Assignment: Reflection on In-Class Activity

Here’s what I wrote down for each chocolate:

  • Chili ~ color/appearance: dark, jagged, intimidating, shiny; feel: soft yet hard, cold, rebellious; aroma: winter, white, overpowering, innocent, walang hiya; taste: spicy, challenging, red, explosion, ripples linger; connections: Blood, Eucharist, Italy, kyamoi, Save the Last Dance for Me
  • Orange ~ color/appearnace: bumpy, smudged, dreamy; feel: forgiving; aroma: subtle, tangy; taste: orange, green, envious, asking, fading, jumpy, hurried; connections: Gabe, Tinikling, jamm session @ Hopewell, Kimberly
  • Mint ~ color/appearance: perfection, inviting; feel: pointy; aroma: minty, Spring, life, new life, clean, refreshing; taste: nostalgic, reminiscent, slow, unhurried, you have to seek it; connections: Christmas trees, Neiderman’s Farm, Festival of Lights
  • Raspberry ~ color/appearance: surprise party!; feel: ouch!, doesn’t want to melt!, unwilling; aroma: doesn’t want to give; taste: empty, disappointing, small bursts, hints, uncooperative; connections: Paolo, Gabriella, Ate Candice, rap music

Ahaha. I forget now why I made some of the connections that I did. It was such an interesting activity! I’d love to do this again from time to time at home. I think I’ll copy the form format and do it randomly every now and then.

It was really difficult to come up with non-food words, especially general ones. I remember that the ‘connections’ space was easiest to fill, and the color/appearance was the hardest.


One comment

  1. Crossing over into new adjectives is a great way to shake up our brain and see new ways to use language.

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