But that’s getting ahead of myself… let me see…

I left off earlier with walking down to The Overlook. I didn’t find Joe or Anthony, but I found Jeff and Karen xD so we stood around for a bit talking about our Cooking 1 homework, and then Jeff left for his first class, and I sat and ate with Karen, who brought over a friend. I eventually left for math… Math was uneventful, I confirmed my excuse for tomorrow and Mr. Evans said it was fine. He gave me two worksheets to do before Monday, and I got out half an hour early.


Cynthia and I were the sous chefs today, and I discovered that the sous chefs get done with their lab last, because of all their other responsibilities. I had to run down to receiving twice, and the wait takes up a fair amount of time… not receiving’s fault, of course; we were promptly taken care of.

We made… and I made mine in the following order…  2 boiled simmered-in-shell eggs, 1 serving of Chef’s Salad, 1 serving of Egg Salad, 1 serving of Caesar Salad,  the Caesar salad being Chef Valento’s recipe, and 2 poached eggs. My simmered-in-shell eggs were pronounced “fine” the way they were; he said they were a tad undercooked which was absolutely fine by him and he liked them that way, but gave me a warning for future reference that other chefs might not agree. My Egg Salad received the only 2 [out of 3 possible points] on all of my evaluation sheets today; Chef said it could use some salt and pepper, which I actually did agree with… maybe the fact that I don’t like egg salad in general had something to do with it… Now HERE’S the best part: I brought up my Caesar Salad, and Chef sent me to turn on my water for my poached eggs and leave my salad and evaluation sheet with him… “Go turn on your water and then come back… while I eat this delicious-looking salad…” “But, but… I want some!!!!” “Oh, ok, fine, I guess I won’t eat all of it…” When I came back, he looked up and said, “It’s beautiful. It’s great, it’s perfect just the way it is. It’s a thing of beauty. Be proud of it. Go enjoy it.” *HAPPY!!!!!* And when I was taking a break to eat it in the lecture area after I’d made my poached eggs, he came to add that the croutons were especially great. (Chef loves croutons… he tells us we should make extra for him, and people down in receiving confirmed it when they heard what we were making today.) Ok so then I made my poached eggs and Chef said the first was a little overcooked but that the second was perfect in terms of runny-ness. =)

Overall, a very productive day. I ate all of my Chef’s Salad, half of my Caesar Salad, and one of my poached eggs. Mmmmmm. I love it.

We’re all pretty comfortable with each other now… We tease each other, ask for help, boss each other around, mess with each other’s heads, all that fun stuff. I was working between Mary and Cynthia today, and we shared ingredients and workspace… I used Lori’s (sp?) saute pan and Adam’s saucepan for my croutons and eggs… Aaron washed my stuff for me before I could get to it… Adam got the scales down for me… Bender makes random faces at me from across the table when I happen to look up and be looking his way… although maybe that was because I was bouncing my head a bit… oh but then there was that one time I was just looking up with my hands on my hips trying to decide which salad to make first… Elise (sp?) asked why I wasn’t singing today… Jeff decided to “borrow” my plastic wrap… dude! I’d gotten plastic wrap, put it on the scales, then Chef called me to go to receiving, and Jeff puts his bread down on my plastic wrap before asking if he can use it… like YFCers stealing my guitar before asking!!! … Bender tries sliding things across the table? yep, he tried to slide a bowl with a tomato in it and the turkey and the swiss cheese… all fails, and the tomato nearly fell out… oh, and during dish tank breakdown, I was tossing stuff into the rinse sink faster than Jeff could grab them, and he kept telling me to quit, but then Billy did it from my other side, and Jeff gave me this look, and I protested that it was Billy (but I didn’t quit, either). All in good fun, of course.

Oh and… the $600 therm is a standing joke now. Rotflwtime.

SO SO SO before class started, while people were still coming in, he’d had the cleaning assignments up, and I saw that Cynthia and I were the sous chefs and I asked if it was ok if I still helped with dish tank breakdown ’cause I wouldn’t feel comfortable bossing people around, and Chef said that that was fine; that I was in charge and I could do what I wanted and my style was my style. I could do stuff, or I could delegate, or I could do nothing. Totally up to me. (Bender suggested, “You could sing to everyone.”) Well, I did help with dish tank breakdown, but I thanked Chef in the middle of class, because if I hadn’t been one of the sous chefs today…


Cynthia and I were down in receiving and the dude helping us out gave us our cart, but then said he’d come with us because he had to take the cart back, anyway, and on our way, he asked…

Steve: What’s your ethnicity?
me: Filipino.
Steve: Dude, no way! I’m half-Filipino.

Stopped to chat with him for some 10 minutes after class before heading out. Lol.

Steve: So what’s tagalog for goodbye?
me: I dunno… I don’t think… there is one… I just say ‘sige.’
Steve: Yeah, that’s what my mom says!

Haha. And something about coming from big families and him having 40 cousins and also having moved a lot, etc. etc.

So yah. I have a Kuya Chef =) Me happy.


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