Assignment: Corporalita – Cultivate Ambidexterity

Reverse Crossing
Interlocking my fingers in reverse doesn’t feel funny; I’ve often done it just to do it when I’m bored and playing with my hands, and I’ve held hands with people that way.
Crossing my arms in reverse takes a few minutes. I think I’ve got it, but I actually don’t… I really have to watch my arms and what they’re doing and really make them go the way I want them to go.
Crossing my legs in reverse is something I already do normally. I switch regularly in church so that my circulation isn’t cut off.
I can wink with either eye…
but I CANNOT roll my tongue to the right!!!

Use Your Nondominant Hand
Yeeek! I had to pause and do a double-take before I did anything. I had to catch myself accidentally using my dominant hand. And trying to brush my teeth with my left hand is ridiculous. Is my left hand really as weak as it feels, or is it simply not used to those motions?

Experiment With Writing
Wow… my left-handwriting is terrible. I skipped the stream of consciousness activity because I really don’t think I’ll get anything out that I’ll actually be able to read…
Experiment With Mirror Writing
MUCH much easier than trying to write with my left hand. I think this is a skill I’d like to cultivate just for the fun of it :)

One comment

  1. My husband spent a month when he was about 15 doing everything with his non- dominant hand just to see what it would be like in case he ever had a stroke. {He was always a medically inclined guy} As a reult he can do a very good signature with both hands.

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