Assignment: Sfumato; Self-Assessment Checklist

[x] I am comfortable with ambiguity. –> Fairly, but it depends on the situation. I daresay I’m comfortable enough with it because there are times when I do consciously choose to remain ambiguous where I could clarify. It’s not always the best choice, I’ve found, but there.
[x] I am attuned to the rhythms of intuition. –> Something like when I just “get it,” and then I can’t articulate it exactly as I would like? Too often.
[ ] I thrive with change. –> So-so; but in general, unless I already meant for things to change, I don’t respond well to it. I would like my little brother to stay a baby, please =)
[x] I see humor in life every day. –> Oh, I daresay I’m good enough at that =) especially with the family I have.
[x] I have a tendency to “jump to conclusions.” –> Ahaha. I am in a state of self-denial. I know I do jump to conclusions far too quickly, but this is probably the one time I’ve ever admitted it.
[x] I enjoy riddles, puzzles, and puns. –> Although it depends on who I’m talking to and where I am and what it’s all about.
[x] I usually know when I am feeling anxious. –> Yes, I’ve gotten plenty of practice recognizing when I am anxious about something… ohoho yes.
[x] I spend sufficient time on my own.
[x] I trust my gut.
[x] I can comfortably hold contradictory ideas in my mind.
[x] I delight in paradox and am sensitive to irony. –> Oh, Lord, Catholicism is a paradox.
[x] I appreciate the importance of conflict in inspiring creativity. –> Funny how I’m most inspired when something is bothering me. 


One comment

  1. What has impressed me most about you is the wonderful combination of depth and humour. I appreciate your willingness to just plain be amused. I suppose that is what is reflected in your responce to the issue of paradoux.

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