desires. […]

You tell me, yes, you want to. Very good: but do you want as a miser longs for gold, as a mother loves her child, as a worldling craves for honours, or as a wretched sensualist seeks his pleasure?


Then, you don’t want to!

What I find so interesting about this particular meditation is the point it makes at the end. So many people desire what is evil… for different reasons; for some, it may be a conscious desire for evil, but more often than not, it’s simply that they don’t know any better. Their consciences haven’t been correctly formed… […] … right? But how sad it is, then, when the ones who desires evil do everything they can to get at it, and yet we who aspire to desire only what is good are not ready or willing to do everything it takes to get at that good on the same level as the person who does everything they can to get at the evil?


16:09 Hmm… I’m having a late lunch […] My mind’s half dead at present. Anyway… Ho hum, I was going through my blog backup and compiling all my answers to this one study guide for Perelandra by C.S. Lewis. I started it (my Perelandra response journal) in August of ’06. It just feels weird that I wrote this stuff when I was 15. I’d completely forgotten that I actually wrote this much. 19 pages of answering questions and writing prompts and short essays. No, that doesn’t seem like a lot, especially for a book that deep… but looking at individual questions, I guess I went through a Perelandra-obsession stage. Which is interesting to note. And funny that I’ve completely forgotten it.

So from reading my answers, here are some of the things that came to mind
My punctuation was horrible back then. Not that it’s incredible now, either.
I think I could’ve found material for m ToB assignments in my Perelandra response journal. Darn xD
What would it be like to desire Death because we do not know what it is? I wish I could know.
Oh and then there’s this essay on obedience that, at the end, reads like one of my ToB essays. Grr.
Ahhhh there was one chapter where the main character is dealing with the now-or-never temptation. The now-or-never temptation is such a huge one! and terribly common. I wonder how many people, after having dealt with a temptation, then go back and analyze the argument behind the temptation. I know I don’t. Not on a regular basis, anyway. But it never occurred to me that… hmm… that would be a good defense to have. To go back, analyze the temptation sort of from a third-person point of view, and so realize that one is vulnerable to an attack from that direction. Haha, maybe I’ll make a new category on my blog, “Temptation Analyzation.” Oooh. That sounds fun.
The trouble with Lewis is that he gets so insanely analytical, he hashes things out to a degree that it can be dangerous to venture into because one wants to follow all the little threads where Faith should be enough. It’s not bad that he does it, because it clearly helped him in his faith journey, but it then becomes dangerous for others to be reading his thoughts, because some either won’t go as far as he did, or will want to go farther, and both are dangerous in their own way.
What would it be like if the soul didn’t have to fight to control the body? I wish I could know.
Oh, here’s something from one of my answers–

The sacraments are a permanent reminder that the division between the natural and supernatural is neither wholesome nor final, because they combine the two and show us what the original creation was.

Lol. I totally forget where I got that from, but ok. Does that make sense? It makes more and more sense to me as I read it over and over again, but for someone just reading that one sentence by itself without knowing where it came from, what part of the book was being discussed, the the book existed at all and that this observation was even prompted by any question, does it make sense to you […]?

[…] what is pantheism? I’m not well-read on that one, and I never bothered to explore it after I was asked to form some concept of it in order to answer some question. Oh and there was this one writing prompt for chapter 15. I don’t know what the prompt was, but ok. Here’s he essay that resulted. […]

You step outside smell the trees. You’re in the middle of the city; of course it’s somewhat surprising. But you are on sidewalk that’s a good three feet higher than the parking lot. Down the steps, across the parking lot and road, and you’re at the top of a steep, grassy hill, with no barriers either at the bottom of it, or the top to keep you from climbing down and sitting; it’s not so steep that you’ll slip. At the bottom of the hill is Route Six and the cars that go so fast, they would not be inclined to stop but for the stoplight that you can see from anywhere on the hill. Across Route Six are stores and restaurants, but even they are not enough to block the view.

And what a lovely view it is. A valley, filled with buildings, and yet there is plenty of open green areas to feast your eyes upon, and the mountain on the other side of the valley that you seem to be level with, looking mystical, almost a ghost of a mountain because of the clouds and mists that just barely let the green show through. You look up and there are no power lines to keep you from drinking your fill of endless sky and clouds and light. At night, it is just as beautiful, looking up at the stars. Behind you is a strip mall. Behind that is more of the mountain, and trees, so much lovely green… The sidewalk is long. Over to your left, when you’re facing the valley, it soon becomes level with the road. Over to your right, it gets higher, until it’s a good five to six foot drop. It’s fun jumping down. The sidewalk is great for races, and there’s a pole that’s a perfect marker. Whoever reaches it first, wins.

The start line is at the black railings on either side of the steps. Surprisingly, the sun does little to warm them, though it’s shining with all its might. The right rail, going down, has worn away the cement that holds it. It rocks back and forth. ‘Tis a challenge to stay sitting on it without holding on or keeping your feet on the cement, and you mean to meet it. When your feet are up and your hands are free, you can have a conversation, swaying as one with the rail when others catch hold of it, feeling satisfied inside.

The breeze is heavenly. Just perfect for taking a little blue-eyed baby outside, his feet wrapped in a warm blanket that matches his eyes. It is not so hot as you might think. Dancing the baby around, in the shadows and the sun by turns, and singing softly, is enough to make any baby sleepy… but he’s too busy watching the cars that fly by, the sun’s reflection dancing on their tinted windows. Take a walk with your best friends all the way to the end of the sidewalk to your right and you’ll come to a spot that’s no more parking lot and just a dead drop to the road. Nothing to keep you from falling. Awesome place. You feel so free.

Look to your right and let your eyes follow Route Six. It will bring you to roads where the mountains are high on both sides, so that there’s nowhere to look without seeing green grass and trees and brown rocks, save straight up at the sky. If you’ve traveled that road as often as I have, you’ll know that the road opens up into highways that are not hidden by the mountains and are open to the sky, it’s just that the mountains now circle you, see? You’ll be closer to them and farther from them by turns, depending on where you’re going. Drink your fill of everything you see. There’s nothing to dirty your vision. No buildings that are too close together that they hide the beauty of the earth. The trees are not tamed so that they are scarce. Nature and civilization live in harmony here.

Bring your mind back to the hill. Walk back along the sidewalk till you’re back at the steps. Sit on the rails and let the sun warm your back. There’s time to talk here. Time to get to know each other. Time to talk about school and people, times to come and times gone by.

Turn around. There’s two doors facing the steps. The one on the right opens to a fitness center. The one on the left opens to a home.

A home to dozens and dozens of people. All of them find a family here. A support system. More than that… but that’s a tale for another day.

Ok, ok, I’m sharing one last thing. My favorite line of praise from the book. “They who add years to years in lumpish aggregation or miles to miles and galaxies to galaxies, shall not come near His greatness. The day of the fields of Arbol will fade and the days of Deep Heaven itself are numbered. Not thus is He great. He dwells (all of Him dwells) within the seed of the smallest flower and is not cramped: Deep Heaven is inside of Him who is inside the seed and does not distend Him. Blessed be He!” Such an image […]. Ok I’m done now. I think I’ll go clean the kitchen. […]

23:17 […]  I’m jealous. Of Josiah. His book has a COVER. And it hits the shelves in AUGUST. And I’m going nuts.

:D Lol, not really. But I can’t wait. Bothers me that I’ll probably be abroad when it comes out, but I’ve been promised an autographed copy, so I guess that makes up for it. Wooooo. Why can’t I do things like that?


11:37 […] it hasn’t quite hit me that we’ll be home in… 23 days. Wow. That’s… not a lot. Just a little over three weeks. I’m devastated. It’s ridiculous. I don’t want to go home! yet. And I don’t want to be home for two months! either. That’s way too long. I want to be back here. How can I be missing the Adriatic in the summer. That’s terrible. Worst of all, it looks like the Nadermans will be here in July, which means there’s not much of a chance of us overlapping since we’re not going back till August. I’m annoyed […]. I wanted to be here with them!

So I’m going through this withdrawal stage thingy. I don’t know why. […]


3:30 Yes, it is 3:30 AM. And I am outside. Let’s just say I thought I might manage to get something out here. No good. Yes, I’m on offline gmail. I don’t get how Tre can be giving me four bars of signal AND limited connectivity. […]

3:45 Yes, I’m still awake. I don’t know why I’m still awake.

5/08 […]

22:14 […]  did I ever tell you about Cathasaigh? Hmm… well, daughter of my evaluator in my Junior High/early HS years, I’m waiting for her to come out with her third record. The point is, she’s got this song that she wrote two? years ago, still not on CD… but you should go check it out if you’ve a minute., it’s in the unreleased music, Eve Of A Breakdown. […]


19:44 […] I saw God’s Heart today. As in I saw His Cardiac Muscle Tissue. It’s one of those experiences that I wish I could’ve shared with my friends instead of trying telling them about it. Dev and I will be talking about it for a while, I expect. I also saw His Blood. And a certain thorn 1,977 years old. […] What else can I say, really? Everything scientifically verified… the papers, the pictures, the recorded oral statements, the diagrams… And then to see the Monstrance that holds the Flesh and Blood of God… the Flesh of His Heart… all veils of accidentals of Consecrated Hosts completely gone. […]


12:36 […] last weekend […] we didn’t walk to Mass, after all, because Ms. Lina dropped by […] So we drove. Not too late, but they were already in the middle of the opening hymn. Side note, I love the word ‘hymn’. I can’t explain it. It’s so… musical. Oh no, Ais is rambling :D So anyway, we did actually walk today. Fun fun :D The weather’s been awesome this past week. We went to the beach almost every day.

Nino… he’s such a big boy now […] =( It goes too fast. He creeps and turns in circles [both on his stomach and on his back] and he can’t get into sitting position by himself, but if I help him up, he can hold it for a while at times, and we’ve been giving him rice and gelato xD, and he twists, now, when he wants to be held facing forward. He’s not so picky about who holds him what way, now. And he doesn’t cry the split-second you put him facedown. He only gets mad when you put his toys out of reach and he has to work to get at them.

We went to the beach almost every day last week. […]

17:53 […] I can hear Mommy singing to Nino in tagalog. It’s been a long time since I heard Mother sing in tagalog, and quite a few months since I heard sing to Nino. =) The morning was nice, […] the afternoon’s been turning out very well. We’re going out to eat at Hombre’s.

We were just at the beach. It was hot today. Mother didn’t want me to go so far, but Daddy said it was ok. I was wearing my scapular :D Hehe. So I got halfway to the sandbank and it was past my waist, so I went back again. And Dad asked me how far I got and I said I was halfway to the sandbank and he and Mum burst out laughing and asked why on earth I’d gone back if I was already halfway. Eh. It was gonna get deeper before it came up again. But ok. I went halfway again and then I was like oh screw it and I went under. Whew. Colder than I expected. But I made Migi yell. Haha. And then I was like oh well now that I’m all wet, I’ll have to stay in the water to stay warm, so I might as well keep going. :D Made it to the sandbank. I went back and forth probably 8 times, ’cause Migi and Yena wanted to be carried back and forth several times ’cause it went over their heads… haha I’ve never been out that far on my own […]. I’m such a wimp :D I don’t know if I’ve ever been brought that far the few times we’ve been to the beach. :D Being across the street from the sea forces one to be a little more adventurous. […]

So I’m mad at Asher. I go and send him a what’s up and he seems to have forgotten all about my children. Hahaha. No, I’m not really mad at him :D I’m really really glad to be talking to him again. It’s been so long… Haven’t had a decent talk with him since… I think November or something. I was revisiting his older writings and asking if I could mess around with guitar riffs for them while I’m home. His reply was funny. *sigh* I really really really miss the Catholic Teen forum… […] Wahhh now I wanna hunt for old chats with Asher. Excuse me a tick while I search his screenname on lousy offline gmail that only stores stuff 1 year old.

[…] we took a super long walk the other day, and we had gelatos before lunch :D because we reached the gelateria before the pizzeria. […]


17:48 […] So… a year ago today, we found out about Nino. […] May 11… wasn’t May 10 the garage sale at Jon’s house? Wah. That was so much fun.


10:53 So Mom and I went on our date on Monday, and she had her date with Paco yesterday, so while they were somewhere, Dad and Migi and Yena and Nino and I took a walk… about a km down from our place, I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before, there’s that huge circle that opens out to the street on one end and the beach on the other. So we walked down there… it was past 7, but fairly warm, I was wearing a t-shirt. We ended up going home at around 8:30… I had some alone time with Nino. The kids wanted to go to the playscape that sits on the sand right outside the circle. There’s steps down from the circle to the sand, and then there’s sidewalk for about 20, 30 feet, and then it just stops. From there, it’s a good walk down to the water. Well, Dad was still in his work boots, so he stayed with Yena and Migi and pushed them on the swings, but I took Nino-boy down to the water, and from there I walked along the beach… probably nearly twice as far along the beach as it was going down to the water from the playscape.

The water is so peaceful at night […]. Something got me reciting… and ye that on the sands with printless foot / do chase the ebbing Neptune / and do fly him when he comes back… Nino must think I’m crazy :D A girl stands on the beach with a baby in her arms and recites to the great emptiness before her. How nice. Picturesque, I’d think. I should tell Asher, it’s the sort of thing he’d appreciate. Bribe him into telling me where my children are. Hahaha. The sun had gone down some hours back, so there were only a few streaks of orange left… I was walking in an easterly directionish, so I guess Nino was watching those orange streaks disappear from over my shoulder. And somehow, Shakespeare gave way to Taylor Swift xD rotfl. I think it was… Let me not to the marriage of true minds / admit impediments; love is not love / that alters when it alteration finds / nor bends with the remover to remove… what is that, Sonnet… 116, was it? but then afterwards, I find myself singing White Horse. Hahahahaha. From Sonnets to White Horse, oh geeze. So White Horse… and then Love Story… and then I’d Lie… and then finally, I got away from that. In My Arms… I probably shouldn’t have sung that, it made me want to cry ’cause Nino’s growing so fast… Haha, do you know that song? It goes… Your baby blues, so full of wonder, your curly cues, your contagious smile, and as I watch, you start to grow up, and all I can do is hold you tight, knowing storms will rage and clouds will race in, but you will be safe in my arms, and rains will pour down, waves will crash around, but you will be safe in my arms. And then that got me singing another parent-child song, Cinderella… by Steven Curtis Chapman. That, thankfully, got me away from parent-child songs and into more Steven Curtis Chapman songs, but does anyone really want to be singing I Will Be Here while walking home?? Haha oh […] I’m crazy, aren’t I :D So baby-boy-boy fell asleep as Ate Ais was walking back up the beach to the circle at around 8:30ish PM, and so she carried him all the more-than-one-kilometer way home. Daddy wanted me to put him in the stroller, but I do love his little arms around my neck […] =)

Oh and I just realized. My blog is pink. I don’t think it’s specifically neon pink, but it’s close enough, I think. […]

11:10 HAH! She called him on it. But will he read it? Not a chance. Still, I’m tickled pink at her… hmm… courtesy?

April 17, 2009
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington , DC 20500

Mr. Obama:

I have had it with you and your administration, sir. Your conduct on your recent trip overseas has convinced me that you are not an adequate representative of the United States of America collectively or of me personally.

You are so obsessed with appeasing the Europeans and the Muslim world that you have abdicated the responsibilities of the President of the United States of America.

You are responsible to the citizens of the United States .. You are not responsible to the peoples of any other country on earth.

I personally resent that you go around the world apologizing for the United States telling Europeans that we are arrogant and do not care about their status in the world.

Sir, what do you think the First World War and the Second World War were all about if not the consideration of the peoples of Europe ? Are you brain dead? What do you think the Marshall Plan was all about? Do you not understand or know the history of the 20th century?

Where do you get off telling a Muslim country that the United States does not consider itself a Christian country? Have you not read the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States ? This country was founded on Judeo-Christian ethics and the principles governing this country, at least until you came along, come directly from this heritage. Do you not understand this?

Your bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia is an affront to all Americans. Our President does not bow down to anyone, let alone the king of Saudi Arabia. You don’t show Great Britain , our best and one of our oldest allies, the respect they deserve yet you bow down to the king of Saudi Arabia . How dare you, sir! How dare you!

You can’t find the time to visit the graves of our greatest generation because you don’t want to offend the Germans but make time to visit a mosque in Turkey . You offended our dead and every veteran when you give the Germans more respect than the people who saved the German people from themselves. What’s the matter with you?

I am convinced that you and the members of your administration have the historical and intellectual depth of a mud puddle and should be ashamed of yourselves, all of you.

You are so self-righteously offended by the big bankers and the American automobile manufacturers yet do nothing about the real thieves in this situation, Mr. Dodd, Mr. Frank, Franklin Raines, Jamie Gorelic, the Fannie Mae bonuses, and the Freddie Mac bonuses. What do you intend to do about them? Anything? I seriously doubt it.

What about the U.S. House members passing out $9.1 million in bonuses to their staff members on top of the $2.5 million in automatic pay raises that lawmakers gave themselves? I understand the average House aide got a 17% bonus. I took a 5% cut in my pay to save jobs with my employer. You haven’t said anything about that. Who authorized that? I surely didn’t!

Executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be receiving $210 million in bonuses over an eighteen-month period, that’s $45 million more than the AIG bonuses. In fact, Fannie and Freddie executives have already been awarded $51 million – not a bad take. Who authorized that and why haven’t you expressed your outrage at this group who are largely responsible for the economic mess we have right now.

I resent that you take me and my fellow citizens as brain-dead and not caring about what you idiots do.

We are watching what you are doing and we are getting increasingly fed up with all of you.

I also want you to know that I personally find just about everything you do and say to be offensive to every one of my sensibilities.

I promise you that I will work tirelessly to see that you do not get a chance to spend two terms destroying my beautiful country.

Every real American

Ms Kathleen Lyday
Fourth Grade Teacher
Grandview Elementary School
11470 Hwy. C
Hillsboro , MO 63050

[…] It may be history in the making, but I hate that my children will be the ones suffering. I don’t want to go home […]. Yes, I know I’ve got a thread of escapist in me, and I swear I’m ashamed of it, but… argh. *sigh* Bleh.

13:31 Hmm… I opened this to type up.. something? but I should be cleaning the kitchen. Haha.[…]

14:26 Geeze […] Casting Crowns just hits. […]


10:33 […]  Oh I remember now. I’m just not a normal American teenager. Oh, haha, I just realized — anyone in YFC would be the first to say that, right? That Aisa’s an abnormal… not… American… teenager? Oh dear Lord, these are the days that I hate being eighteen.

13:14 So I have.. 50 songs by Relient K. But I never bothered organizing them properly till today. Hahaha. And so I discovered that I am missing.. 6 songs from The Anatomy of the Tongue In Cheek, 2 songs from MMHMM, 3 from Two Left’s Don’t Make A Right… But Three Do, and I thankfully have all of Five Score And Seven Years Ago. But now I’m annoyed because I didn’t realize how nicely MMHMM stiches together — it’s one of those, you know? like Death Cab’s Plans — and missing the 1st and 7th tracks are maddening. But ok my favorite part is… Which To Bury, Us or the Hatchet bleeds into Let It All Out which ends quietly and then all of a sudden BOOM comes Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been. It’s fun trying to listen for the break between the first two without watching the seconds go by.

[…] I’m going on a Facebook fast until I finish three things — cropping/resizing/uploading the April pics to Multiply, the slideshow I’m working on for the old Upper Household, and The Great Heresies. Until I finish those three things, I promise myself I will NOT go on Facebook. Ahhh God knows I need a little discipline in my life :D

14:16 YESSSSSS I finished the section on The Heresy of Mohammed. And now… I begin on The Albigensian Attack. Oh, last night, Mother and I were talking about Perelandra, and she said she couldn’t reconcile Perelandra and Narnia in her mind, and all she really didn’t like Perelandra becuase it was sci-fi, and I was laughing, because I barely got anything sci-fi out of Perelandra. For me, it was all religion. I told her she should give it another shot, but I don’t think she’s particularly keen on that xD Oh and I just realized lying awake last night that Tito Ajay still has my Star Trek Federation that I lent him. Maybe I remembered because I had a sudden desire to re-read it. […]

15:55 […] I never caught up after High Rhulain, but Migi brought Eulalia with him, so I’m reading it now and… owls have courtship ballads?? ROTFLMAOWTIME

18:11 Ahahaha. So, Mother and Yena were on their date for… who knows how long? Maybe an hour or something. The point is, instead of working on one of the three things… I read Eulalia. And now I am no closer to checking Facebook than I was at 4 PM. Hahaha. Oh well =) And now I’m gonna take the kids to the beach. I don’t feel like swimming today, so I guess I’ll keep reading and then maybe I’ll be able to finish it before we come home, so that I won’t be distracted. Oooh ooh, and I’ll bring my iPod. I should sync my newly organized Relient K. Wow… I was thirteen when I memorized Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been […]


19:55 So I crossed off one thing on my list — the April pics. And now I’m working on that slideshow and I hope to cross that out today. Maybe tomorrow I can get past the Albigensian, Protestant, and Modern Heresy. Haha fat chance, though. Oh, wait. I can’t do anything tomorrow. We’ll be in Rome tomorrow! Haha. Silly Aisa.


6:45 […]we were supposed to have left 45 minutes ago. Haha. Anyway… while waiting for everyone else to be ready… I found something want to shareeeeee. […]

Now what is this general tendency or mood which, from its earliest name, was called Manichean, which, in its most clear-cut form with which we are about to deal, is called the Albigensian, and which we know in modern history as Puritanism? What is the underlying motive power which produces heresies of this kind?
To answer that main question, we must consider a prime truth of the Catholic Church itself, which has been shortly put in this form: “The Catholic Church is founded upon the recognition of pain and death.” In its more complete form the sentence should rather run “The Catholic Church is rooted in the recognition of suffering and mortality and her claim to have provided a solution to the problem they present.” This problem is generally known as “The problem of evil.”
How can we call man’s destiny glorious and Heaven his goal and his Creator all-good as well as all-powerful, when we find ourselves subject to suffering and to death?

Nearly all young and innocent people are but slightly aware of this problem. How much aware of it they may be depends upon what fortunes they have, how early they may have been brought into the presence of loss by death or how early they may have suffered great physical or even mental pain. But sooner or later every human being who thinks at all, everyone not an idiot, is faced by this Problem of Evil; and as we wwatch the human race try to think out for itself the meaning of the universe, or accepting revelation theoron, or following warped and false partial religions and philosophies, we find it always at heart concerned with that insistent question: “Why should we suffer? Why should we die?” […]

Varios ways out of the torturing enigma have been proposed. The simplest and basest is not to face it at all; to turn one’s eyes away from suffering and death; to pretend they are not there, or, when they are thrust upon us so insistently that we cannot keep up the pretense, why then to hide our feelings. And it is part also of this worst method of dealing with the problem to boycott mention of evil and suffering and try to forget them as much as one can.

Another way less base, but equally contemptible intellectually, is to say there is no problem because we are all part of a meaningless dead thing with no creative god behind it: to say there is no reality in right and wrong or in the conception of beatitiude or of misery.
Another nobler way, which was the favorite way of the high pagan civilization from which we sprang — the way of the great Romans and the great Greeks — is the way of Stoicism. This might vulgarly be termed “The philosophy of grin-and-bear-it.” It has been called by some academic person or other “The permanent religion of humanity,” but it is indeed nothing of the sort; for it is not a religion at all. It has at least the nobility of facing facts, but it proposes no solution. It is utterly negative.
Another way is the profound but despairing way of Asia — of which the greatest example is Buddhism: the philosophy which calls the individual an illusion, bids us get rid of the desire for immortality and look forward to being merged in the impersonal life of the universe. {==> side note that ais had some concept of Buddhism, but put that way, she just realized how [sadly] laughable it is, and is so insanely thankful we have more to look forward to than that.}
What the Catholic solution is we all know. Not that the Catholic Church has proposed a complete solution of the mystery of evil, for it has never been either the claim or the function of the Church to explain the whole nature of things, but rather to save souls. {==> I think that’s one of the things cafeteria catholics miss, isn’t it? That.. it has never. been. either the claim or the function of the Church to explain the whole nature of things, but rather to save. souls.} But the Catholic Church has on this particular problem a very definitive answer within the field of her own action. She says first that man’s nature is immortal {==> geeze that hits}, and made for beatitude; next that mortality and pain are the result of his fall, that is, of his rebellion against the will of God. She says that since the fall our mortal life is an ordeal or teest, according to our behaviour in which we regain (but through the merits of our Savior) that immortal beatitude which we had lost.

Now the Manichean was so overwhelmed by the experience or prospect of suffering and by the appling fact that his nature was subject to mortality, that he took refuge in denying the omnipotent goodness of a Creator. He said that evil was at work in the universe as much as good; the two principles were always fighting as equals against each other. {==> Sound familiar? It was one of the arguments I was faced with before Lent last year on the group Nate created on FB, if I remember correctly.} Man was subject to the one just as much as to the other. If he could struggle at all, he should struggle to join the good principle and to avoid the power of the bad principle, but he must treat evil as an all-powerful thing. The Manichean recognized an evil god as well as a good god, and he attuned his mind to that appalling conception.
Such a mmood bred all sorts of secondary effects. In some men it would lead to devil worship, in many more ot magic, that is a dependence on something other than one’s own free will {==> wow… I totally never thought of it that way.}, to tricks by which we might stave off the evil power or cheat it. It also led, paradoxically enough, to the doing of a great deal of evil deliberately, and saying either that it could not be helped or that it did not matter, because we were in any case under the thrall of a thing quite as strong as the power for good and we might as well act accordingly.
But one thing the Manichean of every shade has always felt, and that is, that matter belongs to the evil side of things. Though there may be plenty of evil of a spiritual kind, yet good must be wholly spiritual. That is something you find not only in the early Manichean, not only in the Albigensian of the Middle Ages, but even in the most modern of the remaining Puritans. It seems indissolubly connected with the Manichean temper in every form. Matter is subject to decay and is therefore evil. Our bodies are evil. Their appetites are evil. This idea ramifies into all sorts of absurd details. Wine is evil. Pretty well any physical pleasure, or half-physical pleasure, is evil. Joy is evil. Beauty is evil. Amusements are evil — and so on…

And so yesterday I was meditating on the fact that there are times when the intrinsically good can become evil in its manifestation depending on the circumstance, but that the intrinsically evil is always evil regardless of the specifics of the situation. And now, about today.

What can I tell you about today […]? I don’t know how to convey any of it. Words are all dead rot. (Hmm… is that heritical xD). We made our pilgrimage to the Scala Santa. It was… insane. We also visited the Chapel of Reliquaries that contain the largest relic of the True Cross, as well as the plaque that was hung over Our Lord, a fragment of the cross of the good thief… there were six reliquaries alltogether, I have a list of the contents somewhere.. but what good is that? I could tell you where we went and what we did there and what things looked like… it wouldn’t be any good.


10:49 AHAHAHA. Oh I love it. I so feel that Mother’s pain xD Welcome to the Rosary-saying experience in a family with little kids. Muahaha, oh yes, I am well-versed in that area.

But geeze […] I can’t believe we’ll be home in 11 days. Ridiculous. I told Mum, the first thing I’m gonna do when I get home is grab Paco’s guitar and MAKE NOISE. Even if it sounds horrible after not touching one for 3 whole months AAAAAARGHH :D :D

11:20 […] WAH I miss Gello and Gella!

… It was exactly 11:01 when I climbed into bed and called Gella. We talked for 40 minutes, and some of that was with Gello, but anyway, I just wanted to blog about this really funny part…
So, when I called, I was like, “Gella? Tulog na ba kayo?” “Hindi, hindi, nandito pa kami… we’re at Noella’s house…” and it turns out they were celebrating one of the ‘rent’s birthdays, so she and Noella and Amanda and Gello and Mico were all downstairs. I heard the boys going, “who’s that, who’s that,” “It’s Ate Aisa,” and then she put me on speaker… […] I can’t remember how it began, but…
Gella: She loves me
Gello: Well, she loves me, too
Gella: Yeah, well, she loves me more
Gello: No, she doesn’t, she loves me more
Gella: Nu uh, she was my Ate first
Gello: Only ’cause she saw you first, and then she saw me, and then she fell in love with me
Gella: No, she didn’t! First she fell in love with God and then she fell in love with *blank* and then she fell in love with me — in like a sisterly way — but
Gello: Yeah and then she fell in love with me

Mhm… they went on for some time… and eventually they were both like, “Ate, you love me more than Gello/Gella, right?” I just laughed. And then Gella goes, “Ate, you should be enjoying this.. we’re fighting over you… can you hear us? (haha yeah) we love you too much, Ate…” It was just so funny. So at 11:40ish, I said goodnight, and Gella goes, “Goodnight, Ate, love you (love you, too, hun, goodnight)… oh, wait, Ate, wait! Gello wants to say something to you.” ? “‘Night, I love you… and you love me more than you love my sister, right?”


I went straight to sleep after hanging up.

Oh, but I was just at Walmart about half an hour ago, and I’d just walked in and then my cell goes off. It’s Gella’s cell, but it turns out it’s Gello. “Ate, can you tell my sister to go swimming with me? She won’t take me swimming.”

Good timez. I don’t think I managed to get her to go. Haha. Oh and it’s even funnier that Gello doesn’t have an accent but Gella does. Silly kiddes. […]

11:53 AHHHHHH DEVIN’S LETTER CAMEEEEEEE!! it took 9 days to get here. WHEEEEE INTERNATIONAL MAIIIIIILLLL. Lol. Sorry. It’s just SO COOL to see Aisa / Via Alcione, 207 / Palazzina 1, Piano 1, Int 2 / Francavilla al Mare, Chieti (CH) 66023 / ITALY xD Lol. Ok. I’m gonna go write back now. :D :D :D

13:53 […] Mother’s finally reading LotR […] and it’s giving her a better appreciation of the movie overall, she says, but that’s not the point, the point is —

Mom: Do you think Tolkien meant for the Fall of Sauron to be on the Annunciation?
me: Wait… really?? I didn’t know…
Mom: AIS. That’s also the day of your Consecration.
me: OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!

I WAS CONSECRATED ON THE SAME DAY SAURON WAS DESTORYYYYYYYEEEDDDD?!?!?!?!!?!? do you know how insanely HYPER that makes me!?!?!??? :D […]



12:14 Ok so Paco and Migi are SO good at putting the baby down without waking him up. They say the secret is to just put him down and not be too careful about it, ’cause that’s what wakes him up. So Migi just put him down in such a position that makes it look like his neck’s gonna be cramped when he wakes up…

Mom: Look at him. These boys are so good. He’s just sleeping; he’s not even comfortable!
Migi: Wait, I have to make him comfortable?

21:36 Oh, so, yeah, I finished my list, and so I was on fb again. Hooray. And now I have a much much better appreciate of the Reformation. I have only one complaint. First the author says that the Arian heresy was the most formidable, then he says the heresy of Mohammed was the most formidable, fortunately does NOT use the phrase ‘most formidable’ in reference to either the Albigensian heresy or the Reformation, and so I thought oh ok, he probably just slipped, but THEN I reach the section on the Modern Attack and he uses it AGAIN. OH GEEZE. You know what, I’m gonna find those sentences just to be absolutely sure that I’m not imagining things.

pg. 15 — I shall then in these pages examine in turn the five great movements I have mentioned, and I will take them in historical order, beginning with the Arian business – which, as it was the first, was also, perhaps, the most formidable.

pg. 52 — Now that we have understood why Islam, the most formidable of heresies, achieved its strength and astounding success we must try to understand why, alone of all the heresies, it has survived in full strength and even continues (after a fashion) to expand to this day.

pg. 155 – The modern attack on the Faith (the latest and most formidable of all) has advanced so far that we can already affirm one important point quite clearly: of two things one must happen, one of two results must become definite throughout the modern world.

[…] honest this is one of the most interesting books I’ve read ever, but HONESTLY! even at the length of one hundred and sixty-one pages, how did that get past the editors??????? xD Aisa is not impressed. Hahahaha. And I think Hilaire Belloc is as good an author as Warren Carroll and I have a heck of a lot of respect for someone who can write with such… hmm… unbiased-ness?, but Carroll keeps things straight in his head! Wanna bet if I read other stuff by Belloc, I’d find most formidable all over the place? :D :D :D

So back to the Reformation. Belloc was hammering that at the time, it wasn’t as we know it today, as Catholic vs. Protestant. That at the time, there were real evils within the Church that needed to be dealt with, and that, as far as that goes, the Reformation was something necessary and correct. I follow that. And then he points out that somewhere, things went wrong, and instead of Christendom being strengthened as a whole, it became split up into two camps that now survive as knowing the other to be hostile. It never really hit me before […] … that

… there is no such thing as a religion called “Christianity” — there never has been such a religion.
There is and always has been the Church, and various heresies proceeding from a rejection of some of the Church’s doctrines by men who still desire to retain the rest of her teaching and morals. But there never has been and never can be or will be a general Christian religion professed by men who all accept some central important doctrines, while agreeing to differ about others. There always has been, from the beginning, and will always be, the Church, and sundry heresies either doomed to decay, like Mohammedanism, to grow into a separate religion.

Side note… does it seem to you like that last sentence was muddy? Dude, I should’ve been this guy’s editor ;) Isn’t it missing an ‘or’ in there? :D

Of a common Christianity there never ha sbeen and never can be a definition, for it has never existed.
There is no essential doctrine such that if we can agree upon it we can agree to differ about the rest: as for instance, to accept immortality but deny the Trinity. A man will call himself a Christian though he denies the unity of the Christian Church; he will call himself a Christian though he denies the presence of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament; he will cheerfully call himself a Christian though he denies the Incarnation.
No; the quarrel is between the Church and the anti-Church — the Church of God and the anti-God — the Church of Christ and the Anti-Christ.

22:21 Mother made more Tiramisu. I am in heaven :D And I am proud of myself. Two less drafts in my draft folder. I finally replied to Asher and Josiah after… *cough* five days. Oh geeze. Not a way to keep up a good relationship with a budding author and a… kidnapper…? Oh I do love making Asher sound so much more horrible than he actually is… […]


9:37 […] Wow… home in… 9 days. BLAH. Anyway, we went to the beach yesterday morning, that was fun. But ok, fine, I’ll be really glad not to be here during tourist season, ’cause the beaches are totally transformed. Rows of umbrellas three feet apart that you can rent the shade of. They’re not there in the off-season, so we had the beach completely to ourselves. Horrible, horrible. So yeah, I admit, I’ll be glad to NOT be here while all the tourists are here.

11:48 […] More mail!!! :D :D :D Kim Kim’s letter took… 6 days to get here :D :D :D *happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!* lol

12:39 So I went and bought bread and taralli at Conad and on my way there, I thought, huh, I wonder how many steps it is. So on my way back, I counted. It’s roughly 697 paces in one direction, from the door of Conad to the door of our apartment. But […] that means I’d have to walk to Conad seven times and back and then one more in one direction to hit the 10,000-steps-a-day-equals-a-fit-adult rule.

me: I wonder what singing while walking does.
Mom: What?
me: Or singing while biking…
Mom: Or carrying a 50 lb weight while walking?
me: Yeah. Exactly. It makes a difference, right?
Mom: Yeah.
me: So how does that compute? Singing while walking equals how many less steps do you have to take a day?
Mom: You’re asking me?

lol. ?

And now I’m eating taralli. […] Taralli + Pecorino + Spumanti. WOW.  […] it’s THE perfect combination! Taralli is this breadstickish like thing and it’s made with flour, white wine, olive oil, and salt. That’s it. That and then some nice thick slices of pecorino cheese and a half-glass of Spumanti. Heavenly.


15:26 So on April 9th, I drew this dragon. But he only took up the top half of the page. After numerous attempts to fill the bottom half with scenes that I knew exactly how I wanted to go, but failing completely, I left it alone. So then yesterday, I picked up my sketch book again and tried something completely different while listening to The Heart of Everything. It’s not quite what I wanted, but it’ll do. Mother says it’s morbid. That makes it good enough for me =) A dragon and a… black… unicorn, and a wolf, and a… person… with wings like the dragon’s, everybody’s got blood on some part of them or another, and behind them are… well… blue rocks.. Paco was like oh is it lapis lazuli and I’m like oh yay yeah why don’t we go with that… and there’s bloody cracks running down the rocks. Nope, nobody would be able to tell you that except me, ’cause doesn’t look anything like what I say it is, but sure.

The other week, I was holding Nino and Mother came towards him, and he suddenly lunged forward and head-butted her. Ate Aisa is thrilled that baby-boy is so aggressive :)

So… I’m in this mode again. I’m impatient to be gone, to get home, get it over with, and get back here. Which is strange. I’ve never felt that way about home before. But then I guess it’s because this place has become home, too. I’d love to just go to college here. Ahaha but that would be rather comical; I’d be the oldest student by four years xD I can’t remember if I told you about that already… they start even earlier here than in the Pinas. Pinas is 16, here it’s 14, they’re out by the time they’re 18, which explains why I see a lot of kids younger than myself out and about in a clearly college-style life, with their own cars and scooters and rarely accompanied by adults. Stumped me before. Now I get it. But then it’s sad; you see a lot of them smoking, too, out on the streets. They congregate with their scooters around dowtown Pescara to have lunch and a smoke. Some of them don’t seem to be any older than Paco, and certainly younger than Jon. Or maybe I’ve just been sheltered… lol.

22:07 […] We just got back from the beach… so much fun. If Paco hadn’t had his headlight, I wouldn’t have known that I was so far down until the water hit me, it was pitch-black, and there was a misssstttt.

22:27 STATIC VESSELS?? ON THE RADIO!?!? AT MIDNIGHT HERE???????? I am so waking up for that.


10:09 Woohoooo it’s a good thing I didn’t wake up for SV. They woke me up at like 8ish and we went to the beach, walked along the coast one way, and then on the street back home. We just got back. I believe the agenda for the rest of today is pack, lunch, nap/quiet time, downtown pescara hanggang sawa… and then idk from there. Why does everyone look different in pictures after only three months?! Kim looks so much older, so does Mariel, or maybe it’s just that their hair is longer, Gabriella and Lexie got haircuts and that makes them look older, Jon looks taller and is it just me or are his shoulders broadening out, Matt’s hair is too long and that makes him look older […] Candisse… I don’t know but she looks different, too, and and it’s like Gabe’s the only one who doesn’t change. Grr.

11:34 […] English may be horrible for spelling compared to tagalog and Italian and whatnot, but there are some things that you just can’t express properly in other languages. Well. I guess every language has that, right? Like ‘lambing’ and ‘basta’ and ‘hanep’ and ‘astig’ in tagalog. Seriously, have you ever tried translating ‘astig’ for someone? I mean, you can just say it’s ‘cool’ but that’s hardly a satisfactory translation because ‘astig’ is ‘tigas’ mixed up and then you have to explain what ‘tigas’ is and why you would use that to describe someone and how it translates into a compliment… kind of like how would you explain to an italian that ‘sick’ in English is now interchangeable with cool? I hate that, btw.

But, ok, ok, get this — You know in HP7 where Ron says, “Overkill, mate.”? And where Harry yells, “GENUIS!”? Well, in Italian, Ron’s line becomes « Mi sa che hai esagerato, amico » and Harry’s becomes « Sei un genio! » I just think ‘overkill’ becoming… 5 words! is ridiculous. If it takes five words to convey ‘overkill’ in Italian, then there’s just no way you can get the… full… flavor? of it. Bah! :D

12:57 The weather’s been crazy hot these past few days, and there’s no AC so we leave our windows and all the doors to the balcony open all day, and the windows at night. The clothes have also been drying faster as a result, so we can do two to four loads a day, depending. Which is necessary, ’cause… yeah. I’m pretty sure I already told you the washer here’s 1/4th the size of ours at home. And now that there are seven of us and a baby changes clothes three to four times more often than the rest of us… yep. Lol.

13:46 Muahaha. I was messing with my laptop… the background is now black and white… and my screensaver went from ribbons to bubbles… but you know what the best part is? windows/start menu/taskbar are now NEON PINK :D :D :D or as close as I could get it after messing with the color mixer. Lalala.

14:07 […] Aisa is making a bunch of lists. List #1 is Aisa’s To-Do List To Take Effect The Minute She Walks Into Her Room, List #2 is Things To Pack For The Second Leg In Italy, List #3 is Things To NOT Get Used To While Home For Two Months, List #4 is Videos To Be Uploaded To YouTube While At Home With Super Reliable Unlimited High-Speed Internet, List #5 is Pictures To Take While At Home.

So bits and pieces of list three are… reliable unlimited high-speed internet… wall-to-wall carpeting… driving… being able to call people… not being afraid fo falling off of my bed (isn’t that sad? at home, I have a loft, and I’m not scared of falling, but here, having a normal-level bed is canceled out by it being 2.5 feet wide).. Having Lots Of Books… hahaha oh that last part is pure torture… […]

20:32 […]  we went to the beach […]

Low tide, Yena was able to get to the sandbank by herself. Mmm I headed out to wear it was a little more than waist-deep and did some handstands… Yena got scared ’cause I did an egg and I stayed still so long she thought I was dead. Uhm… yeah. And then when I came up again, she said I looked scary. ? Weird. So after that, I didn’t do any more eggs… just sat around on the sandbank… yeah, it was that low, pretty nice.

Oh Yena. I saw somebody that looked like my friend in PA and I was like hey Mum he looks like Kenzo and then I was like OH DUH KEN’S HALF ITALIAN. I’d completely forgotten. The point is, that led to other things, and Yena was holding Mother’s hand but walking slightly ahead of her, and I was walking some feet behind Mother, and Yena wasn’t saying anything to begin with, so we didn’t know she was listening, and all of a sudden she jumped in…

me: … asked me if my shoes were uncomfortable. I mean, I was amused that he was concerned about something like that, but it was kinda… weird.. and funny…
Mom: Well, he was also being brotherly.
Yena: He was being tactful.

Mother looked back at me and we laughed silently to each other and I was like I GOTTA TELL DEV THAT. Lol. Yena joining in social commentary? xD So funny.


22:01 Hmm… we made another pilgrimage today. But.. I think I’ll leave it till tomorrow to write about, because I’m still mulling things over. […]


3:08 Well now. […] I cannot access the internet, even though the key was supposedly refilled just this morning. What?? Ridiculous. I got up at 3 AM to deal with a problem I thought we’d learned how to handle. Oh that is so frustrating. Goodnight.

13:07 Aha and now I have internet again. So weird. Apparenly, the system was down this morning. Bleh.

16:18 We just got home from Auchan… have I told you about all the gelatos I’ve had this past month? Geeze […]. Nino-boy is addicted to gelato. If we get gelatos, he’ll stare at you for a while with this sad face and eventually will start crying if you don’t give him any. And then once you give him some, he’ll cry if you don’t give him more fast enough. He’s so.. so… pitiable! Lol. Ok so all the gelatos I’ve had… eh. I can’t keep them all straight in my head. The best are the ones where you can really taste the alcohol… like Crema Rum and Zuppa Inglese and Limoncello… but let me see, what else have I had… Frutti di Bosco… Caffe… Tiramisu… Cioccolato Bianco… some coconut thing that I can’t remember the name of… Limone… Stracciatella or something I can’t spell… lol

18:56 […] I’m packing. Today didn’t feel like Monday ’cause Daddy came home for lunch and was off the rest of the day. So there’s only tomorrow… […] we leave on Thursday at 6 AM for Rome, our flight is at… I think 11 or something on Friday, and we get home around 10 PM Rome time… so about 4 PM there. Wow. Home at 4 PM on Friday. *sigh* We just got here […]. Geeze.

Mmm I just got back from the beach. No, that is inaccurate. I just got out of the shower after having been to the beach. There we go. Poor Yeni; Paco and Migi and I were practicing our breaststrokes/backstrokes to and from the sandbank while Yena sat at the water’s edge and looked glum, and when I came over, she said, “Ate. I want to learn to swim.” Bless her.

So our pilgrimage yesterday… was to the House of Loreto. It was such a fitting last pilgrimage […]… For years upon years now, Papa always prays the Litany of Loreto every night after the rosary. I had a flashback.. five and a half years ago, Papa and Mama and Uncle and I were in Sorrento, and Papa had just finished, and the lights were out but we were all still awake and talking, and Uncle asked, “Papa, paano n’yo po na-memorize yun?” I didn’t realize I’d been hearing it for so many years until Mother… haha, let me backtrack. Sunday morning, Mother woke me up at 7:15, Mass was at 8. While I was getting dressed, she went online on my laptop and was checking one of the 4real mom’s itinerary for their Europe trip, and listed there was a pilgrimage to the House of Loreto. So Mother went and checked it out, and when she realized what it was… quick change of plans :D She found out that Mass was held at the Bascilica there every hour between 7 and 12, and then again in the afternoon from… hmm.. I forget what the afternoon Masses were. The point is, Dad decided on the spot that we’d just go to Mass there. Loreto is 1.5 hours from here :D So we grabbed some of the snacks we’d intended for Rome, and made it to the 11 o’clock Mass. After Mass, we hung out there until around 3 or 4 and made it home in time for dinner.

What can I say […]? We’ve crawled up the steps that Our Lord bled on during His Passion, and we’ve touched the walls that sheltered the Holy Family at Nazareth. We’ve seen the Presence of God in the form of The Flesh of His Own Heart, and the uncorrupted flesh of one of His holiest servants. We’ve seen the thorns and the nails that pierced Our Savior, the wood of His Cross… these past three months have been insane […]. And I’m still taking it way too much for granted.

21:34 […] Mmm I was looking through stuff… and I came across pics from ’00 and ’01. Mother was here next to me and I laughed and said, “Oh, the days we thought we’d never get over, and eight years later we’re over them. Hah.. does that mean eight years from now, I’ll be over days like today?” […]


10:47 […]  while we were at Auchan yesterday… the five of us kids usually go to the electronics section while Mommy and Daddy shop… so we were there, and they had HSM1 and Twilight and Madagascar 2 and Fantastic Four and Hancock were on. We usually decide to pick the ones that aren’t dubbed.. so I couldn’t hear FF or T at all, and we didn’t want to watch the latter anyway, I told them not to watch H ’cause Daddy watched it on the plane months back and said it wasn’t any good, so they were watching M2 and I was with them but Nino got fussy so I went around and HSM1 was in the middle of Start of Something New and I was like oh it’s in english and then I noticed the Italian subtitles and so I read the subtitles and laughed ’cause they were trying to make it rhyme still in Italian, you know? rotfl. And then when the song was over… it was dubbed! and I thought to myself, ok wait. It’s an english musical. Meaning all the songs are in english with Italian subtitles and the rest of the movie’s in Italian? I just thought that was hilarious. Oh oh! and as if Troy’s voice wasn’t high enough to begin with, they found someone with an even higher voice for the Italian voice-over. And Gabriella’s whinier and even more girly-girlish. Or maybe that’s just the way Italians talk. That’s how the girls get when they come up and want to hold Nino.

Oh that! Do people do that in the US??? Seriously! Wherever we go, people are not content cooing over Nino, pinching his cheeks, patting his hands and feet, no! they want to hold him. As in these girls just come up to Dad and ask to take him and have pictures with him. Like OH my gosh. Please, ladies. And apparently, Italian babies are small, despite the fact that they end up pretty tall, ’cause several times already people ask how old he is and when we say he’s five months, they insist he’s big for five months and he looks more like eight blah blah blah. *ebr* Yeah, whatever xD sure. Haha.

So then Aisa went and listened to the HSM soundtrack before going to bed. Hahahaha I should tell Kim Kim. Oh and today I discovered that When There Was Me And You only works when you sing it with a whiny teeny-bopper voice, it totally does not work when you try to sing it with a mature Sara Bareilles type voice. Or maybe it’s the corny background music. I would love to hear Sara Bareilles do that song.

Which reminds me, did you see that link Ate Candice posted on facebook? Love Story Meets Viva La Vida? Lol.

Oh MORE MAIL! Ate Rissa’s wedding invitation came. And I just love staring at our international address in lovely neat calligraphy. Hahaha.

Hmm… it bothers me that there’s a group called b5 which has absolutely no relation to my former employers at b5media which we sometimes refered to as b5. :P yes alright I’m still listening to HSM.

ANYway. I’m hungry. Excuse me while I have my second breakfast. […]

19:26 I took the kids the beach earlier, but didn’t swim myself. There’s this pole (which wasn’t there before, they must’ve put it up around the same time as the umbrellas) that Daddy usually sits by with all our stuff and Nino while the four of us older kids go swimming, and so Migi and Yena got there first and dropped their shoes by it, but then Paco goes, “Ate. ODIs.” “What??” “ODIs!!! You don’t know what ODIs are??” “No?!” “OBSCENELY DRESSED ITALIANS, ATE! Sheesh!” Yeah… three guys standing right in front of the pole. […] I yelled to the kids, “YOU’RE GONNA SET ME UP IN FRONT OF THE ODIs?!?!!??!?!?!” We ended up walking along the beach and setting up at another pole, but when the kids were already in the water, more ODIs decided they liked our spot, too.

[…]  I’d hate to try and teach a ToB class here addressing the virtue of dressing modestly. Honestly […]. And what’s worse is, maybe I can tolerate just the girls dressing scantily, but honestly. The guys, too?! Uncle Eric was telling us that the guys are worse than the girls — I didn’t believe him until… Sheesh. It’s unforgivable, honestly. If they’d just stay on the beach, but no! you see them walking on the streets pushing their shopping carts home — meaning they went grocery shopping at Conad or wherever… in their Speedos?? Yuckkkkkkkk.

Mmm shopping carts. They have the chain system here… where you have to put in 1E to get a cart, and then you get it back when you return it. So, you know, they don’t care where you take it, ’cause you’ll only get your money back if you put it back where you’re supposed to… or you could purchase your own personal cart for 1E and it’s your problem if it gets stolen ’cause it’s not on the chain with all the others and therefore easier to run with xD Hmm… Yeah. I think I’ll go steal a cart…

20:14 Yum yum yum, fried chicken for dinner. Lunch was a hot dog/spinach/tomato/mozzarella di bufala omeleteeeeee with rice :D Did I mention I’m not a fan of four-wheel drive? on carts. Yeah… all four wheels swivel… which makes it VERY HARD to push. Although, you can go sideways… but when sideways is easier than going straight forward, then… no. Paco loves them, but gah.

[…] I miss moymoypalaboy! Oh geeze, I have to put that somewhere on my list of things to do when I get home… […] I’ll watch Girflriend and Wannabe and The Ordertaker and then I’ll call her. Hmm.. I’m listening to Girlfriend now. And I can see them in my head! Oh geeze. I’ve definitely watched too much of them…

21:02 Geeze, I’ve been sleeping a lot since it got hotter. Hmm… what else is new? I’ve had this ache inside since afternoon… I’ve been trying to ignore it… I can’t understand it. I spent my babysitting-at-the-beach time writing to Sean.. and when I got home I just had this ache inside. I hate when the weight-on-my-chest metaphor decides to move past being metaphorical and actually hurts. […] It’s hard enough when the past comes in bits and pieces… but when it suddenly decides to flood you… and you can’t escape it. And it’s like… it’s like I hate it, but I love to drown, just for the… satisfaction… of knowing I’m drowning. Hahaha weird way to put it. Aisa’s strange. And she’s been doing a lot of this third person stuff since she got here… to Kim, to Mariel, to Michelle, to Todd, to Kenny, to Sean, to everyone… why? It’s almost as if sometimes life is easier looking at oneself from that perspective… watching her go through this and go through that and deal with this and deal with that… so much fun… ’cause then you can go P&Ling. Haha. Oh geeze… Aisa’s talking to herself… sure sign of madness, says Ninong, talking to yourself. Oh yes.. bleh..

21:35 Offline gmail’s driving me NUTS. It says I have new mail but it hasn’t synced yet. Ok, ok, so it’s not offline gmail. It’s Italian internet. AAARRRGHHHH.

21:48 Ahahaha. The four boys are going around the house with their shirts off. It’s so comical. Just ’cause there’s these three big guys and then this little tiny guy in just his diapee. Rotflwtime. And he’s so TABA. xD


8:50 […] I probably won’t have any time to write anyway today with all the packing/cleaning/babysitting/cleaning/packing/packing/cleaning/screaming to do. […]


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