Assignment: End Times, Track <– Back, Coming Full Circle, and Beginning Again

  • My previous success as a student has been due to my passion for a subject. If, however, the passion isn’t there, I’ve resorted to [private, mental, unspoken] competition. I have Gabe and Paolo to thank for my determination to graduate a year early.
  • In the past, I have learned best when the material was presented in a variety of ways, when the class was small, and when the teacher was available to work in a one-on-one setting. Uhm… this question does not work for me because my material was anything and everything besides textbooks, like shopping in Italy and attempting to mentally convert USD to Euro, I was the only one in my class all the time anyway, and I’m in the habit of going to Mum’s room to talk all the time to the point where she has to remind me that she has to pay attention to the younger kids =)
  • That approach seems to not work  now at my college classes because it’s not homeschool. I’m not used to having so many textbooks at one time, I’m obviously not the only person in my class, and my teacher is no longer my mom. But I think I’ve been well prepared by my general moving around, my Youth Group and homeschooling group, karate, online classes…
  • When the class isn’t “my style,” I can try to zoom out and see the big picture, focus on how the class helps me as a person and try to use that as motivation to give my all despite.
  • The most relevant aspect of Metacognition was… I honestly don’t know how to answer this question. Relevant how…?
  • At this time, one impediment/roadblock [noise] to my success as a student/learner was the past.
  • I can overcome or deal with the “noise” that complicates my academic success by simply focusing on the present, allowing myself to enjoy everything thrown at me in my odd way. I daresay I have been fairly successful.
  • If the theory of Multiple Intelligences is valid, then my areas of strength are… I believe body and visual. This is helpful / not helpful to my academic success because… helpful in that I’ve never made flashcards for myself and I found that they helped me a lot in Sanitation class, but also not helpful in that I cannot apply all my classes as physically as I do karate.
  • My Locus of Control is internal and that impacts my learning in that I forget to ease up on myself sometimes.
  • From all the Learning and memory quizzes, I have concluded that my mind can be trained… and it helps to talk out loud to get my mind to do what I want it to do.
  • The ideas from the Books / Brain discussion that I thought was the most important was that happiness is a choice. It is something I am sure I already knew, but I like it and am not at all bored when completely new and different discussions take place that only serve to strengthen my conviction. I plan to continue to welcome impromptu discussions with my classmates anytime the opportunity presents itself.
  • The classroom activity that I benefited most from was the open discussions because I learned how quickly the opposition comes, how quickly I am provoked, how quickly I want to raise my voice. All these things, I knew already but on a much lower level. I only had to deal with Eric and Nate one at a time, and my debates with my YFC siblings were different in that they were half opposing and half on my side already. It’s a whole new experience to feel that the opposition is coming from all sides at once, and I don’t have the luxury of time to calm myself down or think things out more thoroughly before writing that email or that blog post, or even just weighing my words before typing up the next line in a chat.
  • My current level of stress number is 597 and I plan to handle this by taking each day one at a time, not allowing college to cause me to shut out those closest to me, staying as active as possible with the XD, continuing to go to Mass etc. regularly, enjoying myself thoroughly.
  • The Leonardo principle that I excel at is Sfumato because the center of my life is a paradox.
  • The Leonardo principle that I need to develop is Sensazione because I am far too good at tuning out things, to the point where I don’t know how to be as aware as I want to be when I don’t want to be tuning things out.

1. What have you learned about college and yourself as a college student? Well, I’ve learned that I’m not having the typical problems of a homeschooler based on what I heard at the Dayton panel. I’m not at all having problems with waking up early, time management, or test-taking. And college is a lot more fun than I expected it to be… no, not because I expected it to be boring or anything; not that at all. Once I got back from Italy, started the application process, and got accepted, I couldn’t wait to start. I was ready for a whole new scene. But yes, I wasn’t expecting it to be nearly as much fun as it turned out to be =)
2. What role, if any, did the following things assist you in this “learning?”

    • Discussion boards –> Definitely helped me to be more comfortable with my classmates, which then made it easier to spew stuff without being guarded and helped me to let loose and focus.
    • Classroom games –> Also helped me be more comfortable with everyone. I think that — being comfortable with classmates — is a big thing for me. When I’m comfortable with people, it makes the class that much easier and interesting.
    • Field trip –> Helped me connect the classroom to the outside world. In more than one sense.
    • Wiki –> Not much, honestly…
    • Blog –> Heh, this one’s old news to me.
    • Catalog hunt –> I think this actually made me more comfortable just walking around the school in general.
    • Fellow students –> Oh they make all the difference in the world =)
    • Leonardo checklists –> Very, very interesting. Made me consider things I hadn’t really bothered spending much time thinking about before.
    • Anything else? –> It always helps to have teachers that seem to enjoy what they’re talking about.

    3. How is what you learned so far in college related to what you expected to learn? I did not come to college expecting to learn anything in any particular subject, so much as expecting to be prepared for the world, as someone intending to live in the world but not of it. While college has been a whole new experience, it’s been strangely familiar at the same time. I feel like I’ve been through this before, many times, with moving, joining and leaving different circles, etc. I guess that’s why I haven’t had a very hard time adjusting at all. I find that I’m simply continuing to be prepared in ways that I’ve already begun to be prepared in past… if that makes any sense.
    4. How will you use what you have learned? Oh, I’m driving my family nuts with everything I’ve learned in Sanitation. I’ll toss out random practices and rules and regulations and facts all over the place.
    5. As you read over your blog entries, what evidence is there of your growth as a learner? I’ve certainly grown in self-knowledge. And I’m not disappointed; I think that’s the best kind of knowledge, because in knowing my own strengths and weaknesses, I know where I need to improve.
    6. What is an example of your “best work” in the class? Why is it so? That’s a really hard one! I honestly don’t know. I want to answer, but it’s not… absolute truths… like math… or grammatical issues like english… Honors class is so very subjective =) It’s great. Uhm… I’ll run with… something that wasn’t really an assignment. I think my best work were the pictures I took at Spring Grove. We got out first digital camera four years ago and I’ve been trying ever since to take pictures that I could be proud of. I’ve never taken so many that I’ve been proud of at one time before.
    7. What did you do in your other classes that represent your best work / you are proudest of? I’m proud of everything math… proudest of my final production in Excel… both my essays in english… definitely proud of passing the Sanitation exam, that was the only grade we got in that course… and my club sandwich in cooking!!!! Fo sho =)
    8. What else do you need to learn about yourself as a student / learner. How will you go about learning it? I just need to keep spotting the room for improvement. Who knows how? opportunities every day.


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