I got owned by a cucumber.

Yeah… yeah. Uhm… yeah.

So I have an hour and a half before my next class and absolutely no homework to speak of. I should be proud of myself for staying on top of things, but honestly, I’m… bored. And I’ve finished all my food. Hahaha.

My first week of college was awesome. I’m having so much fun starting with a clean slate… no one knows me! Hahaha. It’s great. And my plans continue… Kim was laughing at me… Yes, I am known as Aurora at college. No one knows Aisa here. I’ve worn a skirt every single day except for the day I had Cooking 1 and had to be in uniform for the whole day. Aurora is very ladylike. Oh! and apparently very quiet. (Since when?!?!) One of my teachers actually had to ask me to speak up. It wasn’t on purpose, honest!!! I couldn’t believe that she couldn’t hear me. What else did I tell Kim I’d do… oh, yes, no one knows I’m on Facebook. It’s hilarious, really; if you search my college name, you get my cousin over in London. Lol. So yes, I’m having so much fun building a whole ‘nother person. With the same beliefs and morals and standards, etc. etc. of course.

I guess that also means I can say whatever I like here. Haha. I’ve already begun to dislike people, I’m afraid. And my Honors textbook is anti-Catholic, isn’t that great? I have an Honors blog, it’s limangdipangtao324 DOT blogspot DOT com. No, I’m not going to link to it, or it will show up on there and my Honors teacher and classmates will find this blog, which I’ve no intention of allowing them to do.

So yes! I got owned by a cucumber. We were practicing batonnet and julienne and whatever them little cubes out of those two are called. The former wasn’t terrible, but the latter was… well, let’s just say I destroyed my cucumber with no particularly nice julienne to show for it. I can work at that size, but one end is square and the other end is rectangular. GRRRRRR. Oh and I was practicing on carrots that Mother needed for pansit! and I… got owned by a carrot, as well. Terrible experience xD

Xtreme Dayz Youth Ministry Youth Night went well, I met Catholic homeschoolers!!!! which was super. And a bunch of other very interesting people, too; I’m really looking forward to getting to know them all as the year goes on. And DUDE there’s gonna be a laser tag lock-in!!! or so it says on the calendar. LADEEDA that should be AWESOMEEEE. But it looks like it’s the same weekend that the CFC Christmas Partayy is usually on… =(

Speaking of which, I miss my YFC!! especially the Music Min. When I was playing guitar for worship at XD, I could hear the lead and drums… I could see everyone jumping up and down at Youth Camp and Conference. Oh, yeah. I tried to get the kids to jump.. Hahaha. That was something to see. We gotta work on that. But I hope one day they’ll be as comfortable as dem Bros in Feb last year, jumping up and down and side to side with their hands up and looking crazayy… ehh, we’ll get there.

Wow, it’s only 10:46. I’ve only been blogging for ten minutes? Seriously? I can’t do this till 12, honestly…

My first day of school was fine, worst thing that happened was that I got lost on the way to Honors Orientation and was late. It’s my fault, but it also wasn’t… lol. They’d originally listed it as being in one room, and I wrote it down in my schedule, and I’m sure I didn’t get it wrong, because one other girl was also waiting with me, she’d also written it down. Well, we waited, but no one was coming. Apparently they don’t notify you of room changes, sooo… when I checked the site after class, they had indeed put up a new room. My fault for not checking the day before just in case, but not my fault for not knowing I was supposed to? Haha. Whatev. So I was late for Honors by fifteen minutes which means I missed everyone’s introductions except the last one. Anyway, I haven’t gotten lost for anything else.

So, my classes… Math. Not hard. And nothing to tell.

Food Sanitation… I’m stressing that one. No homework to be turned in. Review, review, and more review, but no way to tell how I’m doing until the actual final. Rote memorization. Bleck.

Honors, I think I’m going to enjoy, despite my anti-Catholic textbook and clearly one very anti-Catholic classmate. The teacher… I’ve been getting a vibe… she doesn’t dismiss anything and is very interested in everything you say, so that’s good, but I have a feeling there’ll be plenty that I’ll be disagreeing with her on. I do think discussions with her will be as non-threatening as discussions with Nate or Eric, so I’m not too worried.

Computer is good, I’m actually learning something. I’m required to take Computer Elective, and my other two choices were Intro to PC and Intro to Internet, neither of which I really… need… ahem, so I landed in Spreadsheeting, and I’m enjoying it. Luckily, you can work ahead if you’re comfortable, and in class, too, while she’s giving the lecture, so that’s been fun.

English! Oh this is great. I gravitate towards teachers who talk about their kids, and my English teacher’s one of them =) A great blessing. I like my classmates, one of them being a Catholic mom who lives quite near to us. Our English course’s theme is ‘Identity.’ I haven’t had any English homework; we spent the whole of last class watching YouTube videos. No idea where our teacher’s going with that, but sure. We watched… Killer Queen ~ Queen, Finding My Way ~ Rush, Year of the Cat ~ Al Stewart, Carry On Wayward Son ~ Kansas, Go Your Own Way ~ Fleetwood Mac, Standing In The Rain ~ Electric Light Orchestra, and Rock And Roll All Night ~ KISS. The first two were… strange… the following four were awesome, and when I saw KISS I was like DUDE!!! IT’S THOSE PEOPLE NINONG AND UNCLE LISTENED TO AND HAD ALL THOSE POSTERS OF!!!! Shame that they look so terribly diabolical; I liked the song. Bleh. I think my favs were.. ELO and Kansas. So, yep. No idea where he’s going with that, but it’s supposed to help us with our essay… which he hasn’t told us what that’s supposed to be about…

And finally, Cooking 1. It started at 10, and we had a lecture that lasted till… 1:30… with two ten-minute breaks, but that was it. And then came the lab part, but wow, that was a long lecture. No, not at all uninteresting, just long. I don’t mind listening, I just can’t sit that long without feeling ready to jump up at any moment and go crazy after the first hour and a half… I learned to tie my green neckerchief… we’ll work on that… and I love love love my uniform, of course… but the best part is the knife set, naturally =)

Ahh… I really can’t be neglecting this blog. I have so much more to tell about my week… and a bunch of drafts I meant to finish up before I started college, but those didn’t happen, I need to finish them up. It’s currently 11:12… but it won’t hurt for me to go to the room early and write to Asher. Haha, way behind on that. Matt’s went in the mail today, and I have to finish Sean’s…

See yas.


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