We have an exam today?!!?

I thought midterms weren’t until next week?????

But, yeah, apparently our Cooking 1 written exam is today. ARRRGHHH.

So I was just at my locker and someone behind me…

Jackson: I’m here today.
me: Say wha?
Jackson: I’m here today.
me: Oh… yes…
Jackson: I’m not dead.
me: No… you’re not… I can see that…
Jackson: Yup.

That was… strange… I mean, he wasn’t here last week and Joe got his cleaning assignment, but… ok. Random. I enjoy random.

And Aaron said hi walking past the computer lab upstairs while I was printing out my prep sheets.

8:12 AM… I think I’ll go down and see if Anthony and Joe are in the cafeteria. When I got here at 7, I opted for the seating on the second floor, at Bakery Hill, and I discovered that the view from up here is even more beautiful than from The Overlook. I’ve finished all my talongganisa and kanin and I’ve reviewed Chapters 1, 3, and 7 of Professional Cooking which is what we’ll be tested on today… but I haven’t finished my applesauce or my jocalat. And I still have… half an hour before I need to get to Math. Jackson’s first class is also at 9, but he didn’t want to come down to the cafeteria… he preferred to “walk around and get lost.” Okiedoke.

Perfectttt score on my Excel quiz yesterday, btw =)


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