The Joys of Anonymity

Again –  no one knows enough about me to find me –  they never will – I can say anything I want. Yay.

It is currently… 7:04 AM, and the cafeteria doesn’t serve breakfast for another 26 minutes. I have homework that’s due today, but I’m not in the mood for analyzing Golding, so I’ll wait till I at least have food before I tackle that.

Yesterday… Cooking 1 class 3. Chef Valento now knows that I am normally light-handed with the salt. We made… mayonnaise, coleslaw, tuna salad, basic vinaigrette, and a mixed green salad. We also modified the coleslaw recipe by adding some julienned carrots, and then we were given spinach and potatoes to practice chiffonade and batonnet.

YES we made mayonnaise by hand. OH MY GOSH. I am never doing that again if I can help it. It took me an hour and a half!!! 3.25 cups of oil!!!! into 4 egg yolks and 3 tbsp of vinegar, etc. etc. etc. My hand is fine, it’s my shoulder that’s killing me today.

I have discovered how delicious coleslaw is when it is my timpla. Not… that I know what coleslaw is supposed to taste like, since I’ve never actually eaten it. But hey, all Chef Valento said was that I needed salt… which is what he tells 9 out of 10 people, anyway… lol… The point is, I actually ate all of it. Tuna salad… No, I didn’t eat all of my tuna salad, but I already know how good that stuff is. My vinaigrette’s emulsion broke too soon… that was the only thing that I didn’t manage to do properly yesterday. Ladeedaaa, he said my shredded cabbage was perfect, and held it up as an example to several people. My chiffonade was also pronounced perfect. I did one roll of spinach and he said I didn’t need to do another one. My batonnet was a shade big, but they were near-enough perfect squares to pass. Aha, I came up with one julienned carrot and he said, “That’s perfect. Now, make 20 more exactly like that.” Ten minutes later, he was passing by, I handed him another one. “Good. Now you have two.” “No I don’t, I have 10!” Lol.

Ahh… I can tattle on people here, can’t I? They’ll never know. Well, Adam didn’t do his prep sheets. Joe and Karen did them. We were in Food Sanitation on Tuesday, and Joe was on my left and Adam behind. I heard Adam asking Joe to do his prep sheets, but Joe didn’t respond, so I assumed… anyway, he handed them to Adam right before Cooking 1 started yesterday. Tsk tsk tsk. But then we had a 25-question quiz first thing in the morning, so HAH. We’ll see what happens.

Haha, no, don’t get the wrong impression, Adam’s not a bully. But Joe’s being a doormat. Or maybe Joe and Adam and Karen and Jeff are all just really good friends and I should get used to it. Eh…

Oh, Joe flicked me with water from the produce sink. That made me care somewhat less :P Hahaha.

Highlight of my week last week, Friday, English Composition 1.

Colleen: So you’re in Culinary?
me: Yep.
Colleen: What do you want to do with that?
me: Oh, all I really want to do is be a mom.
Drew: Excuse me, did you just say you wanted to be a mom?
me: Yes…
Drew: Then what are you doing in college??
me: *shrug* I’m not here for the money, I don’t want to become a career woman, I just chose what I love to do best and I’m here to become the best person I can be for my kids.
Drew: Wait, wait. Are you a mom now?
me: No.
Drew: Are you married?
me: No.
Drew: Are you engaged?
me: No.
Colleen: *undertone* Give her a break, she’s only eighteen…
Drew: Are you seeing someone?
me: No…
Drew: Hi, I’m Drew.

Rotflwtime. That was the funniest part, but by no means the only funny part. I arrived at the classroom at about 10:45 with an hour-and-fifteen-minutes wait ahead of me. I found that I wasn’t the first; Drew was sitting in the back sleeping with his music on (speaker, mind you, not headphones). Oh, and I didn’t know Drew’s name yet. Well, I sat down and started reading Chesterton. At around 11, Drew woke up of his own accord and immediately asked if the music was too loud for me. Green Day? No way! And next came Phil Collins; who was I to complain?

Colleen arrived; I hadn’t gotten her name down yet, either, but I knew she was a Catholic mom of three who lived very near me and went to St. John’s. The three of us started chatting about a bunch of stuff, but eventually it came to… Drew asking if the two of us were going to the Renaissance Festival. (By this time, I’d asked for their names.) I said no… and…

Drew: What?! I thought, of all people, you would be going!!
me: What? Why??
Drew: Because you’re dressed like that!
me: But… I always dress this way!
Drew: Exactly!!!

*sigh* I was wearing my blue gypsy skirt from Paris, a white long-sleeved shirt, and my purple vest from Italy. Apparently, I look like the sort of person who goes to Renaissance Festivals. Ok. Fine.

I suppose it would be too much to outline my entire class… So what were the highlights, let me see… well, they know I was homeschooled. And Drew decided to share that he had “a very high opinion of homeschooled girls,” and something about how they were always Catholic, always too polite, always dressed “like that,” would never embarrass you in public, and never happy about their grades. Hilarious. Carine came in and asked if I had done my homework, to which I replied, “Yes, ma’am,” and Drew yelled, “See! See! Just like that. Always too polite.” Well, Julia came in, and sometime before class started, I told Drew to test his stereotype on her. Turns out she’s not Catholic, so HAH.

Hmm… It’s 7:36 and I’m hungry. I’ll post a Joys-of-Anonymity-Part-II later. Lol.



  1. AHHHHHH Ais this blog just made my night. hehe.
    i wanna meet this Drew =p

    Drew: Are you seeing someone?
    me: No…
    Drew: Hi, I’m Drew.

    hahaha thats hilarious!!! ^o^ hmm my friends are going to the renaissance festival… maybe we should go ais XD

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