Assignment: Reflection/Time Diary Evaluation

Week one of college… check. Six classes, five days, one super short crazy weekend.

Evaluating my Time Diary is the easy part. Thankfully, in spite of the concerns voiced at the Dayton panel, I don’t seem to be having a problem adjusting to waking up early or managing my time. At the most, I’ve gotten lost a couple times. My Time Diary shows that I’ve been able to complete my homework assignments in a timely manner and still be able to do the things that I do on a regular basis – albeit somewhat shorter than I have been accustomed to – spending time praying and hanging out with my family, talking to my closest friends, playing guitar and piano, surfing the web, and serving. Granted, my homework load has been light so far, but I don’t think I’ll have a problem adjusting as the term continues.

One very important thing I learned from my Time Diary assignment is what I absolutely cannot give up; prayer, family time, guitar, and service. That gives me a pretty good game plan for when the homework load gets heavier: cut down on the web surfing =)

And now for the reflection part of my post. Why don’t we go through this day-by-day? What I learned this week:

Wednesday, 9.09

  • Hillsong United is one of the best ways to start one’s day. It’s uplifting, helps me to give my day to God, and block out any concerns that shouldn’t interfere with the quality of my performance at school.
  • *sigh* Finish my Food Sanitation homework BEFORE eating, preferrably not after I eat, and most certainly NOT while I am eating. Food Sanitation is my least favorite class, as it is all rote memorization and nothing to tell me how I am doing until the actual final. I’m learning a great deal, but honestly; must I memorize the Latin names of 19 foodborne illnesses and which out of 14 foods they are most likely to be found in? That would be the class I am stressing.
  • Writing to friends is so much fun, especially when you’re writing to a friend who has asked you to write to them.
  • The Excel 2007 class was a good choice. I wouldn’t have gotten anything out of my other two choices. I’m actually learning something here. And I’m not exactly complaining, but sometimes I feel like Microsoft 2007 makes it too easy. Mother learned how to type all this up, cell by cell. I just have to navigate the menu bar if I’m really lazy, which may look ridiculously complicated, but is ten times easier than typing. Fortunately, I want to be able to navigate my desktop completely without the use of my mouse, like Unc, so I have a good incentive to utilize the keyboard and try to avoid resorting to the mouse as much as possible.
  • I gravitate towards teachers who speak of their children.
  • Carpooling with Dad gives me more time to talk to him, and for this, I am very thankful.

Thursday, 9.10

  • Cooking 1 is the most amazing class ever, and I can actually eat. Yes, that was one of the most important lessons ever.
  • It is possible to get owned by a cucumber.
  • I learned how to tie a neckerchief and I do not know if I spelled that correctly.
  • I must not neglect my personal blog for this blog. It is clear that I am doing so, and I must get out of it ASAP.
  • Nino, as I anticipated, is my #1 Stress Reliever, contrary to popular [secular] opinion. Hey, their loss.
  • Naptime with Nino is worth putting off homework for.
  • My Honors textbook is very clearly anti-Catholic. This was something I was not prepared for. Teachers and fellow students, I can deal with; one of my best friends is an Athiest, I’ve had plenty of practice. But I was not expecting to be dealing with an anti-Catholic textbook so early in my college experience. I fear that I am beginning to understand all too well what Courtney deals with.
  • Read the Math word problems three times through before starting, just to be absolutely sure. If you can, read aloud very softly to yourself.

Friday, 9.11

  • I must not start my day with Relient K and Dashboard Con’fey. They get me thinking about things that I do not need to be thinking about at school.
  • Always bring extra homework, even if you think you will not have time for it. I brought too little and ended up being bored and calling people while I waited around for class to start.
  • Adults who are intolerant of teen’s beliefs are terrible people to run into. Honestly. Let me run into all the people my age who think I’m crazy and brainwashed and overzealous and a prude or whatever else they call me. I can manage without wanting to tear my hair out. But adults who are intolerant – especially those who look like they could be grandparents – are the limit. I have no patience with them. They think they know best, then let them, and let me be the headstrong teen who believes she’s been brought up well.
  • When you start college, all of a sudden, you like watching kids’ TV shows again. Hahaha.

Saturday, 9.12

  • I should still wake up at 5 on the weekend, so as not to break my pattern, and also to have plenty of time for everything I need to do. It’s amazing how much time you lose when you let yourself sleep in until 10:30, even on Saturdays.
  • Starting a Saturday with Motion City Soundtrack is acceptable.
  • Cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry always have been and always will be therapeutical, no matter what anyone says. They are a most welcome chore after four days of no chores due to college, and they’re one more very good reason to wake up early – plenty of time to do homework and more time to do therapeutical chores.
  • Do not believe Chef Valento when he says homework will only take 20 minutes. Or is that only because I actually read the whole chapter instead of simply hunting for the answers for my fill-in-the-blank worksheet?

Sunday, 9.13

  • iTunes 9 is super.
  • Voyager is necessary to weekends.
  • Xtreme Days Youth Nights are SUPER, but I need to get those kiddies to jump more.
  • I learned that I miss the YFC Music Ministry more than anything about YFC.
  • Voyager – Macrocosm was one episode I could’ve skipped and not have been missing out on anything. DISGUSTING. I do not recommend it.
  • Catholic homeschoolers are amazing people. Not that I didn’t already know that, but I met three super awesome young ladies – sisters – and they just blew me away. Wonderful, wonderful women.

Monday, 9.14

  • 2nd breakfast is a good idea.
  • Nostalgia at 8 AM due to a terrible choice of playlists is not… fun. And should be repeated.
  • Making friends at college is not that hard at all.
  • It is possible to get owned by a carrot. Trust whoever put the Culinary curriculum together to give you homework that owns you every time.
  • Being allowed to work ahead while the teacher is giving a lecture is so much fun, especially when you have a voice recorder for later in case you missed anything.
  • Writing without purpose is a terrible experience. I can sympathize better now with Courtney and Mikey. God bless them.

Tuesday, 9.15

  • Half an hour makes all the difference in the world, and the traffic at 6:30 AM is unforgiving. Never again.

One comment

  1. I hate it when students get owned by vegtables. Fruits would be so much better. Blogs of all sorts are fun but also can be time stealers, as you have identified. I can empathize about learning all those disease names but learning to speak the lingo is an important aspect of any new field.

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