So the LOLfest continues…

Oh, I’ve been so terrible about blogging.

Midterm week made me really comfortable with everyone, especially them crazy Honors students =) I’m used to heading to the cafeteria at 7 every morning, but then heading straight to the Honors lounge after Math…

Speaking of which, I had my third math test today. No sweat. Got out of class 45 minutes early. And then… Mrs. Meyer turned out sick. So I did three lessons of chapter 8 and then decided I would rather be in the Honors lounge since I wasn’t required to stick around in the computer lab anyway. I’d gone straight to the lab from math, so I was some 40ish minutes early. I left at ten till, which put me in the lounge at 10, when my class is normally just getting started. George and PJ were there. Hmm… you know what, I’m never gonna get used to calling him PJ. I’ll stick with Paul. And Paul calls Drew Andrew, and can’t seem to get used to me calling him Drew which is what he introduced himself as. Oh well, I guess we’re even… and speaking of Drew, he came in some tenish, fifteenish minutes after I did. I MEANT to do computer homework, but of course Drew has to make a million interjections and Paul finally asks him to just give them 35 minutes of silence. Turned out to be more like 35 seconds. All in good fun, of course =)

More people show up… pretty crowded, but I guess we’re all just tight like that, ’cause it’s clear people would rather be in the cramped Honors lounge than downstairs in the much bigger student lounge or cafeteria… or the pit, or the game room, or the study rooms all around, or the library, or what… goodness, we’re a cliquish bunch. Haha… let me see… Julia came in… she actually just sat on the floor… she eventually moved to the couch, and then Navid came in and grabbed a chair, and then Alyssa came and sat next to me, and then Anthony… oh, George and Paul left for class… Graeme came in, and he actually just stood there in the doorway for who knows how long even though there was a seat next to the window… and then somehow we got around to talking about the stuff going on downstairs in the student lounge, and Graeme and I left to go do some P&Ling.

We split up, ’cause I stopped by my locker, and I told him I’d catch up… but when I got downstairs, he was nowhere to be found. I did bump into Shan’tel, though. Headed up to English and found Graeme… eating lasagna. He’d gotten sidetracked, apparently.

English was uneventful… well, hilarious, as usual, but uneventful, besides talking about bloody movies while Mr. Bob was looking over our proposals. About 1/3 of the class talked about their papers and the other 2/3 were ‘unfocused’; I was part of the ‘unfocused’ group talking about bloody movies. ANYway…

Headed back down to the student lounge after class… and… yeah… I did my first really crazy thing since I started college. There was this… karaoke contest… and I got up and sang. I had a nice little support group… Julia and Carine and Drew and John and that one kid I don’t know the name of… actually, the one thing running through my head during the whole thing was, “I wonder if Kuya Nate would be proud…” lol. Oh, I wouldn’t have done it if Drew hadn’t pressured me… “It’s ok. You don’t have to do it. I mean, no one will like you if you don’t do it. ‘Course, there’s a chance no one will like you even if you do, but hey. No pressure.” Rotflwtime. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it after the first minute or so. Took me a while. At least my little support group didn’t make faces at me. If it had been my YFC, they would’ve been making faces at me, I know it =)

And then I hung out with everyone in the Honors lounge until 2:30ish and left to pick up Dad.

So there’s my regular group of people. Four days a week, I hang with the Honors students. Twice a week, with Adam and Jeff and Joe and Jackson and Mary and Karen specifically. I feel kind of bad for Martha, though, ’cause she doesn’t have any of her Cooking classmates in Sanitation, and we’ve all got each other plus Cynthia who sits way up front… Martha always sits next to Jackson and behind Mary, so she’s kind of in our circle, but since she doesn’t normally hang with us, she rarely speaks up, she just listens… and I get caught up in the conversation… usually already deep in it ’cause we have a little food circle some twenty minutes before class in the study area where the microwaves and vending machines are. Anyway…

And then Thursdays we sing with Bender and get chummy with Alyse and throw annoyed looks at each other behind Aaron’s back…

Oh, yeah. Hilarious. Aaron was asking Adam when he has Cooking 2, and Adam and Mary and Aaron and I are all in the Thursday section again for next term, and when Aaron turned away, Adam shot me this look like “oh god no” and I bowed my head trying to hide my laughter… It was funny because usually it’s me and Mary and Karen going on about how annoying Aaron is, and that was the FIRST time Adam ever expressed annoyance with Aaron, usually Aaron and Jeff and Joe and Bender, they’re all cool with Aaron, but oh… that face… so worth it. Thank God we get Adam next term, if no one else… he and Mary and I will stick together and let Aaron go be smug and annoy the heck out of all the unfamiliar faces. UNLESS… Aaron doesn’t pass.

And on that note, TOMORROW is the certification exam for Food Sanitation. *wringing hands* Which means I should probably get to bed… but, yeah, all the pressure’s on Adam. “Adam, you just better pass, or we’re stuck with Aaron!” from me and Mary. Lol. Ahhh… I didn’t even get to blog about WHY my title is “So the LOLfest continues…” ’cause there was funny stuff. Darn. Well, ‘night then, ya’ll =)

Wow, do I really only have two more weeks of Early Fall term left?? Geeze…


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