Assignment: Arte/Scienza; Self-Assessment Checklist

[x] I like details. –> Perhaps a bit too much. Gets me into trouble sometimes ;)
[x] I am almost always on time. –> I got that from my dad. Always plan to be ten to fifteen minutes early, at the very least. Two hours early for a flight.
[ ] I am skilled at math.
[x] I rely on logic. –> I like knowing that I’m being entirely logical — or that I completely understand that I’m being totally illogical yet still consciously choosing to be.
[x] I write clearly. –> Depends. My journal’s a mess. So are my school notes. But my composition journal is something I’m proud of.
[ ] Friends describe me as very articulate. –> I wouldn’t know.
[x] Analysis is one of my strengths. –> Oh, information can be such a curse at times.
[ ] I am organized and disciplined.
[x] I like lists.
[x] I read a book starting at page one and go through in order. –> How else would it make sense?
Within limits. I am highly imaginative about things I make a point of being imaginative about. –> I am highly imaginative. [x]
 I highly enjoy brainstorming exercises. –> I am good at brainstorming. [x]
‘Unexpected’ usually being synonymous with ‘politically incorrect.’ Which may or may not be unwelcome depending on the circle I find myself in, but that doesn’t stop me. And then I’m just a strange person who bursts into song while doing anything and everything except reading and writing, I also like to dance and reminisce and totally random times, I’ll keep quiet when I don’t feel like it and pick a fight where you least expect it, or maybe you do if you know me well enough. Oh, and I like to do crazy epic things that I’ve never done before, on purpose. –> I often say or do the unexpected. [x]
I love to doodle. [ ]
Oh yesss. –> In school I was better at geometry than algebra. [x]
I read a book by skipping around. [ ]
I prefer to look at the big picture and leave the details to someone else. [ ]
I often lose track of time. [ ]
I honestly believe that this does not, in any way whatsoever, deny or contradict the above “I rely on logic,” point. –> I rely on intuition. [x]

Hmm… leaning towards left brain, it would seem. Yet I would like to note that
  • My math teacher wants me to switch to a math major. It seems I have a thing for numbers, but don’t tell him that I just lose it when I don’t do math for a while, so when I’m done with Pre-Calc, I have no intention of going back to it.
  • I’ve been applauded for finding the right words, and someone told me just this past Thursday that I speak well and could almost be British without the accent, whatever that was supposed to mean. Maybe that counts as friends describing me as articulate? but I don’t necessarily believe them, considering how often I get frustrated with not being able to say exactly what I want to say the way I want to say it.
  • I am organized and disciplined in some things and completely chaotic in others. It’s a so-so thing. 
  • I would love to doodle if I thought I was any good at it!
  • When I’ve already read a book and it has become one of my favorites, then I read it by skipping around to the parts I love best.
  • Maybe I’d leave details to someone else if I weren’t such a stickler for control, and if I didn’t feel guilty about being lazy. Huh, that’s precisely why I was chosen to lead Youth Camp.
  • I lose track of time when I’m lost in a good book or a nice warm shower after a really long tiring day. But otherwise, I rarely get surprised by the clock when I look at it.

One comment

  1. The final aspect of the blog is to read over these weekly entries and sum them up. As you are a very self aware person already, it will come more naturally to find the "conclusions." What does all this tell you about yourself as a Thinker and Learner?

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