The Things I Never Blogged About Italy, Part III


11:40 Fridayyyyyyyy! Woot. […]

[…]  Mother says Nino’s the happiest baby out of all of us. Uncle Eric said last night he’d never seen siblings fighting over getting to play with siblings =) Guess that’s why Nino’s so happy. […] he practically never cries. When you can distinguish between complaining noises and actual crying crying, he really never cries. He complains to let you know he wants to be picked up, but he doesn’t cry or even complain when he’s hungry or needs a diaper change. As in we’ve been noticing these past two weeks that he just trusts that we know when he’s hungry or needs changing. As in he just waits for us to notice. We’re pretty sure there’ve been instances where he probably needed a change half an hour ago and he’s just quiet, waiting for us to get around to it of our own accord. And when he’s hungry, he won’t make a sound until Mommy’s actually holding him, as if to affirm that he’s been hungry, but he’s just … a happy kid. Especially when he’s held. Whenever he’s held, he’s content, and he’ll only complain to let you know he wants you to stand up or not stand still for so long =)

Oh but there is one time when he is not happy. Or at least it’s been happening very often; we put him facedown on the bed so that he can practice crawling and stretch his neck muscles. When we first started doing this, of course he was annoyed because he couldn’t breathe until he learned to push his head up, but then he seemed to be enjoying it. And yet recently — this past week — he’s been doing a lot of complaining almost as soon as we put him in this position. As if he knows it’s gonna take him a while before he can get anywhere by himself and would prefer to be carried to wherever, haha. It’s so funny. We let him complain, though; he needs to practice. Unless he really starts bawling, we let him complain away and sometimes cry; we’re waiting for him to roll over, because he can. And we don’t let him take shortcuts, either xD we wait until he’s rolled over all the way. It’s hilarious watching him — he uses the weight of his head to get the top half of his body over, and then he thinks we’re going to let up on him, he stares at us, looking from person to person if he can manage it in that position as if he’s asking to be spared :D but we wait till he’s brought his leg over so that he’s flat on his back, and then we let up. Poor boy! if he knew the words for it he must think we’re heartless, six of us sitting around him on the bed waiting for him to roll over and paying no heed to his annoyance! Rotfl.

Oh and sleeping — if you put him down, unless he’s in a really quiet place and absolutely no one jostles him, he’ll likely not sleep very long. But if he’s held while sleeping, he’ll sleep and sleep and sleep and then he has to be woken up to eat. He has such long conversations with us now […]! I don’t know what I like best… when he smiles and doesn’t say anything, I think I like that best; when he opens his mouth wide as if he’s going to say something and yet no sound comes out, I think I like that best; when he makes little sounds that somehow none of us can imitate, little coos and gurgles, I think those are my favorite; and then when he laughs and talks loud as if he wants to talk over you, I think that’s the best part! I can never make up my mind […] I read somewhere a mother said… “I love him best when he’s sleeping, and even better when he’s awake.” =) Oh, how I know how it is for that mother. Every moment with a baby is one’s favorite. Except maybe for changing his diaper xD but even that’s funny! He doesn’t cry when we do, he just knows he’s being cleaned up and he laughs when we’re all done.

[…] at the party, Nino was sleeping, I had him, and it was so amusing to me to see all these big… manly… men… hahaha xP all fascinated by this tiny little baby. They were all going, “Wow he’s amazing… he’s just sleeping through all this noise… crazy…” etc. etc. etc. and they were all being so careful, touching his little hands and his cheek and just barely stroking his hair, as if they were afraid he’d break. I mean, I love when Daddy has him, but while Daddy makes Nino look like a doll, of course, it’s still something to me to see these 6-foot-tall broad-shouldered guys go all shy and quiet around a three-month-old baby. So funny. =)

:D :D We have so many nicknames for him. Nino… and then Mummy calls him Buj (like budge) and Tabajing[jing]… and we call him Little Person and Nino-boy, and Baby-boy[-boy], and Lechon, and Tabachoy, and Daddy calls him Sausage, and we call him Longganisa, and I call him My Little Teddy Bear, and we say Nins, and Nins-Nins… lol.

Paco is so funny, he cried out the other day, “Oh no! I’m talking to everyone the way I talk to Nins!” It is hilarious; every now and then a sentence slips out — happens to all of us, not just Paco — that’s as if we’re talking to the baby boy. The repetition thing […]? I think part of it has to do with mothering. It just feels so natural and normal to repeat things to a baby. Like, “You’re so cute cute!” or “Want to go dance dance?” “Let’s go play play!” etc. Or maybe not even words, but repeating whole sentences two or three times. Maybe it’s one of those things in girl wiring that’s supposed to come in handy when there’s babies to talk to or something, haha. Although… Paco does it too. Migi, not so much, but Paco’s doing it. So amusing to watch the boys with Nino. […] He’s growing so fast […]. Already his hands are starting to reach out towards the table during meals. Soon he’ll be pulling at plates! Eeeeeek. Hehe. It’s all going by too fast […]! =(

12:19 Mother and I were talking. Migi was shocked =) We were saying how we didn’t miss Cincinnati. He was like, what?!

I miss people, but I don’t miss the place. I don’t miss the house. I miss being able to drive :) and I miss certain things in my room, like Pooh and my guitar and certain books, but I don’t miss the house. If we had a house as small as this [huge] apartment, I would be happy […]. I am learning to live with less, and I’m sure that is very, very good for my soul. I’m even learning to live with crappy internet :) and I’m far from distressed. But then again… maybe a small house is only good enough when it’s across the street from the sea, hahaha. I gotta say, the balcony and the area have a lot to do with it, though… but I really think I wouldn’t mind sharing a room with Yena. I already knew that I’m a packrat, but living with so little and yet never being bored is teaching me just how much I have at home that I don’t need. I’m actually rather worried about moving back. How am I gonna get rid of all that stuff once it’s all in my sight again? It’s like I need to throw everything out of my room and then purge as I put things back. That seems to be the only way. I’ll hafta figure that out…

13:34 Lunch was… bread and scrambled eggs with anchovies and Parmesan and an apple. Yum yum. And then I went out to hang the clothes to dry on the balcony. That’s always nice, I get a delicious dose of sunlight regardless of whether or not it’s warm enough to walk outside with the baby later in the afternoon. Wooo I think I’m addicted to Sara Bareilles now. Or maybe it’s just the normal becoming-familiar-with-a-new-CD phase.

14:12 Hooray, internet was nice and fast enough to download GIMP.

16:46 Oh geeze. Mother was picking pics to put on her blog.

Mum: Hey Ais, you go with the tile floor.
me: … what??? Mum, that’s super. Awesome. Could you imagine me saying that to Tita Doris? Tita Doris, you go with your wooden floor! Or Tita Karri! Or… geeze, who has a tile floor? Now I know I have to live here.

:P Ehh. She meant my skirt. But still!! would you take that as a compliment? […] what you’re wearing goes with your carpet! What?!?!

22:05 […] I still can’t believe how much I ate tonight. I don’t know if I was actually that hungry or if it was just pride… hahaha. I got a bowl of pasta and a bowl of swiss chard and a plate of cake and raspberry tart.

23:17 They called me to monitor Two Towers for them… anyway. […] I […] finished all my pasta and all my veggies and about 4 square inches of Yena’s pizza :P and my dessert. Hmm… I thought the swiss chard would make me throw up xD I forgot how much I detest the aftertaste of swiss chard, no matter how it’s cooked :D but then I had lemon sorbet when I came home […]. Lol. […]


9:13 ARRRGH. I didn’t write yesterday. But then I suppose I wrote enough on Friday for two days, didn’t I? Haha. DS for Europe, we lost an hour. So we start later and end later. ARGH so Daddy woke me up for Mass at 7 which would have been 6 and I am quite dead and now we’re gonna go ride the bus around Italy, hooray… *sigh* I am so tired. lol. […]

15:52 […] today was a good day =) Although it’s not over yet, so we’ll see. Haha. But… let me see… We went to Mass at 8 and it looked like it was going to be a gloomy day. Proceeded to Auchan, Migi and Paco and Nino and I stayed in the car and played Connect Four. I thought we were going to sleep when we got back, but it turns out we were going on a bus ride. Ok… so we went on a bus ride. And that’s when my mood started to go up =)

Basically, it was explore-with-Daddy day, so we rode the bus purely for the purpose of finding out where it goes. We rode it all the way around Francavilla al Mare/Zinn(a? i? bah)/Pescara, and then a little further along to some stop we’d passed previously. We met Pinoys :D :D :D which was nice. And we found the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We only got to peek inside because there was a Mass going on, it looked lovely. The place that we got off at was sort of like downtown Pescara, I guess, but the beach and the trees (and the sun, it’s now sunny, and it was getting hot) eliminated that feeling I usually get downtown anywhere… that city feeling… that… confined… no-breathing-space… feeling. I was born in the city but I’m no city-girl =) When we moved away from St. Louis, I found I could never feel quite so comfortable in a city setting ever again. Anyway, we went into a bookstore, found the Church, walked past lots of nice shops that made us eager to go back to that area and explore further sometime, found a Chinese restaurant (YESSS KANIN, salamat sa Diyos xD) and ate lunch there… and then after a while, we rode the bus back home. But we only stopped to get the stroller, and then we were off again kasi ang ganda na ng panahon, nainitan nga kami, eh, the kids were all wearing shorts, and only Mum was wearing long sleeves. Oh but Mommy let her hair down :D I love when Mommy lets her hair down. All of us kids do. We walked several blocks from our apartment and then to the beach. Everyone but Daddy was wearing sandals, so everyone but Daddy went barefoot in the warm sand and we all ran around and we kids went crazy =) and Mother found lots of pretty shells that she wanted to keep to draw, and Daddy wanted me to take pics of him and Mommy :) We left the beach after a while and walked several more blocks down to this huge open area, a circle ringed with trees and lights set in a low wall with two openings, one at each end, one end opens to the sidewalk, the other opens to the beach. Well the kids wanted to go back to the beach, but Mommy was tired, so she and Dad and Nino sat on the wall while the rest of us kids raced to the beach and then we all went and decided to get our feet wet. Wooo first time I stepped in the Adriatic. FREEEEZING! lol.

18:32 […] My logic skillz are horrible :D and Mastermind never gets old, does it? lol. […] Migi wants to play me next… then Paco… I’m so dead.

20:52 So yesterday, I spent most of my day discovering old videos. I found… Yena imitating Edna in Incredibles… the four of us kids dancing in the car on the way to Cali, I guess… Yena dancing with a toothbrush? small and short Paco sparring and breaking at his test for 2nd Dan… […] … the squid movies I made!!! about two years ago, I guess, I was cleaning squid for Mum, and I just decided to film myself and post it online. I never did, the files were too big *darn* haha… but that was fun… Candisse and Mariel and Matthew and Gio and my siblings in my room for what I guess was Paco’s bday party or something… […] … and the Halloween household, Tita Karri was cracking up because Tito Miel had to spin around 10 times with a stack of frogs on his head… the jazz concert May of ’07… […] … the vids Dev and I made […] …

23:42 Mum was on my laptop for about an hour, so I slept with Nino… *sigh* I’m tired. And exasperated with myself. I was practicing violin with my eyes closed. I used to be able to play Gavotte fast enough to go with the piano accompaniment on the CD. I can’t go half as fast now. Bleh. Dad said it sounded good, but I’m disgusted. […]


13:15 WOOOOOOOO Nino’s 3 months today!!!! Eeeeee!!!

But argh. So I slept at around 12 and then got up at 1 and then slept again at around 2 and then got up at 3 and chatted with… Nate and Kim Kim and Mariel and Dev… until 6. Hahaha. And then Mum woke me up at 9 to say Ann Marie was picking me up at 10. :) […]

Mom: Darling. One of your kids came up to me today, sabi n’ya, “Mom. The San Benedicto water is the best. The San Bernardo isn’t so good.” Mas masarap pa daw yung San Benedicto na tubig!
me: Actually, Mom… yeah… I have to agree…
Mom: My gosh, it’s just bottled water! You guys have to become connessieurs of bottled water???

Seriously, though, there’s bottled water where you can taste the bottle. C’mon. And then there’s bottled water that’s… hahahahaha nvm. […]

Ann Marie picked me up at around 10, and we had a time finding parking because she usually just walks, but there’s this huge market that goes on every Monday from… idk what time in the morning… until 1 PM. I’d gone to check out the place for Mum and decide if it was the sort of thing we’d want to go to, or if the kids would be bored and people wouldn’t want them around. But I was quite pleased =) I saw mothers there with strollers and it’s a bit tight in places, but it’s quite a friendly environment. The produce selection blew me away completely, there were plenty of things I didn’t recognize… I’m sure Mother would know them, but I don’t. Haha. ARTICHOKES GALORE. And they were HUGE! Ohhhhh I can already taste them… mmmmmmmmm. Arghhh it’s torture thinking of not having them again when we come home… lol. There were no fresh meats, and the fish selection was small, but it was fresh and the squid was already cleaned (wah, haha. I would’ve had fun cleaning them, they’re pretty big) and I had fun watching them clean the fish, though Ann Marie doesn’t eat fish and turned away with a look on her face. It was amusing… haha. Hmm… I got jeans. Just because I only brought one pair, so every time I wash it, I only have skirts. Which isn’t a bad thing, it’s been chilly and yet I’ve not been sick at all since we got here, but so that Mother will not scold anymore xP I thought I might as well. So anyway, yeah, it looks like we’ll be going next Monday.


11:07 Wow… Tomorrow is April. Yikes.

Maybe I shouldn’t have told Kit I’m here. He’s emailing me in Italian!!!!! Geeze! Hahaha. Oh well. I just have to work on it. Today’s another cloudy day, it looks like…

14:47 Yum yum yum. I cooked lunch. Pasta =) I’d estimate about a pound of ground meat, half beef and half pork, browned and broken up over medium heat in its own fat. Five quick swigs of olive oil once it’s all browned, a couple tablespoons of minced garlic, lots and lots of sliced mushrooms, salt and pepper to taste, switch to high heat and stir occasionally until the juices come out and cook down till there’s about half as much juice as there was once it was all out. About a fourth of a cup of red wine, and then once the alcohol’s mostly cooked down, simmer and add about a cup of heavy cream. Stir and keep warm while waiting for the pasta to be done? lol.

Hmm… I think next time I’ll add more red wine. I couldn’t taste it very well. So I had to go and drink some afterwards.

And on that note, does the lady at the minimarket down the street think I’m Yena’s mom or something? I went down before I started cooking and Yena wanted to come with me. We were out of red wine, but she didn’t even ask to see my license. I had it out, she just waved it away. Lol. Do I really *look* my age? I thought I looked 15 xD


12:53 […] WHERE DO I BEGIN?

Yena is torturing her stuffed toys.

Mother took all the eggs out of the carton to bring them to room temperature for baked hot chocolate for tonight’s party (it’s deadly, tell me if you want the recipe because it’s only got 4 ingredients and it’s ridiculously easy and it’s just killer, period), and she asked Yena if she wanted the carton. Yena said ok. About 15 minutes later, Yena came into the kitchen. She had put a cone around the neck of the beanie cat. Mother was like, ok… you do know psychologists do that to keep dogs from being distracted… Yena just shrugged and left. She came back and now had two cones around each of the front paws. Mother goes, “Are they… sleeves? (No.) Lace? (No.)” I tried next. “Cuffs?” Yena sighs and leaves, saying she’ll be right back. When she gets back, the ‘cuffs’ are tied together. “OH it’s a PRISONER?” – Mom. (YES.) “Ah… I get it now… you’re TORTURING your stuffed toys??” I have turned around because I don’t want Yena to see me laughing and I can’t just hide behind my hands because I’m holding the baby boy. But then Yena comes up to me and I hear Mother say, “Ais. She wants to show you.” I burst out laughing as I turn around. Lucky me Yena starts laughing, too. And Mom. Except then she went and did something to tie the back paws together, too.

me: Wow… she’s TORTURING her stuffed toys. Wait till I tell the Sisters… “So, honies, did any of you… ever… torture? your stuffed toysies?”
Mom: Juli won’t like that.
me: Neither would Jon. Did I ever torture my stuffed toys, Mother?
Mom: No. She gets it from me. I tortured my barbie, remember? Kasi Ais, the barbies of yesteryears had soft faces. I couldn’t get the IV into her arm, so I just slit her mouth.
me: Well… actually… you had this huge tapestry needle, see, and I kinda… made… holes… in my barbies’ feet.
Mom: What?! I was not THAT cruel.
me: I wanted to see how far in they would go. I think I poked them all the way through. She had holes in her feet. But geeze, mom, you couldn’t do her ARM so you HAD to do her FACE.
Mom: Well! What do you do if you can’t do her arm?
me: Uhm… NOT do it??
Mom: That was not an option.

About Juli… she wouldn’t’ve been happy ’cause the beanie cat was hers xP Uhm, anyway, halfway through lunch, Yena showed me that she’d bound the tail along with the pawsies, and… “Look, Ate! I made my cat into a gun!”

[…] I’m rolling on my bed with laughter as I type […]

So I’m back to dissecting Viva la Vida. I promise it’s not hitting any nerves and I love the song by itself […] =) I just feel like trying to get where it’s coming from and what it’s getting at. No, it’s not entirely random, actually. And yet it is. We were at Auchan again last night and Life in Technicolor II was playing and I was like Dude that is so overplayed here and then I woke up at 5ish this morning for no reason and my mind went all over the place ’cause it was playing in my head. I know I suck at history […]

there’s a cold war coming on the radio i… ==> cold war ==> russia ==> soviet ==> communists ==> lenin ==> sting ==> i hope the russians love their children, too ==> say what? ==> 1917 ==> where’s warren carrol when you need him ==> russia… ==> wait ==> viva la vida… ==> revolutionaries wait for my head on a silver plate ==> madam de guillotine?!?! ==> revolution… ==> french revolution?? ==> russia was Catholic… ==> france was Catholic… ==> Saint peter’s a Catholic reference ’cause protestants don’t believe in saints ==> dice… ==> what? ==> death of one king… ==> but marie antoinette’s son disappeared, they never figured out what happened to him ==> french revolution… ==> but that was the whole point, the monarchy was overthrown… ==> darn i’m not getting anywhere am i ==> do pillars of salt have historical significance or biblical? ==> danton ==> no, not danton, it can’t be danton, he repented afterwards ==> or do secular histories not take note of the spiritual significance of that ==> crapzors ==> robespierre???? ==> sleep.

Hmm… that was at 5 AM […] I think secular society focuses too much on the denial of Peter, and only because they think it of significant ‘use’ supposedly for attacks on the Church, thus they make a point of being ‘familiar’ with it; and yet they completely overlook — or avoid/ignore, because they fear it — what the denial of Peter implies in terms of how it actually strengthens the Church’s position. That was always something that annoyed me =) and yet anyone with a decent knowledge of the founding on all points could run circles around them. Ridiculous.

[…] I’m feeling quite good today. I think. Haha. The sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day, and I’ve got to finish cleaning the kitchen by 3 so that we can go walk outside. If I don’t finish it by 3, we’re stuck here, because there’ll be people coming at 7, which means we’ll need to KEEP cleaning and cooking. Ahhhhhhh […] today is such a crazy day! ’cause her mood’s out swinging on the swingset almost every day it’s like the real world meets boy meets world meets days of our lives and it just kills me how they get away with murder and she said to me that she’s so stressed out that it’s soothing and all i said was SOMEONE GET THAT GIRL A MOOD RING! wooo, my mind is gone :D I can’t even sing songs in the right order. […]

18:41 me: Mummy! Mummy! Check out my guns.
Mom: OH my gosh. You’re so impressed with yourself. Hay nako, my kids are hopeless.
me: He’s sucking on my arm. What does my arm taste like? Nino-boy, what does Ate’s guns taste like?
Mom: Hopeless.

:P I’m so weird. And hopeless, yeah. I promise I’m not at all conceited, though. How can I be a) next to Ashley’s and b) when I owe it all to the baby boy-boy? ^_^

19:17 Mom: Migs… is that what you’re wearing?
Migi: Yeah.
Mom: Those *shorts??*
Migi: Yeah.
Mom: To the party?? Migs… they’re… kind of short.
Migi: What? No, Mom! I’m wearing *these* shorts, I thought you meant *these.* *indicates shorts he was carrying under his arm* Do you think I would go around undignified?
Mom: Well, I don’t know.
me: How many 10-year-olds will say that? “Do you think I would go around undignified?”
Mom: I don’t know.
me: Was my vocabulary that extensive at that age?
Mom: I think I want potato chips.

xD Oh Mother. So basically Migi was wearing these shorts and a very long T-shirt such that only about an inch of the shorts were showing. IOW it looked rather awkward… way too short. And I told you were having a party. So Mother was asking if.. yeah.


00:32 Well that was fun. Hahaha. […] they did bring I think 15? pizzas with them, at least another 5 L of wine, and probably some 6? 7? L of soda, so… oh, and not to mention, while they didn’t leave us much soup or pasta or pie, they left LOTS of baked hot chocolate =) […]


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  1. it’s SAN BENEDETTO!!

    and its connoisseurs (french)

    ais — that’s the recipe for the bovino e suino.

    i still don’t get why they left the baked hot chocolate. HOW could anyone resist baked hot chocolate??? it boggles the mind.

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