Assignment~ Mission: Refocus

Let the Absurd Lead the Way

Leslie –> blue

Jesse –> xkcd (a comic)

Meyers –> Oscar the Grouch

Bill –> Adriatic

Judy –> Regina Doman

May Belle –> daisy

Gary Fulcher –> Tang Soo Do

Janice Avery –> scotch tape

Ms. Edmunds –> Summer

Keeping a Bright Idea Bright

What does Bridge to Terabithia (book and movie) make me think of? –> Family… clean fun… honest friendship… imagination… Faith… acceptance… everything happens for a reason… every negative experience is an invitation to a positive one… true sorrow…

So what story is my project telling? –> I want my attraction to be one that promotes family having clean fun. I want there to be emphasis on father-daughter, brother-sister, and mother-son relationships.

Ideas: I want something to do with Italian cars in there. The rope swing is an essential part of the story. Something with running? How about a drawing room? Drawings from the opening scene of the movie? A drawing class? Farms… guitars… Dollar to use the bathroom; trolls under bridges –> Bridge-like entrance to attraction? “Trolls” to collect ‘fare’? RACES!!! A greenhouse? Music room for kids? Wait… a hotel??? with a pool. Or some sort of aquarium… scuba diving! How about a week without TV challenge in honor of Leslie? Lush, green atmosphere — middle of nowhere, lots of room, nature centered… Golden rooms? that face full West! so that the walls can catch fire at sunset. A Father-Daughter dance! so I need a ballroom. Maybe *that* should be the golden room and face west… maybe the drawings from the opening scenes can be on the walls of the hotel rooms… maybe there can be a wall that kids can draw on… something for mothers and sons, because Jesse had to work on his relationship with his mom. Oh, and brothers and sisters… Jesse and May Belle. Something to do with squirrels… most definitely a treehouse!!! somewhere. And how about the Janice Avery troll holding the elevator in the palm of her hand as it goes up and down like when she saved Jesse from falling? Dragonflies! a tropical greenhouse? a butterfly conservatory? how about a treehouse idea contest every year? and a writing contest? What if my hotel could host the NaNoWriMo??? jumping… moon boots? Troll Tracks! Troll Hunting Season! a ride? white house… golden rooms with white fireplaces and wooden floors and pink and white and red flowers… a church? stained glass windows and bells… museum? PT! father-daughter pictures… Well, obviously there needs to be a bridge somewhere…


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