Midterm Week aka LOLFEST

~ Monday ~


It’s midterm week!!!!

And the first song I heard was LET IT ROCK. That was followed by The Lost Get Found and then Smile and then Give Me Your Eyes. Good morning, peeps.

Got here at 0700 and worked my computer homework. Finished that at roughly 0800, came downstairs, stopped by my locker and dropped stuff off, headed to the cafeteria and found Anthony and John, YAY. And then Joe decided to sit here, too. So here we all are. I should leave for Math soon. It’s 0828… John left for a test already… Anthony’s working on our essay that’s due today. Well, only the first draft, but Mr. Bob said 800 – 900 words. Anthony’s at… 100 something. Lol. And Joe’s working on math homework. Same math homework as me!!!! why aren’t we in the same section?? =(

Snapshot_20091005 Snapshot_20091005_1 Snapshot_20091005_2 Snapshot_20091005_4 Snapshot_20091005_5 Snapshot_20091005_6 Snapshot_20091005_7 Snapshot_20091005_8

Apparently, I’m very hyper this morning. I have no idea why. But I am hyper. I’ve discovered that neither Anthony nor Joe nor John mind my hyperness. I am eternally grateful. But we’ll see if they still don’t mind me joining their table in the mornings. Hahahahahaha. I don’t know, I just have this super jumpy hyper CRAYZEEE feeling today. Like the super hyper jumpy CRAYZEEE feeling I get when we’re about to have a Youth Camp. I don’t know why… midterm week isn’t Youth Camp, duhh… but gee, I’m crazy excited for this week today for some insane reason or another. Whooops I should go…

0915 OMIGOSH. Yes, math class was only 10 minutes. Not kidding. Started at 0900, I got out at 0910. Geeze. Hey, I’m not complaining here. We just went over the homework that’s due tomorrow, and then we were dismissed if we didn’t have any questions.

Oh hey, look. Graeme’s here. More pictures!!!

Snapshot_20091005_9 Snapshot_20091005_10 Snapshot_20091005_11 Snapshot_20091005_12 Snapshot_20091005_13 Snapshot_20091005_14 Snapshot_20091005_15 Snapshot_20091005_16 Snapshot_20091005_17

So now Joe who is the music expert dude is trying to give Anthony some helpful perspective for Anthony’s essay. oh, yeah, our english essay is based on a bunch of music vids from the ’70s & ’80s. So so so so like see that whatchamcallit thingy, that target scope thingy screen thingy? yep. Well, obviously I shot Joe a million times over earlier. So now it was Graeme’s turn. Ahahaha, Graeme walked towards the cafeteria and I was like, “Do you think I should shoot him now?” Oh and I still have to smack Joe sometime for flicking me with produce-sink water.


1047 So now my 1 hour 40 minute computer class ended an hour early. How nice. I’m back in the cafeteria with Anthony, apparently I missed Joe by two minutesish. Anthony’s at 400ish words! Yayyy!! lol.

1130ish well… I spotted Karen and waved, and she sat down in front of me, but then she invited 2 other guys I don’t know and one a girl came over and joined them… John and Liz and ? so I… asked to move here to Anthony’s table. Mm couple more pics…

Snapshot_20091005_18 Snapshot_20091005_20 Snapshot_20091005_19 Snapshot_20091005_21

1720ish… Home now…  So Anthony left to print his essay, and I stayed to watch his stuff. Graeme showed up, missed him by two minutes. Well, Anthony came rushing back with something like ten minutes to class, and he hadn’t been able to print his essay either at the library or the writing center, so he was going to head to the third floor open computer labs, but he’d come back to grab his stuff so he could run straight to class. Graeme and I headed upstairs, and found pretty much everyone already there. Well, I hadn’t been there three minutes when someone drums a beat on the window next to me head, and I turn and see John laughing at my surprise. He waved and walked off. Anthony made it before Mr. Bob got there. We were working on our essays in class, and he wanted us to read them from two points of view — the writer’s, and the reader’s. And he walked out and left us for a few minutes at a time as we were doing this. DUDE Graeme wears the funniest t-shirts… it was a scantron multiple choice thingy.. something about being bored and not listening and not being interested or something like that, and choice d) was “all of the above,” and filled in.

Driving home… I realized that my driving home time is my reminisce-and-connect time. I never feel alone driving home. I’ll either be hearing music or seeing things that remind me of so-and-so and make me feel like they’re close. Yesterday, I saw a blue car and a green car in front of me.. the EXACT shades of blue and green of the cars that Devin and I saw driving to the mountain a year ago, the ones that got us talking about tablecloths and table sets and bridesmaids dresses, etc. etc. Hahahaha. I saw them and I yelled DEV!!!!! =)

2200ish, I need to get to bed.. Haha. So I went to a bar on Yankee Rd., and spent a couple hours discussing Young Adult Ministry with three other ladies. Pretty nice place.

~ Tuesday ~

0941 First midterm completed. Yay :) That was math, and I’m out half an hour early. Which gives me… a long time until my next class.

1003 I’ve just finished rearranging the Honors hangout. The round table and the bookshelf were in opposite corners; I switched them. I moved the couch from in front of the windows to the wall adjacent. In the process of doing so, I discovered two blankets, three books, a mini wire christmas tree, and a bunch of christmas lights behind the couch, which I’ve arranged neatly on the bookshelf. The trash can used to sit next to the door, but I’ve moved it to the other side of the computer table, and I’ve arranged the five chairs such that the room looks longer than it did before. :) I’m proud of myself. The books I found were… Red Prophet, Crime and Punishment, and Seventh Son. The blankets I found were green and red, and the red is embroidered in one corner. It reads, “Fairfield Marching Band Alumni 2004-05.”

I’ve put on Ellipse. Boy, I’m very fond of this room now. Lol.

So I got here at my usual time this morning, and I hadn’t been here fifteen minutes when Joe decided to come ’round the corner and fall on the table.

Snapshot_20091006 Snapshot_20091006_1 Snapshot_20091006_2

Joe was sleepy.


Even the fire didn’t wake him up.


Hmm… You can’t see the fire in that picture!!! Darn. Well, there was this huge fire on the flattop and it was like WHOA. SO COOL!!!! Anyway, it seems that Joe was honest about not minding my hyperness, since I got here first and he decided to join me. Jeff and the dude that always sits in the very back of my english class and doesn’t talk much came and had breakfast, but they sat on the other side of the cafeteria. I WAVED and Jeff WAVED BACK but then they sat over there and I said I was offended and Jeff protested that he had homework. What’s that got to do with it?!

*cough* Yep, definitely hyper.

So I thought, “Maybe I should shoot them now.”

me: Should I shoot them now?
Joe: go for it.


me: FAIL. I can’t see Jeff from this angle.
Joe: I guess Jeff lives today.

Joe left, but a split second before he did, NATE GOT ON SKYPE. And so when Joe left, I wasn’t lonely. Nate was there :)

When Nate did have to go, I watched a bit of Sense and Sensibility until it was time for me to head out. So I went to math and had a test which was uneventful and here I am and oh here you go, pics of the rearranged area:

Snapshot_20091006_6 Snapshot_20091006_7

I have an hour and fifteen minutes to finish my homework for Food Sanitation… and then I have to make it through that two hour lecture… And then Anthony and Alyssa and Alex and I are supposed to meet at the classroom so that we can all drive down to the cemetery together, I’m looking forward to that :) Get ready for LOTS of pictures. lol.

1053 Done with Sanitation homework. I’m down in the cafeteria… two people came into the Honors room that I don’t know and that didn’t know each other, so I left, and I found Anthony here, but he just left for a class. And now Alyssa’s here :) I saw Karen earlier.

1941 DUDE I need a break from these prep sheets. Computer midterm tomorrow, looking forward to that. SO SO SO SO I watched North and South until it was time to head to Food Sanitation xD I HAVEN’T WATCHED NORTH AND SOUTH IN FOREVER!!!!!!

Alyssa left momentarily and then came back, and we talked about the field trip and convoying, etc. So eventually I head upstairs and I find Mary, Joe, Adam, Jeff, and Karen all standing in a circle. Which I promptly join. For some reason, Jackson’s sitting on the floor talking on the phone and ignoring us. And Martha was on the other side of the hall. Ahaha… none of us did our Sanitation homework. Now, wait a sec, I haven’t been a bad girl, and I don’t fault them for not doing it either. We were supposed to print out a professional recipe and determine a HACCP plan for it. Karen and Mary and I had all printed out recipes, but we didn’t know what else to do with it besides determine the minimum internal temps for whatever was in the recipe. So we technically *did* do our homework, but Chef Huller had to clarify what else we were supposed to do at the end of class, and we get a second shot at it for next week (oh geeze). ANYWAY…

When we went in, we decided to have some… fun…

Snapshot_20091006_8 Snapshot_20091006_9 Snapshot_20091006_10 Snapshot_20091006_11 Snapshot_20091006_12 Snapshot_20091006_13 Snapshot_20091006_14 Snapshot_20091006_15 bubbles! lol my fav Snapshot_20091006_17 Snapshot_20091006_18 Snapshot_20091006_19 Snapshot_20091006_20

The bubbles are my fav. Oh and when the Precious Moments one came up, Mary was like “OH LOOK AT THE CUTE BUNNIES!!!!!” Food Sanitation was the usual. I think I need to start making flash cards or something… minimum internal temps are driving me nuts and I do NOT want to have to put off Cooking 2 and Baking 1.

Headed out in a jiffy when that was all over, and found Anthony waiting for me on the floor outside of the Writing Center.

Anthony: I forgot if you said 2 or 3…
me: … So if I hadn’t come till 3, you would’ve just… sat…
Anthony: Yeah, I’d’ve just been here waiting.

Good thing it was 2, then? Alyssa came round the corner a few seconds after I entered the hall from the stairway, so we all headed into the Honors hangout, and I ran to get pizza. Hey, I finished all my food, I was hungry…

me: So, like, can you guys watch my stuff while I run and grab something to eat?
Anthony: No. We won’t let you.
me: …
Anthony: I’m joking. Go, we have an hour.

Snapshot_20091006_21 Snapshot_20091006_22 Snapshot_20091006_23 Snapshot_20091006_24 Snapshot_20091006_25 Snapshot_20091006_26 Snapshot_20091006_27 Snapshot_20091006_28 Snapshot_20091006_29 Snapshot_20091006_30 Snapshot_20091006_31 Snapshot_20091006_32

Ms. Hunley came in to let us know that the field trip was on fo sho, and Julia came in at some point, so the four of us decided to follow each other. I knew where it was, so I led. Haha, that was a fun drive. So we took those pics and talked about stuff and I found out that Alyssa goes to St. Max and knows Jeff and Zak. Small world… haha. Oh, and then we watched vids of Alyssa’s son. Adorable!!!!! He’s a few months younger than Nino. Soooo cute xD

Spring Grove Cemetery is… amazing, to say the least. And I’m very, very proud of the pics I took… http://gukkhser.multiply.com/photos/album/250 … the place is full of… layers. Everywhere I look… I see layers upon layers upon layers. So beautiful. I would love to go there again on a sunny day…

Alex: What is this?
me: No idea… dude, it tastes like cheescake…
Alex: Wait, why is she feeding us?
Anthony: It’s food. Don’t complain.

Lol. Whatever it was… it was amazing. AND SOME PEOPLE DIDN’T FINISH THEIRS!!!!! I was so offended!!! (No, Alex and Anthony finished theirs.) Kimberly was collecting the trash and if I hadn’t cared about possibly coming off as rude, I would’ve offered to eat all the leftovers, my gosh!!!

So so so, highlights. Obviously, the food. The one angel that I took a pic of used to hold a baptismal font. Either no one knows, or I just didn’t hear what happened to it. No, those trees that are monuments are not petrified wood. That was indeed my first reaction. Heh, the one that says HOSEA, I just took a picture of ’cause it reminded me of that song and I started singing it as I walked off. It seemed a beautifully appropriate song for the path… “… the wilderness will lead you to your heart where I will speak… trees do bend, though straight and tall; so must we to others’ call… long have I waited for your coming home to me and living deeply our new life…” I LOVED that bridge that I got a picture of Alyssa on. Man! Spring Grove is such a perfect place for a photoshoot. The miniature Notre Dame thingy!! Wow I miss Paris. But the point is, there’s an E up at the top, and Martha asked the significance of it, and…

Ms. Hunley: We don’t know. None of the family’s name had E in it. Maybe it was a long lost love.
Martha: Awww, that’s so cute!
me:… Cute???

I was still overly hyper and that got me laughing my head off. Fortunately, Martha likes me =) and laughed along, although she protested that I seemed to be getting way too much fun out of her comment. I just think it’s… insanely hilarious! I mean, you put the initial of a long lost love on your monument and the first word that comes to mind is cute? It’s so… morbid!!!!! hahahahaha.

Oh, to clarify – Ms. Hunley is a tour guide at Spring Grove, so she had plenty to tell us.

The pumpkin was cute, though. And I would’ve taken a million more pics… except the camera ran out of battery. Arrrgh. So there was my Tuesday =)

2103 TRIP THE GENIUS TO THE RESCUE!!!! ‘Scuse me while I thank him via gchat =) Lol.

~ Wednesday ~

Wow, I haven’t heard Third Day’s I Belive in a very long time. That was the first song I heard today :) Here in the cafeteria again. Joe found me again. Pics again. Hahahaha.

Snapshot_20091007 Snapshot_20091007_1 Snapshot_20091007_2 Snapshot_20091007_3 Snapshot_20091007_4 Snapshot_20091007_5 Snapshot_20091007_6 Snapshot_20091007_7 Snapshot_20091007_8 Snapshot_20091007_9 Snapshot_20091007_10 Snapshot_20091007_11 Snapshot_20091007_12

WE FINISHED WATCHING YEAR OF HELL. Well, when Joe found me, I was watching… well, first, I was watching North and South, but then Mansfield Park came up on the side, so I ended up watching that, and when Joe comes, he pulls the screen down so he can see.

Joe: … Pride and Prejudice?
me: No!!! but close!! Mansfield Park.
Joe: Oh.
me: Same author!!

Lol, I should head upstairs now… Excel midterm =) Wish me luck.

1137 Haha, I headed straight to the Honors hangout after my midterm, and I found Drew and Paul here. When I rearranged the Honors hangout, I’d written on the markerboard outside the room, something along the lines of how I’d rearranged it to make it more conducive to Honors chilling and I hope nobody minded etc. etc. So when I walk in, Paul’s lying on the couch and he looks at me like he’s going to remark on the weather, “So you’ve rearranged the room to make it more conducive to Honors chilling?” in this… monotone… Hahahaha. And then I hadn’t been here five minutes when he suddenly got up and walked out without saying a word, and now Drew and I are here talking and wondering if he’ll come back to claim the stuff he left before we have to get to english class… Lol.

Snapshot_20091007_13 Snapshot_20091007_14 Snapshot_20091007_15 Snapshot_20091007_16 Snapshot_20091007_17 Snapshot_20091007_18

Drew shared his post on the  Honors discussion board with me ~ very cool ~ and I shared my blog post for Honors that week. And now he thinks he needs to keep an eye on me.. *cough* I did the Draw Music activity. No, I didn’t actually do it this week. I did all those drawings while we were in Italy. Hey, Mother said I wasn’t cheating. But yeah…

1748 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, ok so Anthony figured out that my YouCam thingy, the faces that I could never figure out what they were for; apparently, if you sit still long enough to let the camera catch you, the face will follow your face. Yes, I know my grammer and punctuation was completely messed up in that last sentence, but whatever. So yes, yesterday Anthony figured out that the teddy bear follows his movements. And so today in English Comp 1, before class started, Anthony was explaining this to the guys (I say ‘the guys’ because I know Graeme and Drew and Alex and Zach and Anthony, but I don’t know/forget the names of the guy that sits in front of Alex and the guy that sits in front of Anthony), and all of them, for some crazy reason, decide to come try it out. As in, all the guys are crowded around my table trying to make Abe Lincoln blink. There was some talk of hooking it up to the projector and making Abe follow Mr. Bob as he lectured. Oh geeze. And then Mr. Bob came and the guys decided to randomly announce and explain that a certain software had kept them entertained for some minutes and it happened to be in my keeping. I’d put my laptop away by that time. Lol.

Snapshot_20091007_19 Snapshot_20091007_20 Snapshot_20091007_21 Snapshot_20091007_22 Snapshot_20091007_23 Snapshot_20091007_24 Snapshot_20091007_25 Snapshot_20091007_26 Snapshot_20091007_27 Snapshot_20091007_28

~ Thursday ~

Wooohoo my first major-mess up since the term started; I left my chef’s hat, neckerchief, and apron at home. I didn’t realize it until I was dumping my stuff in my locker. I called Dad to say I was coming home, but Dad brought it out to me. Thanks, Dad!!!

Got here rather early today, actually, just a little past 6:40ish. Printed out my prep sheets and essay, ate half my breakfast (the green beans half), then went outside and slept in the car until Dad came. Headed back upstairs and found Joe. Jeff and Zach came, they sat elsewhere, but Karen came, too, and sat in front of Joe. We talked about homework… and then had a little too much fun with the camera. Well, too much fun with Joe and the camera, would be more accurate.

Snapshot_20091008 Snapshot_20091008_1 Snapshot_20091008_2 Snapshot_20091008_7 Snapshot_20091008_8 Snapshot_20091008_9 Snapshot_20091008_10 Snapshot_20091008_11 Snapshot_20091008_12 Snapshot_20091008_13 Snapshot_20091008_14 Snapshot_20091008_15 Snapshot_20091008_16 Snapshot_20091008_17 Snapshot_20091008_18 Snapshot_20091008_19 Snapshot_20091008_20 Snapshot_20091008_21 Snapshot_20091008_22 Snapshot_20091008_23

Ta-da! I think we look good in black chef’s jackets, eh?

So here I am in math… waiting for class to start… Last midterm today, for Cooking 1. Oh, and Karen and I were talking about who would be in the same class for Cooking 2… I think she said she and Jeff are in on Tuesday, so not with me. I think she said I get Mary… maybe… YAY… and Adam… YAY… and Aaron… NOOOOO. Hahahahaha. Aaron, wipe that smug look off of your face and maybe we’d actually like you!! Bleh.

Okkk math time :)

~ Friday ~

Ok. I just CRASHED yesterday. I did not have energy to blog AT ALL. It’s currently 1649. I need to finish this post!!!!!

After math, I headed straight to Cooking 1…

Snapshot_20091008 (2) Snapshot_20091008_1 (2) Snapshot_20091008_2 (2) Snapshot_20091008_25 Snapshot_20091008_26 Snapshot_20091008_27 Snapshot_20091008_28 Snapshot_20091008_29 Snapshot_20091008_30

Oh, yeah. I came into class with my hair down… as usual… but I was caught in the hallway by one of the other instructors and…

him: Does all that hair fit under your chef’s hat?
me: Oh.. yes, sir.
him: Alright, just checking.

He kind of had to yell it ’cause I was about fifteen, twenty feet down the hall from him, and Lori was also out in the hall taking a call and she gave me sympathetic look and commented… since she had that confrontation with Chef Kinsella the first day.. hehe. Oh geeze, it was the same chef that had reprimanded me for leaving the classroom without taking off my apron the second or third week… AND I found out he MIGHT be my instructor for Cooking 2… Ughhh, bad start already… *cringe.*

SO for Cooking 1… we got our test results back, 84 on mine, and I got all the knife dimensions right, I’m so proud of myself =) And then we had a short lecture, which would have been shorter if we hadn’t gotten sidetracked a million times due to questions. No, I’m not  complaining, it was hilarious. Eventually, we got around to our knife skills test… Batonnet potatoes, julienne carrots, chiffonade spinach, rondelle carrots, and chopped parsley. I did ok… I think I got three 8s and two 7s. And here comes lab…


We did… fried eggs (one sunny side up, one over medium, one over hard), scrambled eggs, American omelets (but he challenged us to do French omelets which I’ll get to in a bit..), and quiches. 3s on every single one. Either Chef was being really nice or it was my lucky day.

I took the end of the table, cutting into both Mary and Bender’s tables. I started with my omelet, which I decided to do French. Now, when Chef had demoed it, he’d plated it on a paper plate, and I completely forgot that he said he wanted hot plates. So get this — I did it perfectly the first time. And I plated it wrong. I knew my mistake, and said it before he did, and he smiled and said I had to do another one exactly like that one and plate it correctly and I’d be good. I did it a second time. Browned it. Plated it correctly. He didn’t take it to grade it; he said he wanted me to do it again, because he already knew I could do it. “No pressure or anything; it just has to be perfect.” Smiling, of course. The third time, it turned out to be my scrambled eggs. (That was a tip he’d given us earlier; that if we messed up our omelets, it could count as our scrambled.) The fourth time was perfectly yellow and perfectly fluffy… but I’d stirred it too much, and there were crease marks. Chef looked at me and said, “Look. The first, you stirred perfectly, and this one, you didn’t brown too much. Now take those two and put it together. I know you can.” I really didn’t have the heart to do it a fifth time right then and there, so I did my fried eggs. I’m proud to say that I flipped both over- eggs without breaking the yolks. WOOOO!!!! I still didn’t want to go back to my omelet after that, so I did my quiche. I couldn’t find swiss cheese on the cart, and so I went to Chef and asked if there was any left. He said that there’d been a pound and there should have been enough, but if not, there was cheddar. He suggested I ask everyone. So I yelled. *grin* Apparently, I do a good job of that… Well, we determined that the swiss was gone.

Chef: What are you putting in it?
me: Mushrooms, spinach, and bacon.
Chef: Can you use cheddar, or will that ruin it?
me: *smile* It will ruin it.

But off I walked to get the cheddar. Well, I found it, but…

me: Will this be enough for four ounces?
Chef: No… no. Hm. Eh. You know what? I’ll go get swiss. Just for you.

=) And so I got swiss. Heh, and then I was standing around waiting for a burner to be open so that I could saute my spinach and mushrooms, and Chef came over and commented that I “looked defeated,” in a tone that implied that I don’t normally look so and what was the matter. I apologized and said I was just tired but that I’d be fine. While my quiche was in the oven, I hit omelet number 5. Still not perfect. I guess I went to Chef still looking defeated, because he didn’t comment and just said, “Ok, now you get a private cooking lesson.” Oh, and he told me to stand right there and breathe and he’d get the eggs for me. So I got my first private cooking lesson, and he made me laugh when I came up with it… “That!!! is perfect!!! That’s — it’s perfect. It’s the most perfect omelet I’ve seen today.” And he made me shake his hand.

Chef Valento’s so awesome =)

And so are my classmates! I think I was the only one who decided to do my omelet before everything else, and thus it got to me because I was being made to do it so many times, but it turns out everyone had to do it more than once; it’s just that theirs came later and so I got to be the guinea pig, you know? but Mary and Bender were so supportive. I came back to my table again and again to start over, and Mary was saying how she would be upset, too, and Bender did this whole, “I believe in you. I have faith in your skills,” thing. But Bender also did some strange things, besides the faces again, like that thing guys do… oh you know… that whole… thumbs up and they point both fingers at you with that *click* noise they do with their mouth like they’re cocking a gun and then strike a pose at ya? Yeah… strange… I ignored it ’cause he stopped acting weird once it was his turn to do his omelet four times over and was disgruntled for the rest of the day and didn’t even cheer up and go back to being strange when he did his quiche. Mmm, I came behind people lined up at the dishtank to wash Mary’s knife and Aaron accused me of wanting to stab him. Like that was flattering. Ughhhhhh!!! so smug! Get over yourself! And when I was checking my quiche I slipped in next to Elise to peek inside the oven and she put her hands on her hips and turned to me and asked, grinning, “Are you trying to burn me, girl?” Lol. Oh, and I’m expected to sing, now. When I’m silent, people ask me why I’m not singing. I couldn’t think of anything at first, honestly. My mind was blank. Then Mary started singing, and Jeff joined in, and then Bender, and then when they were quiet again I started up, and then I went quiet, and then Bender started singing… ARGH I can’t remember now!!! but it was an older song, and I picked up where he left off… “Yeah, she’s got it,” to Jeff and Mary… that happened a few times… Bender started singing and I pick up on it… one of them was What If God Was One Of Us… ARGHHH why can’t I remember the song?! It was such a good one, too. Grrrrr!

So yeah, so much fun… I feel like there was so much more that I can’t remember that was so funny… Bleh. I’ll get around to blogging it if I remember.

BUT NOW FOR TODAY! Last day of midterm week and the funniest by far, but for the worst reasons…

I got to school at 7AM. Now, a car pulled in next to me within seconds after I pulled in, and I didn’t want to get out of the car until the dude was out of the parking garage just ’cause I’m cautious like that? yeah. And so… I pulled my bag into my lap… and see, normally, I call Dad when I get out of the car, pulling my phone out before I start walking. But I got distracted and… I didn’t call Dad.

God is amazing. So I didn’t call at 7, and I was sitting in the cafeteria watching Voyager and Anthony walked past me but I guess was looking for me ’cause he looked around and looked back, spotted me and started waving and I guess was waving for a few seconds before I actually noticed that I was being waved at ’cause he was already waving when I looked up, and then he went off for a bit to I-don’t-know-where, but eventually came to join me.

I felt sooo bad ’cause he was talking to me and I had my headphones in and I didn’t hear him, and I pulled them out and asked him to repeat what he’d said, and then I’d put my headphones back on, and… it happened three times before I yanked them out and apologized profusely and said I was done watching. He laughed and said it was fine, but I felt soooo bad. So we were talking about Honors homework and English homework, etc. etc., and then… I was skyping with Nate… and…

[8:34:32 AM] Nate: dood
[8:34:41 AM] Nate: your mother just called me
[8:34:44 AM] me: …
[8:34:48 AM] Nate: she thought i was drew
[8:34:52 AM] Nate: you were supposed to call her
[8:34:55 AM] me: uhm… nate…
[8:34:59 AM] Nate: CALL HER!!!
[8:35:01 AM] me: are you talking to the correct person?
[8:35:06 AM] Nate: yes
[8:35:08 AM] Nate: i think so
[8:35:27 AM] me: …
[8:35:32 AM] me: aisa’s mother called nate???
[8:35:35 AM] me: what?!?!!?
[8:35:58 AM] Nate: she said aurora
[8:36:07 AM] Nate: she said you were supposed to call her and you didnt
[8:36:14 AM] Nate: and im supposed to ask you to call her
[8:36:53 AM] Nate: and she thought i was drew
[8:36:56 AM] Nate: do you ahve a friend drew
[8:37:00 AM] Nate: you do, right?
[8:37:01 AM] me: i’m so sorry!!!
[8:37:04 AM] Nate: dont be sorry!
[8:37:11 AM] Nate: im just passing the message on
[8:37:18 AM] me: omigosh
[8:37:20 AM] me: i can’t believe
[8:37:21 AM] me: i just did that
[8:37:29 AM] Nate: whatd you just do?
[8:37:32 AM] Nate: not call home?
[8:37:34 AM] me: yes
[8:37:39 AM] me: i got here at 7
[8:37:41 AM] me: i didn’t call home
[8:37:43 AM] Nate: tsk tsk
[8:37:45 AM] me: oh geeeeeezeeeee
[8:37:48 AM] me: i am so sorry!!!!!
[8:37:52 AM] me: and i’m so glad mom called you
[8:37:54 AM] me: but omigosh!
[8:38:08 AM] Nate: hehe idk where she got my number
[8:38:13 AM] Nate: but i got a voice mail
[8:38:16 AM] Nate: and im like….hrmmmm?
[8:38:20 AM] me: good thing she had it!!!
[8:38:20 AM] Nate: but now i understand
[8:38:25 AM] Nate: yes quite
[8:38:30 AM] Nate: and good thing we were online
[8:38:35 AM] Nate: did you orget your phone or something?
[8:38:43 AM] me: no, i had it on silent

Apparently, a combination of the phone being on silent, it being deep in the bottom of my bag, watching Voyager, and talking to Anthony had caused me not to hear seven missed calls. God is amazing. Mother meant to call Drew on the chance that he could get to me, and called Nate instead, who did get to me immediately. *sigh* Mum had facebooked Alyssa, called Ms. Hunley, hacked into my gmail to hunt for people to contact, and checked the phone logs on tmobile online looking for 513 numbers on my call log that she was unfamiliar with, on the chance that she’d find Drew’s which I called the day of the Honors trip to see the Nina and the Pinta because we gave him a ride. And she landed on Nate’s completely by accident. God is good.

So I called Mom and Dad… and then I started laughing. I was really upset with myself when I called them… but when Mom explained and I realized how amazing it was that she’d called Nate… who’s in MA, for crying out loud… and I was talking to him right then and there… oh, praise God. Fast-forward; Mother and I did have a laugh when I got home.

But here I was, laughing weakly at the craziness of it all, and Anthony chuckling and tsk tsking at me, about fifteen minutes before I had to head up to math class, and some dude suddenly comes, pats Anthony on the head, and sits next to Anthony. So… they were chit-chatting, and then he got up to get something from the cafeteria, and Anthony glanced back and then started telling me that that guy freaked him out because they went and ate somewhere once off-campus and apparently the guy was acting all… extremely happy. *cough* And I was like, “Yeah… when he patted you on the head… I was like… Anthony’s not the sort of person you pat on the head…” So eventually this dude comes back and Anthony and I just keep talking, and then there was a lull in the conversation…

Jeremy: And you are?
me: Aurora.
Jeremy: Hi, I’m Jeremy.
me: *ahem* Nice to meet you… *turns back at Anthony* Hm. I should probably get going soon…
Jeremy: Aw, don’t go, you’re already here.
me: *still looking at Anthony* What time is your first class?
Anthony: 9:30.
me: Ah.
Jeremy: What time is your first class?
me: *without turning* 9. Yours?
Jeremy: 11. (Anthony gives me this oh god no look.) So what are you taking?
me: Culinary.
Jeremy: Ah. And what are you specializing in?
me: … What.. do you mean…
Jeremy: Well, I mean, like are you specializing in baking or something?
me: … Uhm… well, actually, there’s a Pastry Arts major, and I’m a Culinary major, so… Culinary… is… my specialty, you know?
Jeremy: Oh! Oh, right. Heh, sorry. Way to make me feel stupid. *Aisa has no sympathy*
me: So I better get going… *looking straight at Anthony* So I just realized that the Writing Center doesn’t open until 9.
Anthony: … Thank you, Aurora.

Shook hands and exchanged “See you Tuesday”s. See, the Honors hangout is inside the Writing Center. So he could escape from creepy Jeremy if he wanted, but not until 9ish. Poor Anthony.

I was rearing my head to get out of math and GET HOME and apologize to Mum, and I came up with my work and Mr. Evans gave me a look and…

Mr. Evans: Aurora. That’s the first mistake you’ve made this term.
me: Ah… Sorry, sir.
Mr. Evans: What’s up with you today?
me: Sorry, sir, my mind’s not all here…

So I got sent back to do two problems over, but yeah… made it home safely… and then slept… and went to Game Night which was INSANELY AWESOME but that’s for another post =) and that was my LOLFEST midterm week. :D :D :D ‘NIGHT!!!


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