On Early Marriage

Yes, Mr. Bob approved my thesis. LOL, yesterday we had to write them up on the board again, and he tackled mine first.

Mr. Bob: So… where is this one going?
me: … You’re asking me what I mean to cover?
Mr. Bob: Yes.
me: Ah. Well… I was going to cover.. the science and stats behind guy and girl wiring, the dangers of premature heart-giving and the resulting emotional divorce, ask why would you go shopping for what you can’t buy, and even worse, why go shopping for what you don’t intend to buy in the first place, explore the question, “Do you love me because you need me or do you need me because you love me?” and —
Mr. Bob: Ok. Ok, that’s plenty. You’re good to go. *pause* I thought you were going to talk about Facebook or something…

What???? What does Facebook have to do with the dating game as the average American teen knows it to today only being a training ground for divorce??? I am not that shallow. Doesn’t he know that from my bashing The Pursuit of Happiness’ “I’m An Adult Now?”

Lol. Jk. Gotta love Mr. Bob.

Anyway. Mother sent me some related links and a thread. Wanted to share share =)

A Case for Earlier Marriage

While many sit wringing their hands over the seeming demise of marriage as an institution and the concomitant breakdown in sexual ethics, none are willing to state the most obvious reason — it is being delayed too long. […]

[…] studies fail to reflect the reality that pre-marital sex, pre-marital pregnancy and cohabitation are not decreasing as the age of the unmarried increases. […] Studies also cannot take into account physical, psychological, social and spiritual risks to persons during this extended non-marital period.

Against Eternal Youth

[…] well-meaning parents of the 1950’s confused vulnerability with moral innocence. They failed to recognize that children encouraged to be childish would jump at the chance, and turn childishness into a lifelong project. They were unprepared to respond when those children acquired the bodies of young adults and behaved with selfishness, defiance, and hedonism. […]

Fifty years ago, when the average bride was 20, the divorce rate was half what it is now, because the culture encouraged and sustained those marriages. But if we communicate to young people that we think they’re inherently incapable of making a marriage work, they will surely meet that expectation. […]

During those lingering years of unmarried adulthood, young people may not be getting married, but they’re still falling in love. They fall in love, and break up, and undergo terrible pain, but find that with time they get over it. This is true even if they remain chaste. By the time these young people marry they may have had many opportunities to learn how to walk away from a promise. They’ve been training for divorce. […]

It’s not youth that passed us by, but adulthood.

The Cost of Delaying Marriage

[…] My late mother-in-law, who married at 20, told me that in her college circles in the mid-1950s, a man who took a woman out for more than three dates without intending marriage was considered a cad. Today, the man who considered marriage so rashly would be thought a fool. Likewise, a woman. […]

A 20-year-old bride is considered as pitiable as a 30-year-old spinster used to be.

And the thread which I’ve been watching — and have been very amused =) I love the 4real moms.

How old were you when you got married?


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