Checklist Double-Check ~ Monday

Woke up at 7, took a shower, and went to Mass.

  • Hopefully go to daily Mass.

Came home again, had breakfast (taralli and gouda and water, YUM), and finished up my paperwork for Chef Burdsall and Mrs. Wilburn.

  • Which means I should probably finish up that paperwork…

The whole family came to school with me! and hung out in the cafeteria while I took care of things.

  • Go to school just to have a chat with Chef Burdsall, turn in some papers, and drop something off in Mrs. Wilburn’s box.

We had lunch there =) and I conveniently bumped into Zach, John, and Alex. Showed my family the Honors Room (Yena’s comment was, “It’s small.” Yeah… we know…). We went to the scout shop next, and then to Jo-Ann’s instead of Michael’s.

  • Go to Michael’s with Mother and get buttons.

Quick stop by the bank before going home.

  • Stop by the bank to take care of some stuff.

Came home and finally took care of some sewing that I’d been needing to do for a while now…

  • Sew Daddy’s pants, meaning…

and listened to music while sewing.

  • Go through Unc’s recommended song list.

Got Roxanne’s number! but didn’t call her, so that was half of that one.

  • Get Roxanne’s number and call Roxanne.

Did some laundry and checked facebook… and oh! I’m currently blogging =)

  • Blog some more?

Edited bits of my Disney application… Finished a six-page letter to Michelle! That was an accomplishment.

  • Write to Michelle.

Oh, and did I mention I already watched Part II of Emma last night?

  • WATCH EMMA PART II (in half an hour)

Ate dinner and left for Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Vivandi.

  • Go to Lex Orandi…

I think the talk was entitled, “Say Amen to What You Are,” or something along those lines. It was on the Eucharist being a verb as well as a noun… “Be what you see; receive what you are.” Reflected on hunger; what I hunger for as an individual, what the Church hungers for as a whole, what the world hungers for in general. Also talked about processions… touched on our procession to receive Communion as being part of the eternal procession to the Lord’s table. It put me in mind of Michael’s vision… of the hands… in A Philadelphia Catholic in King James’ Court. Mass always being said somewhere in the world, the members of the Body of Christ always moving forward, together, to receive His Flesh and Blood… like the question in our Apologetics book, Do you know of any king besides Jesus that has reigned 2000 years? A procession that has continued unbroken for 2000 years. Being Catholic is so insanely cool =)

Came home again and ate some more dinner, then made the sponge for the bread, so that’s, like… 1/4 of the process…

  • Bake bread.

And I am overly addicted to Star Mile, btw. I’ve been listening to it on loop for God knows how long now. Hahaha. Well, came upstairs, chatted for a minute with Kim and Nate and Navid. Checked facebook and blackboard (UGHH! NO GRADES UP YET! except for Professional Practices) and gmail and twitter.. and now it’s time for bed =) More crossing off tomorrow! YAYYYYYY ^_^


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