Thursday, October 8th, 06:53. Midterm week was a LOLfest until now… haha. My first major mess-up this week; forgetting my hat, apron, and neckerchief at home. *sigh* Dad’s bringing them… aaackkk and I have my knife skills midterm today, too. I’m soooooo sleepy, but I have to print out these prep sheets before the cafe fills up. I’d sleep in the Honors hangout, but it doesn’t open till 9, which is my last class. And I am NOT sleeping out in the car on the chance that Marta catches me… although that might be the best place to be for when Dad comes. Bleeehh. Ok, I’m gonna get this printing done… I really don’t want to sleep in the cafeteria… maybe if I watch a movie or something…


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