The Things I Never Blogged About Italy, Part VI


22:24 Mama and Papa and Tito Nato and Tita Dolly arrived today. I watched Mama and Papa play with Nino for about half an hour after dinner. Like, I just sat there and watched.


9:51 So we’re going on a bus ride as soon as Tito Nato’s done showering. I think I should finish that email to Papa Leo while waiting. […]

10:07 Hmm… waiting. For the memory card to be emptied. I think we’re going shopping downtown.

21:35 Such beauty in simplicity. […]


22:07 We saw an Incorruptible today. And I started having the strangest thoughts about death. Or maybe they only seemed strange because I’d never thought them before. Incorruptibles are scary things […]. Scary in an totally august way. Have you ever seen an Incorruptible? Don’t leave earth without seeing an Incorruptible. If people refuse to recognize fetuses for the miracles that they are, at least no one can deny the miraculosity (is that a word xP) of an Incorruptible. They satisfy and deny all the laws of science and are politically incorrect. Gosh, I love it.


15:54 So we went to the 11 AM mass today for the first time, and wow it’s crowded and that’s where all the kiddies are. Lol. I think Daddy’s taking everyone to the train station. Something about already having a hotel booked for so many nights in Switzerland but they haven’t figured out how they’re getting there? Hahahaha oh goodness. They are so funny :D

4/20 […]

20:22 Tito Nato and Tita Dolly left today. Haha, they’ll be back in a day or two. It was really funny… Everyone always jokes that I inherited Papa’s memory.. in terms of capacity… like for birthdays and stuff… oh man, Papa can tell us all the different phone numbers they’ve had since they moved to the US from the pinas, he can tell us all the phone numbers we’ve had since Mother left the house… to give some examples. The point is, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised; last night, he was going over the specifics of a certain two days of our trip to Italy… five and a half years ago. As in he was telling us how… in tagalog, mind you… “Your dad dropped us off at Orvietto. We took the train from Orvietto to Rome, and then from Rome to Pompeii. The train went in one direction to Rome, and then the completely opposite direction to Pompeii. From Pompeii we took the train to Vesuvius. You and your Uncle Topey got off and wandered around while your Mama and I waited for you for about two hours. When you finally came back, we took the train to Sorrento. We went around at night and found dinner, then we went and found a hotel and slept there.” He went on to describe the next day’s events… but, anyway, so he told us all this, and then he told Tito Nato and Tita Dolly that if they were going to go to Pompeii, they should do exactly what we did, because Sorrento’s nice at night… etc. etc. So… that’s what Tito Nato and Tita Dolly are off doing. They took the bus to Pescara Centrale, went to the train station, and mimicked our doings from five and a half years back. I’m just amused, I suppose. Oh, Papa. I love him so much.


11:07 […] we were praying the Liturgy of the Hours the other week, first time that Dad’s had time to join us, and I feel like sharing the 2nd reading.. just because it was one of those read-one-line-then-stop-to-breath-and-ponder-and-internalize readings. So I’m totally messing up the paragraphs and typing it up double-spaced by sentence, ’cause I think it makes sense to. Eh.

If we wish to understand the power of Christ’s blood, we should go back to the ancient account of its prefiguration in Egypt. (<– side note that I think it’s funny that gmail thinks ‘prefiguration’ is misspelled xD)

Sacrifice a lamb without blemish, commanded Moses, and sprinkle its blood on your doors.

If we were to ask him what he meant, and how the blood of an irrational beast could possibly save men endowed with reason, his answer would be that the saving power lies not in the blood itself, but in the fact that it is a sign of the Lord’s blood.

In those days, when the destroying angel saw the blood on the doors he did not dare to enter, so how much less will the devil approach now when he sees, not that figurative blood on the doors, but the true blood on the lips of believers, the doors of the temple of Christ. (wow)

If you desire further proof of the power of this blood, remember where it came from, how it ran down from the cross, flowing from the Master’s side.

The gospel records that when Christ was dead, but still hung on the cross, a soldier came and pierced his side with a lance and immediately there poured out water and blood.

Now the water was a symbol of baptism and the blood, of the holy eucharist. (gmail thinks uncapitalized ‘eucharist’ is wrong. nice to note.)

The soldier pierced the Lord’s side, he breached the wall of the sacred temple, and I have found the treasure and made it my own.

So also with the lamb: the Jews sacrificed the victim and I have been saved by it.

There flowed from his side water and blood.

Beloved, do not pass over this mystery without thought; it has yet another hidden meaning, which I will explain to you.

I said that water and blood symbolized baptism and the holy eucharist.

From these two sacraments the Church is born: from baptism, the cleansing water that gives rebirth and renewal through the Holy Spirit, and from the holy eucharist.

Since the symbols of baptism and the eucharist flowed from his side, it was from his side that Christ fashioned the Church, as he had fashioned Eve from the side of Adam. (that line makes me shiver, it’s so insanely beautiful…)

Moses gives a hint of this when he tells the story of the first man and makes him exclaim: Bone from my bones and flesh from my flesh!

As God then took a rib from Adam’s side to fashion a woman, so Christ has given us blood and water from his side to fashion the Church. (woww)

God took the rib when Adam was in a deep sleep, and in the same way Christ gave us the blood and the water after his own death. (yikes)

Do you understand, then, how Christ has unnited his bride to himself and what food he gives us all to eat?

By being one and the same food we are both brought into being and nourished.

As a woman nourishes her child with her own blood and milk, so does Christ unceasingly nourish with his own blood those to whom he himself has given life.

[…] It makes me sad thinking that things like this were hashed out by the Fathers of the Church and set to writing so many centuries back and passed down from generation to generation, yet how many Catholics today are aware of the beauty of the intricacies of their Faith… All they see is that so-and-so is politically incorrect to openly affirm, etc. etc. How the Saints must pity us! I find myself musing over the same things, like this, over and over again, and why, after reading of them, I felt like I already knew it all inside, I just couldn’t put it into words before. And always I come to the same conclusion, that we do know the Truths of the Faith, because of the fact that we were created for the single purpose of being one with Truth. And then I realize that there’s information… and then there’s information. Everything one can learn in school about math and history and science and whatnot is just that, things to be learned… and yet there’s a world of information inside of us that we simply don’t know is there. It does not need to be learned, so much as that it needs to be dug out… that information that is ingrained in our very nature as humans… that information is everything pertaining to the Creator. The Truths of our being are in our very being, how sad God must be when we don’t even try to dig it out… He wrote Himself on our hearts when He gave us life, we are the fingerprints of God. Every single cell speaks of Him.

Hm… and now I want to read A Wind in the Door again xD

13:48 […]

Migi: So Ate’s becoming more man-like?
Mom: I did NOT say that.
Migi: Oh it’s ok. I just did.

What??? Where did that reply come from, eh…

Migi: Paco, Paco, you look so thin compared to Ate.
Paco: Did you just call Ate fat? You called Ate fat!!
Migi: No, no! Not her body, I meant… I meant her head!
Paco: What?!! Her head?! Dude, that’s so mean!
Migi: Ok, ok, not her head! I meant her legs!
me: What??
Migi: No, your feet! Feet, feet, feet!
Paco: Dude! If you’re insulting her feet, then you’re insulting her head!

*me goes to kitchen*

me: Mom, are you hearing this?
Mom: Hm?
me: *recounts conversation*
Mom: Ok…
me: I love how scientific their train of thought is.
Mom: Uhuh.
me: Mom… do you get it??
Mom: Uhm, no.
me: Oh geeze, Mom.

*Mother and I go back to the sala*

me: The length of your foot is the length of your head.
Mom: Wait… really?
Paco: Yeah! The length of your foot is the length of your head, that’s why I said… […]
Mama: Ang alam ko ay pag pumipili ng pantalon, if you put the waistline around your neck.
Paco: Wait… what?
me: Yeah. When you’re shopping and you choose your pants, if you can bring the waist around your neck then it fits you.
Paco: How does that work out if… * measures with hands*
me: Because twice around your neck is once around your waist.
Migi: Twice around your wrist is once around your neck.
Mama: And twice around your neck is once around your waist.
me: Geeze, God is so very scientific. But do you get it, Mom? That’s why I keep saying Nino’s so disproportionate. His foot is the length of his ear!
Migi: So you mean Nino’s foot is this long… *measures with fingers*
me: Well, no, a little longer than his ear. But do you get it Mom?
Mom: Yes, yes.
Paco: If I were as disproportionate as Nino, my head would be this big. *indicates with hands*

*me goes to my room to type up conversation […]* […] I’m currently having white chocolate yogurt. I have completely forgotten the taste of yogurt. The last time I had yogurt was when we still bought Go-Gurt. Which means that was… probably about five or six years ago now. And I am still currently off milk. Which means I have not tasted milk since we discovered rice milk… probably about six years ago, yeah. I don’t know what milk tastes like anymore […]. Oh, and…

me: I’ve totally forgotten what yogurt tastes like, Mother. This doesn’t taste familiar to me.
*Mother dips ice cream fork into my yogurt and tries it*
Mom: Ew. What is that.
me: … white chocolate yogurt…
Mom: It doesn’t taste like yogurt.
me: Oh… well then I guess that’s why it doesn’t taste familiar to me??



11:50 They’re leaving today. Which makes me sad. It means I don’t know when I’ll see Mama and Papa again. That bothers me. I grew up across the street from them. I think I’ve told you that before. Anyway… […] Did I explain about internet? Wait, let me hunt up…

From: Aisa
Date: 2009/4/17
To: “Nate”

so let’s go for the long explanation.

basically, internet in italy, perhaps kit could tell you, is this little thingy that plugs into your usb port, BUT it is NOT guaranteed that your area is covered. meaning we basically purchased a service that’s supposed to allow us 100 hours a month, but that is crap. a) we can’t always get on, b) it’s usually slow so our time is used up just loading pages, and c) for two weeks now, it’s been giving us error notifications, whatever.

so the point is, easter monday, we found high-speed internet in our backyard. yeah.

except it was here monday and here tuesday and not here wednesday and here yesterday and here today. but it disappears at 6 PM sharp. aka, 12 PM your time. meaning i can’t talk to anyone past 12 PM. heh. ok… hope that explains things xD

– ais

From: Nate
Date: 2009/4/20
To: Aisa

That sucks. See? You should come back to the states.

Oh Nate. As if it were that easy. […]

12:53 […] Nino has food allergies. He’s been breaking out all over his back, neck, face, and he keeps scratching the back of his head. And we’re having a hard time trying to pinpoint exactly what it is he’s allergic to because he’s still entirely dependent on Mother. So Mother’s been trying to keep track of what she’s eating, but of course we can’t determine if Nino’s reaction is immediate or delayed, by either Mother or his own body. Poor baby’s asking to be carried a lot =( He looks so miserable at times.


20:52 Nino’s crying =) Mother’s giving him a bath. It’s funny… and it makes one wonder… they’ve already completely forgotten what it was to be completely surrounded by fluid? lol. He squirms and complains as Mother splashes water on him.

We’re leaving at 6 again tomorrow. We’re spending the weekend in Rome. I think we’ll try to meet up with the brethren while we’re there.

No internet today. We left the house at around 10, got home around 2. We went shopping again at Pescara Centrale, except we tried to be a little more systematic about it than we have been in past…. we went street by street the way you go aisle by aisle in the grocery store. But it didn’t quite work. […] honestly, even if we went to the Centrale every day for the rest of our stay, we wouldn’t make it to all the streets there is to see. Drives me nuts. Because there are good stores there and I want to check out every single one! but I suppose if that’s torture, then shopping in Rome will be even worse =)

So Daddy and Migi dropped everyone off at the train station yesterday, but then there was a one hour delay, so Dad and Migi came back for us… oh, yeah […] We fit everyone in the microvan. Daddy and Papa in front, Mama and Tita Dolly and Tito Nato and Paco and Migi in the middle, Mommy and Yena and Nino and I in the back. We were at Auchan and this one lady eating in her car was laughing at us piling in. She even got out of her car to help us close the door, she thought we were so funny. Anyway, so only Daddy and Migi went to drop them off ’cause we couldn’t all fit PLUS they’re luggage, you know. But then they came back for us ’cause of the delay so they thought we might as well see them off. When we got there, we found out that the delay had been changed from one hour to one and and a half some 20 minutes back. But then Daddy looked at the board and it said one hour ten minutes — the train would be there in 10 minutes! (Oh, yeah, there was traffic so it took Daddy an hour to drop them off and then come back for us and then go back there.) If we hadn’t come, they wouldn’t’ve gone up for another 20 minutes, and they would’ve missed the train. God is amazing =) So we saw them off and… oh […] there’s something so different about speeding someone off on a train… as opposed to dropping them off at the airport. We ran after the train waving and making faces back at Tito Nato… and it’s just something else… to watch the train speed up… and eventually be too fast for us to keep up and then… gone. I wasn’t going to cry but then Yena cried first which made me cry and… heh. Tito Nato’s my favorite out of all Mama’s siblings.

So they were off to Switzerland yesterday. Who knows where they are now. Oh, we ate at La Rusticana while they were here, and between the 10 (11 with Nino) of us, we had 3 orders of roasted veggies, 4 orders of pasta, a small pitcher of red wine and 4 L of Fanta and 1 L of water, a basket or two of bread and olive oil, and 70 sticks of Arrosticini. We tallied it off at the end (on video, it’ll be on Youtube at some point xD), I had the most :D :D :D 16.5 sticks. Muaha. And then we had such a time laughing on the way home… Migi/Paco/Yena/Tito Nato/Mommy were taking turns telling jokes. I don’t think it’s good for one’s tummy to hurt that much immediately after a whole plate of ricotta-and-spinach ravioli in butter sauce and 16.5 sticks of Italian barbecue and two glasses of Fanta and half a glass of wine. Honestly. Ah well. I’m still alive. I think. Oh, no wait, I’m a zombie, right? =) […]


22:51 […] Friday… Dad woke me up at 5:45… we were supposed to leave at 6, but unlike the past two weekends, we weren’t in a hurry, so I have no idea what time we actually left, probably almost 7. […] I got this neck pouch and it’s got BABY Pooh on it :D :D :D :D I had such a time choosing between Baby Pooh and Baby Piglet and Baby Eeyore, goodness. Anyway, it’s very convenient for keeping things one should keep on one’s person on one’s person at all times without having to think which pocket what is. Hooray.

We got to Rome and the first thing I discover are the pockets inside my sweater. Yeah, it’s sad, really, ’cause Mama got me that sweater in March last year, and I never liked to put things in the outside pockets ’cause they’re pretty loose. And then a year and a month later, I discover that there are well-hidden, very secure inside pockets. Bah! :D

So Friday, we focused on the Trevi Fountain area, Saturday was for the Colosseum area, and today was for the Vatican.

And now… I should probably get some sleep. […]


12:00 So we’re about to lose water for 2 days. Haha. Great, just great… Well, take it all as it comes, eh? […]

[…]  we spent the weekend in Rome. […] highlights… well, there was the Sistine Chapel yesterday… which was totally insane… Saturday, we had breakfast at The Beehive, absolutely delicious, Yena and I had crepes with strawberries and everyone else had french toast. We met a Pinay there, Leah, and I found out that kids here start college at 14. Darn. Hehe. So her son’s my age, but he’s done and I haven’t even started…. xD Anyway, The Beehive, it’s small. A couple from LA owns it, they just decided to pack up and open a 12-room hotel in Rome with a cafe that’s smaller than our kitchen — it is the kitchen — which makes for a very comfortable, cozy atmosphere. That same day, we went to the supposed #1 Gelateria in Rome. Absolutely delicious and definitely worth the 2 km walk. Migi had crema and Yena had fragola and Mother had cioccolato and Daddy had cafe and I had cioccolato bianco and Paco had crema a limone. […]


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