Clean Slate Shuffle

I found a poem that I wrote… probably within the past three years… definitely at least a year and a half ago, if not more. No date on the page, but I’m guessing by how small my writing was that I was at my writing-very-small stage =) Haha.

picture this –
five green leaves
finely veined
bound together like a journal
with shiny wire rings
written over with tales
tales of calm summer breezes
sunlight sparkling like stars on the silvery blue lake
grasses taller than yourself
waving in the wind
the takes the grasshoppers and cicadas sing
but the sixth leaf
is rough
the edges curling inwards
obscuring what might otherwise be read
beginning to brown and yellow
and crack along the veins
and when the sharp
tip of the fountain pen
loaded with blood red
touches the dried page
now drained of the water
its life
the hand with the pen
will tremble
trying to write so gently
over letters once so clear
and the pen slips
and the weak black ink
will bleed slowly from teh page
ink once more
and memories erased.
the fingers caress
the dry, dead, sharp edges
the ink mingles
with tears
and blood
ink that once told anger
but also happiness
now little more than a steady

Hm. So just for fun, new shuffle =) No past-related comments… I’m ready to learn some new stories.

Opening credits: Twilight ~ Vanessa Carlton
Waking up: Antiphon: Auctori Vite Psalmis ~ Anonymous 4
How I’m feeling today: Home ~ Sarah McLachlan
First day of school: Sana Maulit Muli ~ 6th Day
The weekend: Kissing a Fool ~ Michael Bublé
Will I get far in life: God of Wonders ~ Third Day
Will I get married: My Future Decided ~ Hillsong United
Will I have a happy life: My Last Breath ~ Evanescence
How does the world see me: Dreaming With a Broken Heart ~ John Mayer
How do my friends see me: Came to My Rescue ~ Hillsong United
Falling in love: Harder Than the First Time ~ Barlow Girl
Fight song: Easy ~ Lionel Richie
Breaking up: Porcelain Heart ~ Barlow Girl
The best thing about my friends: Don’t Speak ~ No Doubt
Best friend’s theme song: This Week the Trend ~ Relient K
High school overview: 2 – 1 ~ Imogen Heap
Life: New York State of Mind ~ Billy Joel
Mental breakdown: Carnival Town ~ Norah Jones
How can I make myself happy: Breakaway ~ Kelly Clarkson
Driving: Prodigal ~ Casting Crowns
Flashback: Nobody’s Home ~ Avril Lavigne
How is my life going: Open Up the Heavens ~ Hillsong United
What I should do with my life: Love Song for No One ~ John Mayer
How can I get ahead in life: Turn Me On ~ Norah Jones
Getting back together: Chocolate ~ Snow Patrol
Wedding: Viva la Vida ~ Almario/Patag/de Vela
Will I ever have children: La Luna ~ Sarah Brightman
Birth of child: A Little Respect
Final battle: The Trouble With Love Is ~ Kelly Clarkson
Death scene: In a Second ~ Aly & AJ
Funeral song: Because You Live ~ Jesse McCartney
Life overview: Innocence ~ Kenny G
End credits: Tomorrow ~ Avril Lavigne


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