End Fall Break

Tuesday, November 17th, first day of the second term.

Fall break was super! and actually felt like it started on Sunday night for me, rather than Monday night.

Sunday… November 8th. Wilmington!!! Snapped a string in the middle of Hosanna… during the buildup before the bridge. I felt it give, but I had my eyes closed, and I thought maybe I’d just hit it at such an angle that made it uncoil. It wasn’t until after worship, I was trying to re-tune it, and it took me a few minutes to spot where it had snapped that made it impossible to salvage. Great. I finally take the time to buy picks just so that my finger doesn’t bleed when I play like that… and then my string snaps. Haha, that can’t be happening every month!!! but those strings were nearly two years old, so I suppose it’s about time.

I’m loving the XD choir. Halfway through practice, I found myself staring at the books stacked on the keyboard. It took a few seconds before I realized they were the same books we used at OLS. Nostalgia hit. I really really miss the OLS Youth Choir… Ann Marie and John and Casey and Kelly and Lizzy and Domenica… I’m happy to say I’m still in touch with John and his mom. Well, when that hit me, I started looking around and noticing things… appreciating things… the choir loft… being that close to the ceiling… the lights hanging before us and the stained glass behind… Flashbacks of good times. Not the sort of flashbacks that have you wishing to have those times back… just a wish that you could bring the two experiences together. Appreciating the beauty of the present through the perspective given by the past. Nice. Comfortable. =) And then I just love the XD in general.

Which brings us to some reflections that took place over the course of the week, prompted by talks with Mom and shaped by normal events. I realized that if I didn’t have the XD, I’d probably be with the YFC. The difference is that XD is a two-way street where YFC has ceased to be — thus it comes first — but what I’m getting at is that I know that I need to be serving. Mom and Dad let me know that they’re proud of how I’ve been managing my time and keeping up with my homework [now that I actually have outside-of-school homework and set-in-stone deadlines]. I think one of the biggest things that’s hit me since I started college is the fact that no matter how busy I am with school, I need time with my family and to serve. Thus, I will continue to manage my schedule such that I have adequate time for all three.

Monday! no Math class, no English class, just Excel, and I got out of that 40 minutes early. Spent my hours ‘n hours of free time hanging out in the Honors room. LOL our first-term group really took over that place… what with drawing pumpkins and anarchy symbols all over the place. Hahahahaha.

I had lunch at Kenwood mall. Bumped into Shan’tel at Macy’s —  found out she works there — and shopped around with Martha for a few hours. Never ever went into Forever XXI before shopping with Martha. Oh, no, wait… I did go in with Annie… but I didn’t pay any attention to anything. LOL, I think I’ve found a new favorite store at Kenwood. OH MY GOSH I realized Kenwood does not have a bookstore. Isn’t that terrible?! Geeze.

Tuesday, we were out all day, running errands and then FPU.

Wednesday, home all day.

Thursday, Paco and I went to the Holy Spirit Center for Fr. Euteneuer’s talk, Evening with an Exorcist. I recorded the whole hour and a half of it. Got to say hi to Tito Madz and Tita Odette… Martin… Patrick and his mom… Linda… (still haven’t met her husband =)… spotted Jacob and Ben and Michael and Chas… Tito Gil sat with us. Couldn’t possibly sum up that talk. Heh, Tito Noel suggested I share key points with the YFC. I said Paco better do it, because if it was left up to me, they’d listen to the whole recording.

Friday… I feel as if I’m missing something about Friday.

Because SATURDAY we got up bright and early… Pics at Spring Grove!!! I think we went somewhere before that, but anyway… I dragged them to Spring Grove Cemetery, we took pics for half an hour, and then had to leave ’cause the Nadermans were coming over for lunch. Ang ganda ng panahon! Blue skies and no coats needed. We got to catch up with the Nadermans over lunch… talked about Italy, etc. Oh, good times. And then we napped… and then we headed to Tito Leo’s for the PACQUIAO / Cotto match. THAT was super. It was even better than the de la Hoya fight, seriously. Well, I take that back. It was a near-perfect day. The one thing that would’ve made it absolutely perfect would have been some piano playing. The fight itself was better, but I missed the company of last year’s… it was just really weird, seeing Gabe’s family and Matt’s family and Paolo’s family without either Gabe or Matt or Paolo. OH but Kuya Gabe did skype with us!!!!! during the match, so he got to watch, and I hear Matt was watching it with friends, but Paolo missed it altogether.

Sunday was the GA, not much to say about that…

Monday was errand day, as usual.

And now we come to the first day of school =) Today. It was awesome being back… first stop was Bakery Hill, where I was joined by Graeme and Navid. Math came next. Afterwards, was heading out and Karen stopped me on the steps… As we came down, we found Lori and Jeff. Hugs all around! =( I miss them already. They freaked me out ’cause they had prep sheets due today, and I apparently don’t have prep sheets due Thursday, so… so confused, haha. Headed to the music store… spent a full fifteen mintues deliberating over whether or not to get pink OR blue OR red strings. *sigh* Decided against it, but the dude man there gave me a great idea for my future 12-string; he said get a six-pack and mix ’em. That thought makes me hyper =) Stopped by Panera for about an hour for the internet… haha. Yeah, for the internet, ’cause I brought food. I did buy a drink, though. Had lunch at SHS with Mariel and Stevie and Suzie. Back to school, Central Parkway was full!!! had to park in Ludlow for the first time. Ehh, I prefer Central Parkway. Straight to the Honors room, hung out with Kenya and Navid. They closed the Writing Center at 2, but they didn’t kick us out. Navid and Kenya left, but I stayed and slept till 3:30… and then went to find the St. Ursula Academic Team. I actually got to the room before Kim did… Sat in for the competition, and then hung out with Kim while she was waiting to be picked up. Went to the cafeteria to look for people and saw Joe getting up to leave… *hug*… and then sat down with Karen. Martha and Fran were a few tables down, I ended up moving because I was talking more to Martha than to Karen. Met Robert who was waiting for his little sister, and Graeme was walking by so I made him sit with us. Martha left to babysit kids… and then somehow, Fran and Robert and Graeme and I ended up talking about fat cats… Graeme and I had our laptops out, and we were checking the Disneyfication threads… and then he ended up googling fat cats and photoshopping them. Oh geeze. Had to show him this one —

Which then inspired Graeme to google captioned cats. We found this adorable white kitten with its ears flattened and looking over the back of a couch or something… caption was, “the voices are telling me to kill you.” Hilarious. OH! Graeme was watching Bambi Meets Godzilla over and over again. And then he showed me something about Elmo blowing up… you know those Elmos that do the Hokey-Pokey? Someone blew Elmo’s head off, BUT IT STILL DANCED AND SANG. Eventually, Fran and Robert left, and Graeme and I headed up to our Disneyfication class… The minute we walked in, Drew said to someone (which turned out to be Stephanie), “There she is! See? Never misses a class.” I’m gonna loooooove love love loveeeee Disneyfication. It’s… Julia, Karen, Drew, me, Graeme, Anthony, John, Stephanie, Scott, and Mike. Wow, we ladies are majorly outnumbered… oh that’s just intimidating considering the final project. *Argh.*

AND OF COURSE all this week, Nino’s been attempting to walk. Oh yes, he took three steps last night before falling down… got some on tape!!! :D :D :D

Well, there we go. End Fall Break.

Late Fall, here we come…


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