Bye Bye Summer Shuffle

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

Opening credits: Game of Love ~ Santana ft. Michelle Branch
that it is…
Waking up: Painter Song ~ Norah Jones
if that’s the only way…
How I’m feeling today: I Don’t Give ~ Avril Lavigne
somewhat appropriate, yes.
First day of school: Fix You ~ Coldplay
that… does not encourage me? haha
The weekend: Bring Me To Live ~ Evanescence
my gosh, that is one depressing weekend…
Will I get far in life: My Lagan Love ~ Charlotte Church
that… does not tell me anything
Will I get married: Dowland: The Lowest Trees Have Tops ~ Sting, Eden Karamavoz
Will I have a happy life: City Love ~ John Mayer
clearly never in NY. suits me!!!
How does the world see me: Rush ~ Aly & AJ
… apparently that I am always true to myself? well, that’s good.
How do my friends see me: You’ve Got A Friend ~ James Taylor
awwww! perfect!!!
Falling in love: Square One ~ Coldplay
huh. last two lines seem appropriate enough.
Fight song: Si Volvieras A Mi ~ Josh Groban
oh geeze. as a fight song???
Breaking up: Leningrad ~ Billy Joel
what does that have to do with it??
The best thing about my friends: Everything You Want ~ Vertical Horizon
and the best thing about my friends is that… they… support me… through this… wound to my… confidence?
Best friend’s theme song: Pie Jesu ~ Charlotte Church
and i am still no better than i was last time i did this at figuring out which best friend this falls on
Prom: Anna ~ Apo Hiking Society
… my proms are past, this is a high school shuffle.
High school overview: … To Die For ~ Hanz Zimmer
no. seriously? :P
Life: 42 ~ Coldplay
oh wow… that makes me cry.
Mental breakdown: The Last Unicorn ~ Kenny Loggins
well that’s a nice mix of hope and tears
How can I make myself happy: Something In The Way She Moves ~ James Taylor
by giving of myself. i see.
Driving: Going North ~ Missy Higgins
good direction.
Flashback: Un Dia Llegara ~ Josh Groban
that… quite… fits.
How is my life going: Those Words Are Not Enough ~ Relient K
i wish i could say that honestly. trying…
What I should do with my life: Better Luck Next Time ~ Lifehouse
that does not sound like a very productive use of my time, considering…
How can I get ahead in life: King Of Wishful Thinking ~ Go West
that is very sound advice.
Getting back together: Independence Day ~ Martina McBride
that does not fit at all.
Wedding: Higher Love ~ Steve Winwood

Will I ever have children: Baby, Baby ~ Amy Grant
Birth of child: Shepherd Moons ~ Enya
very nice.
Final battle: It’s You ~ Ryan Cabrera
so. i’ll be fighting that fight for the rest of my life? great.
Death scene: Home ~ Michael Bublé
good going home song.
Funeral song: Fell In Love Without You (Acoustic) ~ Motion City Soundtrack
to quote kuya gabe… “oh god no.”
Life overview: Savior King ~ Hillsong United
well, that sounds like something.
End credits: It’s Just Goodbye ~ Lea Salonga

I think this was my worst shuffle yet. Ah well! School tomorrow. Goodbye summer!! You brought less smiles this year than last year, but I daresay it wasn’t that bad, all things considered. And goodbye high school… forever.


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