Freaky Friday?

Apparently, Mr. Bob’s ears are smaller today… at least, according to Drew…


Driving home today, horrible, horrible traffic on Winton Rd., I was at a dead stop and turned the radio on. Well, Matthew West was rapping on 93.3 and… I detest Matthew West’s attempts at rap. The point is, I wasn’t about to sit and listen to that… So I was searching and found Party In The USA followed by Fireflies followed by Battlefield, at which point I switched back to 93.3 to check, and One Life To Love was playing, followed by Sing Sing Sing. And my mind just went GABEMATTJULIPAOLONATEMICHELLEKIMMARIELCANDISSE….!!!!! lol. And then I turned it off again because the ads started. But thank you, all you wonderful people that indirectly accompanied me today on my hour-long drive home :) I miss you all more than I know how to say.

SO I’M HOME NOW and the weekend has begun, but I almost wish it hadn’t.

I got there at 7… oh yes, David was walking around again. *sigh* ANYway. It was raining this morning. DUDE! The weather totally reflected my whole day today!!!!!! It was raining hard when I left and and was still raining when I got to school and it was dark and rainy and cloudy so there was no sunrise for me to watch and then when I was on break (which I’ll get to later) the sun came out and then I ACTUALLY NEEDED MY CONSERVATIVE SUNGLASSES DRIVING HOME! Shoutout to Glo right there, btw xD Ta-da! My beautiful started-out-bleh-turned-completely-upside-down day =)

But that was the short version.

*ahem* ‘Scuse me a tic while I run down to grab some more of that fresh-out-of-the-oven bread made by Yena cut with the Junix knife and spread with Irish Butter.


~ some hours later ~

Sorry. Sunshine pulled me and my autographed guitar outside :) Lol the kids are having saber fights, of course, and these two dudes driving past slowed down and were watching and pointing at them with dude-those-kids-are-Star-Wars-kids smiles on their faces. Hahahahahaha.

So… Cafeteria… right. Anthony got there eventually, some talk about the traffic… and how he only had one class the other day and it was at 4, but it was canceled and there hadn’t been an email and so he drove there and back home in rush-hour traffic… ugh… Rosa and Colleen showed up nearer 8:15, and all of us ended up asking Anthony where the Breakfast With A TV Chef event was taking place even though he wasn’t going. Turns out the demo kitchen where The Dish is shot is a level below and on the other side of where I meant to head if Anthony hadn’t set us straight xD Whew.

THEY FED US PANERA. That was sweet. Chef Galvin joined us halfway through our quick breakfast, asked what all of our majors were and gave some perspective on how each major related to food, and then she took us down to the demo kitchen… WOW. Oh, but wait; first she told us a bit about her background and education and stuff.

(Btw… listening to…


The whole thing was amazing… haha but the one thing that hit me was that I never want to have my own cooking show! Lol. I mean, Chef Galvin’s great at what she does! but it sounds like one of those things I’d do… if I never wanted to do anything else! and wouldn’t leave much time for a family. So much mise-en-place. I think I’ll stick to cooking at home =)

That ended at around 10, so John and Colleen and I were left with nothing to do for… well, two hours for Colleen and I and one hour for John. We headed past the lounge and Julia called to us, and everyone was for hanging out in the lounge… I suggested the Honors hangout [because I wanted to check it out] and everyone was nice enough to go with the idea. They did tease a bit, though xD since we were already in the lounge and I dragged them all the way to the other building and up the stairs. Haha.

Colleen and I have decided that we need to do something to the hangout… could use a good vacuuming, a bit of de-cluttering and re-decorating… Hahahaha. We’ll figure it out… eventually… Two other Honors students dropped by, but they left almost immediately.

Oh, did I mention there’s a fork on the ceiling?

John and I were supposed to be working on our journals and Colleen and Julia were supposed to be reading, but somehow we got into debating things… Oh yes. I’ve actually found people that I can have delightful passionate non-threatening debates with.

~ cont. Saturday 10.03 ~

AHHHHH I have homework. Lol. Uhm… I need a break from my Cooking 1 workbook, though. Woohoo debating with people made me miss Eric and Nate A LOT =( but dude, it had been raining all morning, and halfway through the debating, Colleen looked out and remarked, “Oh look! The sun’s coming out!” And there it was, peeking out, marking the turn of my day from sleepy/gloomy to *smiles* all around.

Well… debating was so intense that John didn’t get his journal done by 11. *cough* Whoops. I actually finished mine first. So Colleen and Julia and I left at 5 till and suggested that John just sit in with our class.

Obviously, everyone who usually gets there early were wondering where we were, since Colleen and I are usually among the first. Oh, I was greeted with, “Hi Boots,” from Drew. “What??” “Well, you’re the only one wearing knee-high boots around here!” “Wow… those are big boots,” adds Alex. *sigh*

I ran back to my locker to grab my stapler for Colleen, which ended up being borrowed by five more people or something… anyway, Mr. Bob walks in and Drew’s greeting for Mr. Bob is, “Your ears are smaller today. I can see you’ve been working on them.”

Do NOT ask me where that came from.

Well, everyone was chatting comfortably and I raised my hand and started blurting out my confession about having dragged John to the Honors hangout and forcing him to debate and thus distracting him from his work and how he was desperately trying to finish his journal and that’s why he hadn’t made it to the 11 o’clock class and so John was going to come and sit in at some point and hand in his paper and so would Mr. Bob please be kind enough not to punish him because it was all my fault… etc.

Yeah, I did the typical all-in-one-breath confession thingy that I do.

Well, the whole class went quiet and then all stared at me and decided to all burst out laughing  when I was done. At any rate, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. John came in eventually and was allowed to sit in and hand in his paper afterwards. Ladeeda xD

Oh, and Julia had an interesting experience and it was related to one of mine and Colleen had given me advice earlier that day concerning it and then she gave it to Julia post-Julia’s experience.

And then I drove home and all that nice stuff.

And that was my Freaky Friday.

OH WAIT!!!! I didn’t say WHY it was freaky! Well, obviously there was Mr. Bob’s ears supposedly being smaller. But then there was the black-bug-infested flour and the time-temp-abused turkey and the can-of-Pam-that-moved-a-foot-on-its-own that Chef Galvin was telling us about earlier that day. And then things came up while we were in the Honors hangout and just chatting and not actually debating relating to mine-and-later-Julia’s experiences.


Well, that was ambiguous…


‘Scuse me.


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