Assignment: Dimostrazione – Self-Assessment Checklist

[x] I am willing to acknowledge my mistakes. ==> Sometimes it takes me a while, but I usually get around to it.
[x] My closest friends would agree that I am willing to acknowledge my mistakes.
[x] I learn from my mistakes and rarely make the same mistake twice. ==> So-so. It depends on the situation. I still got owned by a potato in Cooking 1 last week. I don’t learn as fast in some areas as I do in others.
[x] I question “conventional wisdom” and authority. ==> HAH. Yes.
[ ] When a celebrity I admire endorses a product, I am more likely to buy it. ==> Nope.
[x] I can articulate my most fundamental beliefs and the reasons I hold them. ==> IF you are willing to sit down with me and talk it out. And I can’t promise it all in one sitting. Half an hour wasn’t enough to debate the morality of contraception with Nate, weeks of back-and-forth emails hashing out anything and everything with Michelle, maybe Devin and I just like to talk and commiserate, I had to come back to things ages afterwards with Paolo. It just depends.
[x] I have changed a deeply held belief because of practical experience. ==> Define ‘deeply.’ I went through a feminist-ish stage between the ages of… oh, 13 and 15? and I am well past it due to many experiences and interaction with many different people, but also a lot of reading and writing (hashing out in my journal and in essays for ToB).
[x] I persevere in the face of obstacles.  ==> Not always with a smile on my face, but there are few things I just ‘give up’ on.
[x] I view adversity as an opportunity for growth. ==> Often unconsciously at first. I mean, I know that that fundamental belief is there, and I don’t stop believing it, but sometimes it takes a while for me to consciously remind myself of it. Haha, I just talked to a bunch of high school kiddies about this on Saturday =)
[ ] I am sometimes susceptible to superstition. ==> Nope!
[ ] In considering new ideas my friends and associates would say that I am
a) gullible and “New Agey,”
b) a close-minded cynic, or
c) an open-minded skeptic. ==> None. Most definitely none. In fact, I will take a survey and do a follow-up post. I am not gullible, FAR from “New Agey” and all of my YFC siblings can attest to that. I am not close-minded, as Nate can confirm, nor am I cynical. I am open-minded, but I am not a skeptic. I question authority, but more often because I want to understand the logic, not because I actually have doubts.


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