or not.


Craziest thing evAR just happened to me today!!!

We were at Skatetown USA for Yena’s 8th bday. Paco and Migi and Yena were skating, while Mom and Dad and Ninong and I hung out at one of the tables. They were playing Party in the USA when we walked in, followed by You Belong With Me, Poker Face, and Tik Tok. During that hour and a half, they also played Thriller, Paparazzi, I Gotta Feeling, Who Let the Dogs Out, Cha-Cha Slide, Down, What’cha Say, among others…

So I danced. A lot. Just for the heck of it. By myself, with the kids, with Ninong… Mom and Dad left us for the last half hour or so, and I had Nino the whole time and he was asleep until about five minutes before they came back. I did the Cha-Cha Slide carrying Nino fast asleep, he didn’t even wake up when I criss-crossed…

And then all of a sudden, walking out, the DJ comes up to me and stops me. “YOU.” “…” “You sang almost every single song! For that, you win a free skating party.”

NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wasn’t even skating!!!!!


So there it is, I get to bring fourteen other people in for free. Well, eleven; me and my siblings make four already. Hilarious. WIN! just for being myself. *big grin*


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