UGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! WHY MEEEE?!?!?!?

Ok, ok. So I met Marta my first day of Cooking 1. She yelled to me in the parking garage, ’cause she saw I was wearing a Culinary uniform. Well, Marta’s 21 and much more outgoing than me. She caught me yesterday morning in the cafeteria, sat across from me, somehow decided to invite some David over to sit with us whom neither of us had previously met, and chatted the morning away with him. *sigh*

So today, I came into the cafeteria thinking, “Should I sleep in the car or sit in the cafeteria. Ah, it’s Wednesday. Marta doesn’t come this early. Ok, guess I’ll go in.” But guess who’s here? DAVID. And he spots me, decides to sit across from me, and yes he’s sitting across from me at a table for two which I specifically picked so that I could make it for ONE.


Oh and get this. She thinks he’s hot. THAT EXPLAINS A LOT DOESN’T IT?

No, I’m not in a bad mood this morning, I just dislike that I was put in a situation. I mean, it’s the cafeteria and there are four other people in this section at this time of morning, so I’m safe enough, but PLEASE.

Ok, *end rant.* Time for Honors quizzes…

~ edit 9:05 ~

Well this is fun. Anthony as the table in front of me and Joe’s at the table next to me. So far, we’ve randomly chatted about the Cincinnati Subway, bacon bars, baconnaise, Ms. Hunley, Chef Valento, Star Trek, and Joe just asked me to watch his stuff for a bit. Oh, yeah, I’m watching Next Generation.

~ edit 9:56 ~

Lol. Joe and I watched Part 1 of Year of Hell. And then I had to pack up and go. But that was interesting… Graeme showed up and there was some chit-chat about how to spell names… something about Anthony trying to spell my name yesterday and completely botching it and Joe protested that it was easy and Graeme said we’d never guess how to spell his name so don’t even try, so I asked for the spelling just for the record.

DID I MENTION I WAS SKYPING WITH NATE?!?!?!?! Ladeeedaaa so *happy* xD

Anthony was like, “Oh, you’re talking to yourself again.”

I was skyping with Dev before Honors yesterday, see, and Anthony and Julia were there, and we were all talking and all of a sudden Dev said hi and I was like OH MY GOSH and we started skyping and then connection broke after a few minutes and I turned and Julia and Anthony were staring at me and I was like…. whoops… lol.

OK Excel class time!! Wish me luck =)


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