Assignment: Time Diary; Thursday

0600 ACTS and rosary with Dad, sleeping in the car, drop Dad off at work, driving
0700 making a new friend, socializing, breakfast
0800 socializing, breakfast, writing to Matt, walking
0900 Math, walking
1000 Cooking 1
1100 Cooking 1
1200 Cooking 1
1300 Cooking 1
1400 Cooking 1
1500 Cooking 1, walking, driving
1600 driving, picking Dad up from work, talking to Dad
1700 lunch?, hugging Nino, talking to Dad, Mom, Yena, Migi, and Paco, checking Facebook, checking Gmail, checking Twitter, checking Multiply, Honors homework
1800 Honors homework, Food Sanitation homework, singing/dancing Nino to sleep, napping with Nino
1900 napping with Nino, playing guitar, playing piano, dinner
2000 dinner, catching up with family, Honors homework
2100 Honors homework
2200 Honors homework, chatting with Todd, checking Gmail, checking Facebook, rosary with the family, playing guitar, sleep


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