Assignment: Curiositá – Self-Assessment Checklist

[x] I keep a journal or notebook to record my insights and questions. –> I’m on my 5th personal journal, and my 3rd composition journal for my poems/lyrics. I’ve gotten worse at it as I grow busier… but I used to write the strangest things =) Maybe five years from now, I’ll look back on my entries now and think they’re strange… but I don’t mean strange as in fooling around. I mean strange… like questions I haven’t found the answers to yet and I can no longer recall where on earth they came from at the time.

[x] I take adequate time for contemplation and reflection. –> This one I’ve only gotten better at. Although perhaps also stranger… Too often I know that there is something else that I should be doing, but I just sit on my couch and space out. I don’t try to control where my mind goes. Often I speak my thoughts aloud. I like to hash things out, and it helps me to organize my thoughts when I speak aloud as if I’m having a conversation with someone, or giving a talk at YFC. When I can’t fall asleep at night, I start speaking aloud about nothing in particular until I do. Sometimes I hit on things that seem significant the next day and sometimes I don’t.

[] I am always learning something new. –> Not consciously, at least. Perhaps I am learning something new each second of my life, not only as I study, but simply by being alive. I probably am. But I haven’t yet learned to make myself aware of that at all times.

[x] When I am faced with an important decision, I actively seek out different perspectives. –> And yet, below, I did not check off, “My friends would describe me as open-minded…” because I do ask for advice, but usually always from the same circle of people; my parents and my closest friends. I practically never seek advice outside that circle. I can honestly say, however, that I do seek advice from people that I already know I will most probably disagree with; Nate can attest to that, he’s gotten frustrated with me for asking his opinion and then doing something else, anyway. But I still ask because I value his perspective. I was talking to Paolo once, and we talked about how, sometimes, Nate’s opposition helps more than any support, because he provides all the [very intelligent and not merely stubborn] objections which force you to really examine why you’re doing what you’re doing, and sometimes that’s really what you need to know. Why are you doing what you’re doing?

[x] I am voracious reader. –> That I am and always have been and always will be.

[x] I learn from little children. –> =) Babies are the best teachers.

[] I am skilled at identifying and solving problems. –> I don’t think it would be fair to attempt to rate myself on this one.

[] My friends would describe me as open-minded and curious. –> Oh, I am a very stubborn person. I consider myself to be terribly logical. It makes me miserable sometimes, actually. Not too often, but occasionally, I have a wild urge to do something completely and totally illogical. Unfortunately, I do know from experience that that never turns out well, not when you already have all the logic as to why you oughtn’t in your head.

[] When I hear or read a new word or phrase, I look it up and make a note of it. –> Depends on the context. That’s probably a bad thing…

[] I know a lot about other cultures and am always learning more. –> What I know about cultures other than a) the Filipino culture, b) the American culture, c) the Culture of Life, and d) the Culture of Death, I’ve either picked up from reading (books like Bento Box in the Heartland by Linda Furiya) or from experience (three months in Francavilla al Mare, Italy), but I do not usually actively seek information on other cultures.

[x] I know or am involved in learning a language other than my native one. –> What is my native language, anyway? I still haven’t determined that. At any rate, I speak English and Tagalog, I did get past Latin II, and that is enough to sometimes give me the gist of bits of Italian and Spanish. Oh, and my friends say I can imitate both a British and a Scottish accent well enough. Not that that counts…

[x] I solicit feedback from my friends, relations, and colleagues. –> HAH. That’s funny.

[] I love learning. –> It depends on what I’m learning about. Some subjects I’ll drink in like water, others I nibble away at as at a dry piece of bread. Thus, I wouldn’t think it fair say that I love to learn as a general rule.


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